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Armin Strom Watches

Armin Strom

Armin Strom is an independent Swiss watch manufacture, whose high quality timepieces marry horological complications with contemporary aesthetics.

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Arnold & Son Watches

Arnold & Son

The Arnold & Son dynasty began in 1764 when John Arnold, a young clockmaker in London, first became noticed for his talents by King George III.

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Audemars Piguet Watches

Audemars Piguet

Luxury swiss made watches from Audemars Piguet. Self-winding automatic chronograph and classic pocket watches designed for men and women.

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Ball Watches


Since 1891, the Ball Watch Company has been making mechanical timepieces that meet the most stringent criteria in terms of accuracy, quality and reliability.

Ball Watches »

Bell & Ross Watches

Bell & Ross

professional watches for astronauts, pilots and EOD divers. Bell & Ross is a name synonymous with excellence and durability which transcends the times.

Bell & Ross Watches »

Blancpain Watches


Founded in 1735, Blancpain boasts a famous and oft-repeated slogan: "Since 1735, there has never been a quartz Blancpain watch. And there never will be."

Blancpain Watches »

Bovet Watches


Bovet upholds the tradition of decorative art applied to finely cut and hand-painted dials, thus passing on the unrivalled knowhow since 1822.

Bovet Watches »

Breguet Watches


Breguet Watches: Official site of the swiss prestigious watchmaker. Discover our collections of luxury watches and fine jewellery.

Breguet Watches »

Bremont Watches


Bremont is an award-winning British watch company producing luxury COSC- certified mechanical chronometers at our Headquarters in Henley on Thames...

Bremont Watches »

BRM Watches


This French manufacture specialized in the watchmaking industry works for the sake of technicality and perfection at all stages. From the excellence of detail...

BRM Watches »

Clerc Watches


Founded in 1874 and based in Geneva, Clerc is endowed with a rich and inventive heritage to which unique creations continue to bear witness.

Clerc Watches »

Dodane Watches


The largest selection of Dodane Watches like the Dodane Type 23 are available at Exquisite Timepieces, Buy with confidence, we are Authorized Dealers.

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Dubey & Schaldenbrand Watches

Dubey & Schaldenbrand

The Dubey & Schaldenbrand manufacture was created in 1946 by Mr.Dubeyand Mr.Schaldenbrand,the inventors of the "split second chronograph".Its headquarters arein LaChaux-de-Fondsandare headed by Jonatan Gil and his team.

Dubey & Schaldenbrand Watches »

Girard Perregaux Watches

Girard Perregaux

Girard-Perregaux is one of the few true Swiss haute horlogerie manufactures offering the finest grand complications, such as its Tourbillon with three gold.

Girard-Perregaux Watches »

Giuliano Mazuoli Watches

Giuliano Mazzuoli

A sophisticated and an original interpreter of timepieces and writing instruments with an essential and sought-after design, a creativity that encompasses the innovative spirit.

Giuliano Mazzuoli Watches »

Glashutte Original Watches

Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original is a German luxury watchmaking company founded in 1994 by the privatization of VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe.

Glashütte Original Watches »

Graham Watches


Established in Bienne, Switzerland in 1914, Glycine has maintained through the years a select line of timepieces, based on the strong foundations of the brand and reflecting their times.

Glycine Watches »

Graham Watches


GRAHAM-LONDON: Quintessentially English watches made in Switzerland. With strong, bold lines and sophisticated movements. For people who do things.

Graham Watches »

Grand Seiko Watches

Grand Seiko

Since 1895 when SEIKO built its first mechanical pocket watch, the history of SEIKO's mechanical watchmaking is a story of ever-increasing accuracy and reliability.

Grand Seiko Watches »

Hautlence Watches


Neuchatel, the historic capital of the land of watchmaking, has a tradition of precision and innovation. Hautlence, advanced technology & authentic craftsmanship

Hautlence Watches »

Hublot Watches


Hublot, Swiss watch brand, representing the Art of Fusion in watches. Collections of luxury watches for men and ladies, reflecting Swiss watchmaking excellence.

Hublot Watches »

Jaquet Droz Watches

Jaquet Droz

Swiss watchmaker since 1738, Jaquet Droz has perpetuated the spirit of innovation and an esthetic refinement of its founder, Pierre Jaquet Droz.

