1. Hublot presents Classic Fusion Italia Independent collection

    What do you get when you mix the watchmaking expertise of Hublot, the limitless creativity of  Italia Independent through its founder Lapo Elkann, and the treasures of the famous Italian tailor  Rubinacci?

    The Art of Fusion!

    We are very proud to be able to continue this partnership with Italia Independent and Lapo Elkann, whose creativity and character never cease to surprise us. This new project was an extraordinary  experience for us: putting Hublot's capacity for technical innovation and willingness to experiment  to the service of the House of Rubinacci—a monument to Italian elegance—and the incomparable style  of Lapo Elkann. The Classic Fusion Italia Independent truly represents the fusion of three forms of expertise.

    Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot

    Hublot Classic Fusion Italia collection


    Since 2014, two collections have been born from the partnership between Hublot, Italia Independent and Lapo Elkann. Although both of the previous collections were based on the legendary Big Bang Unico model, this time the magic of this wildly creative team was unleashed on the Classic Fusion  model. Its name seems to have predestined it for this new special edition: there has never been such a fine example of the fusion of the 'classic' and innovation.

    As a creator, I have always put customisation and bespoke designs, which for me represent real luxury, at the heart of my different projects. It is with this in mind that I conceive and design unique objects, which meet my tastes and requirements, but also satisfy my clients. I like the fact that they become truly mine and that they are distinctive, and this is the case for the Classic Fusion Italia Independent collection.

    Lapo Elkann, Founder and Artistic Director of Italia Independent

    This was a task that was made-to-measure (no pun intended) for Lapo Elkann who is frequently named the most elegant man in the world and who has made bespoke designs and customisation his signature.

    He brought Ferrari's ‘Tailor Made’ programme to life, and he is continuing and expanding upon the concept with Garage Italia Customs; cars, boats, planes and helicopters, with a unique level of customisation, personalisation and innovative creativity for the whole mobility industry. Lapo also applies this same expertise to the creations that he designs for Hublot and Italia Independent.

    Hublot Classic Fusion Italia collection


    The “sartoria Rubinacci” was not chosen at random: since 1932, three generations of Rubinacci have been at the reins of this institution of good taste and masculine refinement: Gennaro, the founding grandfather, Mariano, the father who now manages the house from Naples and, of course Luca, master of the store in Milan, and one of the most photographed men on the planet thanks to his unique style. Between them they have dressed everybody from the Duke of Kent to singer Bryan Ferry, not to mention of course the Agnelli family, of which Lapo Elkann is the worthy successor.

    The House of Rubinacci holds the most beautiful collection of fabrics in its archives. It was here, in the more than 60,000 square metres of precious houndstooth, tweeds and other cloths that Hublot and Lapo Elkann found a collection of tartans—squared coloured wool weaves from the seventies—that they brought back to life by including them in the Classic Fusion as a chronograph. The dial and straps havetherefore been made using these precious fabrics to offer this range of 45 mm timekeepers an end result that is the epitome of elegance. “La vera sprezzatura ”

    I chose these fabrics thinking about the costumes that we make for Lapo Elkann. I began with the extravagant colours of a vivid tartan with a sporty tone, then a more traditional houndstooth—in the style of an Italian gentleman—that I wanted in black and white, the colours of his favourite team Juventus F.C. I didn't think that it was possible to put wool on the straps and dial of a watch. But, Hublot managed it and the result is better than I could have hoped for. We have achieved a balanced watch,with a pattern effect that is neither too bold nor too light.

    Luca Rubinacci

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  2. Corvette Racing Celebrates 100 Wins With a Limited-Edition Timepiece

    Introducing the newest addition to the licensed collection: BRM’s V12-N, honoring the team’s 100-victory milestone.

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    [DALLAS] – Bernard Richards Manufacture (BRM) and Corvette® Racing are celebrating the team’s 100th win with a new limited-edition timepiece. Licensed by General Motors, the Chevrolet ® Corvette ® C7.R Racing Collection now boasts a customized watch marking the milestone, in addition to the original five watches released in 2015.

