Montegrappa Pens

Montegrappa Pens

Montegrappa manufactured since 1912 stands in the same historic building on the bank of the River Brenta, Montegrappa is situated in one of the most picturesque areas of the historic town of Bassano del Grappa in the prosperous north-eastern part of Italy. This Italian heritage is an important value for a Brand that is the first Italian pen manufacturer: it is his tradition, his legacy. Since 1912 Montegrappa pens embody the Italian flair.


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History of Montegrappa Pens

Montegrappa, one of the oldest fountain pen makers in Italy, established in 1912, commonly known as “Manifattura pennini d’oro e penne stilografiche” in simple language it means “Manufacturer of gold nibs and fountain pens”. The Montegrappa pens and gold nibs are still manufactured in the main headquarter located on the river Brenta, in one of the most peaceful and tranquil parts of Bassano del Grappa. Montegrappa’s geography and its Italian heritage are important elements of the company’s persona where it defines the brand philosophy, its attitudes, and its style.

The Elmo-Monte-Grappa Company is demonstrative of the area of the assembling office. Elmo is the Italian explanation, on the Name of one of the Founders who were of German source, Eng. Heinrich Helm. Montegrappa is the name of the legendary mountain that lifts off to the tallness of 1775 meters and overwhelms the Bassanese scene. Heinrich Helm's accomplice was Eng. Alessandro Marzotto, an individual from a distinguished Venetian family. The association of the two men of various foundations and societies participated as one by a common fixation and energy for quality and creative automation brought about Italy's first Fountain Pen plant.

Montegrappa pens have had their influence ever, for marking reports during a key juncture in the twentieth century. Renowned Italian pioneers including Victor Emmanuel III and Benito Mussolini utilized Montegrappa pens. Among the Russian heads of the rear end of the century, Boris Yeltsin gave his Dragon pen to Vladimir Putin on second January 2000, and with this pen, he emblematically gave over his capacity to him. Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev signs every single authority record with the Montegrappa Extra 1930. Solidifying its situation as the head producer of extravagance pens, Montegrappa has delivered a constant progression of constrained releases, honoring occasions, districts, and people. Among the affairs demonstrated in Montegrappa composing instruments have been America's Cup, the sparkling town of St Moritz, La Fenice Opera House in Venice, Formula One Legend Ayrton Senna and some more. All the more as of late, Montegrappa has built up a progression of pens that will yield rich, versatile tributes to the highpoints of its first century, the "Symbols" models regarding social mammoths Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee.

Collections of Montegrappa Pens

Montegrappa’s Game of Thrones collection is very popular in the market. It represents the four main families that have a major role in the Game of Thrones:- Stark, Baratheon, Lannister and Targaryen. Every single pen is obtainable as a fountain, rollerball, and a ballpoint. Montegrappa Game of Thrones pens is isolated for the family through sigils and emblems of the clan. The Montegrappacraftsman made too many limited edition pens, that all belongs to some historic and fashionable figures and events throughout the world.

Montegrappa Limited Edition is writing instruments for the fine writers to stand above all other normal Montegrappa writing instruments. These are designed with absolute precision.

Montegrappa fountain pens are the world’s ambassador for Italian style and elegance that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern design techniques to remain fresh. The best feature of this unique Italian craftsmanship and innovativeness is every Montegrgappa pen can be used with either cartridge or bottled ink as a converter is supplied with every pen. Each Montegrappa fountain pen has the signature laser-cut on the cap band and is elegantly presented in a luxury gift box.

Montegrappa Ballpoint Pens are the epitome of Italian. Discover our full range of Montegrappa ballpoint pens with their perfect cap and barrel formed from delicately pearlized resin to give you the best writing experience. Each Montegrappa pen has the signature laser-cut on the cap band. A Montegrappa ballpoint pen is the perfect gift for someone you care about.

Montegrappa rollerballs have a unique wet ink that allows the pen to effortlessly glide across any page to give you the ultimate writing experience. The cap and barrel of a pen are formed from delicately pearlized resin, and each Montegrappa rollerball pen has a different Montegrappa signature on the cap band.

