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Specialist of timepieces for civilian and military aircrafts, Dodane continues its know-how through five generations of watchmaking heritage. "Our great-grandfather, Alphonse Dodane Gabriel, was already convinced at the beginning of the century that the conquest of the air would be just as important as the road. He therefore gave the house of Dodane its very special character in diversifying its business to include the manufacture of traditional watchmaking equipment and timepieces for French fighter aircrafts".

Desiring to share our passion for the beautiful mechanical watch, we wanted to pay tribute to the legendary TYPE 21 chronograph, supplied to the French aviation pilots since the 1950s, by re-issuing it in a limited edition.

Indeed, watches were developed for the French military based on very specific and demanding guidelines from the high command.

The technical qualities of the TYPE 21, associated with an authentic style, made it a sleek timepiece recognized for its strong character and a symbol of watchmaking precision in the service of aviation. While ensuring their accuracy, these watches had to endure extreme stress in terms of acceleration, vibration, temperature variation and resistance to magnetic effects.

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