    Already sporting an unmatched collection of historic moments, Corvette ® Racing achieved its 100th race victory at the 2016 Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park. Drivers Oliver Gavin and Tommy Milner piloted their No. 4 Mobil 1/SiriusXM Chevrolet ® Corvette ® C7.R to the landmark triumph, making Corvette ® Racing the first team in IMSA history to score 100 event victories.

    “Achieving 100 victories is a tremendous accomplishment,” said Jim Campbell, Chevrolet ® U.S. Vice President, Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. ” We certainly couldn’t have achieved this milestone without the support of our partners . . . Everyone with Corvette ® Racing operates as one team and embodies the competitive spirit of Chevrolet ® . We’re happy to share this success with our passionate Corvette ® owners and supporters.”

    Comprised of only 50 numbered V12-N timepieces, the brand-new series in the Chevrolet ® Corvette ® C7.R Racing Collection features signatures including custom-painted hands and dials in classic Corvette ® red, Corvette ® Racing team logos, and “100 Wins” engravings on the case and crown. A titanium case with black PVD anchors the chronograph-automatic V12-N, which is designed with a 48H power reserve, crystal sapphire front/back, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

    The original four series of watches within the Chevrolet® Corvette® C7.R Racing Collection are based on BRM’s V12-44-COR chronograph and the V6-44-COR automatic, and both are available in a combination of yellow/black or black/grey. BRM also engineered two special editions of the V12-44-COR in recognition of the collection’s debut at the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans; the pair of exclusive 24-model, numbered series reflects the team’s dual C7.R track cars.

    About BRM: Inspired by motorsports, driven by craftsmanship and engineered for exclusivity, BRM’s bespoke timepieces are defined by pure racing spirit. Devoting more than two years to experimentation before launching the label’s inaugural chronograph in 2003, founder Bernard Richards channeled his mechanical expertise to establish a brand that’s gone the distance as the only French watchmaking manufacture. Fully customizable, BRM products are built for authenticity and performance, and the company’s iconic, limited editions have garnered elite global partnerships including Gulf Oil; Abarth; IndyCar drivers Marco Andretti and Simon Pagenaud; and many more.

    About Chevrolet®: Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 115 countries and selling more than 4.0 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at

    Trademark Notice: Chevrolet®, the Chevrolet® Bowtie Emblem, Corvette®, the Corvette® Emblem, and the related vehicle body designs are General Motors Trademarks used under license to BRM Americas.

    Source: Official Press Release

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  3. Nord-Zeitmaschine Variocurve

    Nord Zeitmaschine is a watch brand that is known for their unique hand and dial arrangements. Always searching for the new and innovative, Nord Zeitmaschine have created a watch with a revolutionary mechanism for the watch hand movement. Their Variocurve watch dial is very unique to other watches, because it uses one hand to indicate the minutes which sit on the top half of the entire dial. The incredible new mechanism places the minutes on the dial in an area shaped like a waning moon, sitting only at the top half of the dial. This means that instead of the minutes being read in a circular motion, they are read in a half-ellipsis motion, causing the watch to have a fantastic and revolutionary mechanic to be able to precisely read time. The watch hand, which resembles a pendulum swinging axe, sits atop two cogs that rotate one each other. This causes the hand to have a very interesting movement, moving like a bottle in the ocean, slightly elevating with every wave passing wave and then coming back down once the wave has passed. Seeing the watch in action is very special. The minutes displayed on the top half of the dial are cut off right after 35 minutes and right before 25 minutes. In the space between the 35-55 minutes and 5-25 minutes, the watch opens up to have two rotating faces that make up the time between those two cuts. The reason this had to be implemented, is because for the watch to be able to read the minutes precisely on such a unique looking dial, the corners of the half circle had to be modified. These corners are where 25 and 35 minutes’ sit. The innovators at Nord Zeitmaschine added this unique feature on the corners of their half circle dial in order for the watch to effectively read time.