The Montegrappa NeroUno flaunts almost a hundred years of dedication to Montegrappa to create the finest writing implements. The magnificence of the NeroUno exists within its minimalistic design, while the fine details echo the signature features of Montegrappa. It displays right around a hundred years of commitment of Montegrappa to make the best composing executes. The magnificence of the NeroUno exists in its moderate plan, while the fine subtleties reverberation the mark highlights of Montegrappa. Peruse through our assortment, and locate the privilege NeroUno embellishment that suits your character.

Fortuna Skull pens are embellished with skulls all through the barrel with a huge skull etching situated inverse the clasp on the top. Fortuna Skull pens are offered in a restricted and numbered release of 888 ballpoints 888 rollerballs and 888 wellspring pens. At the same time the Fortuna Skull Pen is an irregularity yet a general communicator. As each pen ought to be.

Accessible in wide exhibit of advanced completes, Fortuna is without a doubt one of the most well known discharges from Montegrappa. All Fortuna pens are created with accuracy and are perceived as an image incredible fortune. The name itself is taken from Greek goddess "Fortuna", who is considered as the god of sheer excellence and pie in the sky karma. Despite the fact that distinctive in plan, all Fortuna composing executes share an indistinguishable structure and are enlivened with a wide top band which peruses Montegrappa and a durable clasp with a moving ball end. The strong development, flawless enumerating, and first class execution make the Fortuna a perfect ally for both pen devotees and every day scholars.

The powerful plan and consistent execution of the new Parola arrangement makes it an absolute necessity have composing instrument for both pen lovers and day by day authors. With this fine arrangement, Montegrappa Parola has melded unadulterated Italian tars with strong hues to make composing instrument that will even outperform desires. The inconspicuous profile is flawlessly joined with glimmering chrome covered accents to emanate the first rate craftsmanship of Montegrappacraftsmans. All these alluring characteristics make the Parola a pen that shows qualification and class.

Montegrappa Bugatti is the extempore collaboration between two luxury brands, who share the same passion for fine profession. The Montegrappa Bugatti series captures the elusive spirit of Bugatti while retaining the original shape and color combination on Montegrappa. Montegrappa Buggati mainly inspired by Bugatti production of automobiles because they complete every small parts with efficiency that change the products into original work of art and technology. Undoubtedly, this collection of writing instrument will impress both pen enthusiast and automobile lovers.

Montegrappa Desiderio is also one of the most common open limited editions in the Montegrappa family. The Desiderio is an Italian word that implies "Desire", and they have identified three different human situations that inspire the poet, the songwriter, the belle-lettrist, and the lover. Each pen is decorated with Montegrappa's octagonal top and a ball-end clip that glides smoothly into the pocket without damaging the fabric. The series is available in fountain, rollerball and ballpoint models.

Montegrappa Copper Mule, the variation about all other pens come with gold nibs while the Mule comes with a steel. The Montegrappa Copper Mule is a total stunner. The nib being a little scratchier and drier than others like lowers the writing experience a bit, but is still a really cool pen to write with nonetheless.
The Montegrappa Elmo wellspring pen accompanies a #6 JoWo steel nib and incorporates a converter and cartridge. Each pen's pocket cut ends in a moving ball to encourage entrance and departure from one's pocket. As a last touch, the pen's top is unobtrusively engraved with the contemporary logo of Montegrappa.

The "Chao" pen is designed from valuable materials and created in constrained numbers. The body of the pen is made of dark pearlized celluloid with overlays in sterling silver or strong 18K gold. The overlays are done by hand by Montegrappa's talented skilled workers and highlight an antiqued completion with emphasizes in red and yellow translucent finish to speak to the shades of fire. The pen configuration is described by the juxtaposition of life and passing, with reptiles speaking to the early types of life on Earth, and the skull connoting demise. A definitive characterizing subtlety, bearing both a clenched hand and a skull, is the pen's clasp as a sword. This isn't a pen to be trifled with.

Montegrappa Moon Landing, speaks to one of the extraordinary accomplishments of NASA. Montegrappa get motivated by the Apollo 11 crucial, on the moon and this wellspring pen was made. The Moon Landing Montegrappa pen was structured equivalent to the rocket, the pen top is hungered for it speaks to the subsequent stage and the Apollo direction module, with the silver.

Every one of the Montegrappa pens accompanies the assurance for two years from the date of procurement against any working deformities and for a boundless period against assembling surrenders. For additional information visit

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