Jaquet Droz Watches »

Linde Werdelin Watches

Linde Werdelin

For Linde Werdelin the combination and balancing between design and craftsmanship is the ingredient for a lasting and beautiful timepiece and instrument.

Linde Werdelin Watches »

MeisterSinger Watches


Timeless classics give us the feeling as if they had been around forever. In contrast to the trivial and the uninspiring, we would miss them if they did not exist.

MeisterSinger Watches »

Mühle Glashütte Watches

Mühle Glashütte

Mühle-Glashütte GmbH nautische Instrumente und Feinmechanik is a German manufacturer of nautical instruments, ship's timepieces and wristwatches, based in Glashütte.

Mühle Glashütte Watches »

NOMOS Glashütte Watches

NOMOS Glashütte

Watches from NOMOS Glashütte are multiple prizewinners-for design, value-for-money, and quality. Specializes in manual-winding and automatic mechanical watches.

NOMOS Glashütte Watches »

Nord Zeitmaschine

Nord Zeitmaschine

NORD is a reference to the north of Switzerland, which is where Daniel Nebel was born in 1971 and where he has been making his timepieces since 1998, under the brand name NORD Zeitmaschine.

Nord Watches »

Parmigiani Fleurier Watches

Parmigiani Fleuirier

Parmigiani Fleurier's & Swiss Watches. The brand's unique culture of watch restoration, passed on by Michel Parmigiani more than thirty years ago, is the keystone of our identity.

Parmigiani Watches »

Omega Watches


For over 160 years the brand has been synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision. Faithful to its original pioneering spirit, OMEGA continues to make history.

Omega Watches »

Orbita Watches


Orbita is a young company that began operation in 1996. After an amazingly short time, our innovative watch winder designs have captured a large international following.

Orbita Watches »

Strom Agonium Watches


Ressence is a portmanteau assimilating the words 'renaissance' and 'essence', and stands for the rebirth of what is essential to a watch, to displaying...

Strom Watches »

Romain Jerome Watches

Romain Jerome

RJ Watches: Maison horlogère suisse dont les créations « DNA of Famous Legends » sont inspirées et crées en hommage aux grandes légendes de notre temps.

Romain Jerome Watches »

Speak Marine Watches

Schaumburg Watch

In the land of Schaumburg in the Weser renaissance mechanical watches are produced under its very name: SCHAUMBURG WATCH.

Schaumburg Watch »

Seiko Astron Watches

Seiko Astron

The World's First GPS Solar Watch, It is an emotional moment, GPS controlled time and time zone adjustment, feeling an identification with GPS satellites 20000km away.

Seiko Astron Watches »

Speak Marine Watches

Speake Marin

A native Englishman, Peter Speake-Marin originally had the intention of making jewelry, but found himself seduced by the art and mechanics of watch making.

Speake Marin Watches »

Strom Agonium Watches

Strom Agonium

For Daniel Strom, timepieces do not have a monopoly on symbolism and consequently, he has extended his Draco, Memento Mori and Archangeli collections.

Strom Watches »

Urwerk Watches


Tateossian has built a desirable reputation as one of the world's leading jewellery and accessories brands. Established in 1990 by Robert Tateossian.

Tateossian Accessories »

Urwerk Watches


URWERK is an award-winning watch brand based in Geneva, Switzerland, known for its avant-garde designs and new indications and complications.

Urwerk Watches »

Zannetti Watches


Zannetti has inherited an important commitment, which is based on a constructive, conceptual and uncompromising philosophy.

Zannetti Watches »

Zenith Watches


Swiss luxury watches for men and women, combining noble watchmaking traditions with avant-garde innovations.

Zenith Watches »

Scatola del Tempo Winders

Scatola del Tempo Watch Winders

The watch winders are equipped with a high precision micromotor and commanded by a microprocessor, they can rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Scatola Winders »

Underwood Winders

Underwood Watch Winders

Company specialised in handcrafted leather goods, producing leather desk accessories, jewellery boxes and a variety of gift items in leather all in the traditional style of Firenze.

Underwood Winders »

Kubik Winders

Swiss Kubik Watch Winders

Kubik offers many different models of winder varying in price, operation, construction, materials and budget. Anodized aluminum, Leather, Precious wood, Stingray skin.

Kubik Winders »

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