    The bottom half of the dial contains a number of features as well. In the bottom half, you can clearly see how the mechanics of the minute hand work, which divides the bottom of the watch dial into two sides. On the right side of the minute hand mechanism, is the date along with the unique number of the watch. The Variocurve has 4 versionseach one limited to 97 watches that all come numbered and are visible on the dial. On the left side of the mechanism, 120-degrees of a circular dial are exposed containing the hours of the day. The watch face is covered by a curved sapphire glass, as well as the back of the watch which also exposes the beautifully crafted rotor. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 43.6 mm and a thickness of 15.2 mm. The innovative watch has a 42-hour power reserve.

    The masterpiece created by the innovative Nord-Zeitmaschine is a sight to behold. Not only is the watch dial unique to look at, the movement is breathtaking and revolutionary. The Variocurve’s four versions, black-gold, pink-gold, yellow-gold, and blue, come in limited numbers of 97, making the obtainability of this incredible timepiece all the more exclusive.

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  4. Glashütte Original Senator Excellence

    Glashütte’s latest watch, is the brands demonstration of innovation combined with elegance. While their watches continue to feel like perfectly appropriate and sophisticated pieces, Glashütte makes sure that the inner-workings are always progressing for the most efficient end product. Glashütte’s new watch, the Original Senators Excellence, fits that exact description of always searching for better, while maintaining their classic, refined look.

    Check the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence here

    Glashütte never fails to make their watches as accurate as possible. For a watch to be certified as a chronometer, it must fit into some standards. A non-certified watch will typically have a time variation of about 5+/- seconds throughout one day, with 2+/- seconds being the best you can find. A truly certified mechanical watch will most often have a variation of about 1+/- second throughout one day. The Original Senators Excellence measured at a difference of about 5+/- second difference over the course or TWELVE DAYS. This means that Glashütte had the same variability as a non-certified watch, only it was across twelve days as opposed to one day. The watch accuracy was also tested in six different positions, when the certification standards only require five. The Original Senators Excellence not only meets, but exceeds chronometer certification standards.

    Glashütte focused on stability as one of the main components for this watch. To create a more stable watch, they added compact features and eliminated traditional features. One of the innovative new features that make this watch more compact is its automatic movement. This meant that Glashütte were able to eliminate and replace components that would be more susceptible to wear and tear, such as a traditional watch’s winding system, with their own bi-directional-winding mechanism, creating a watch that functions more accurately as well as one that has a longer life span. Going along the lines of replacing the old with the innovative, Glashütte have created a silicon balance spring, as opposed to the traditional copper or iron spring. By making the hairspring out of silicon as opposed to metals, the spring is immune to corrosion, much more temperature resistant, and non-magnetic. This means that the watch will have a higher accuracy in more extreme weather conditions, as well as having a longer life span. Along with a bayonet mount helping keep the inner-workings of the watch stable and shock resistant, the Original Senators Excellence has innovative features that make the watch not only extremely accurate in all situations, but also extremely accurate for a very, very long time.

    The Original Senators Excellence is Glashütte Originals’ first watch with a 100-hour power reserve. This amazing feat is due to Glashütte only having one spring barrel. The watch has anti-reflective sapphire crystals on both the front and the back of the watch. The dial has a silver-grain lacquered finish with roman numerals displaying the 12 and 6 hour marks, while the rest of the hours are in Arabic numerals. The case of the watch is 40mm and the thickness is a sleek 10mm. With an alligator leather strap, the watch fits comfortably and elegantly on the wearers wrist. The Original Senators Excellence is a simple and elegant watch. It can be worn in almost any situation with its elegant dial and simple finish. At the same time, the watch boasts a number of impressive feats, such as 100-hour power reserve, and contains some innovative features that not only make the watch more accurate, but also make the watch one worthy enough of a lifetime.

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