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Montegrappa Fortuna Collection Review

Montegrappa is a pen manufacturer based in Italy. The brand offers some pretty outrageous pens in their catalog and beautiful ones as well. Montegrappa is often associated with luxury pieces, including luxury writing instruments. The Fortuna is one of the more economical lines of the Montegrappa Fortuna Blazer Fountain Pen brand. It is a medium-sized pen that has almost a similar length to a Pilot Custom Heritage 92. However, it is a little wider than the Pilot, but their length seems standard. The materials used for making the Fortuna make it a little heavier than the Pilot.  The trim of the Fortunate comes plated in ruthenium while the grip section features lacquered metal. The body and cap of the Montegrappa camouflage usually feature a plastic (resin). The Fortuna garners plenty of comments, and it can be pleasing to the eyes. It has a nib underneath the ruthenium plating that features an interesting geometric pattern.


The Fortuna feels a little heavier due to the metal found in it. However, uncapping the pen can make it a little lightweight. The metal grip section often makes the nib side of the Fortuna heavier. The top of the Fortuna features a jewel that can give the pen an elegant, classy look. The band around the Fortuna features a Montegrappa inlay that adds to its look and feels. The pen has a strong clip and a wheel that rotates freely. That is the clip that makes it easier to remove and slip the pen from different materials. Unlike other pens, the Fortuna doesn’t show fingerprints. On the flip side, though, the Fortuna can show rogue ink stains and dark-colored particles than other brands. However, this isn’t a criticism, but a downfall that would apply to nearly any pen.


It is advisable to chuck the box as soon as you get the pen out. The Montegrappa is a pen worth to behold since it solidifies its luxury impression. There features an elegant cardboard box inside the outer sleeve, which features the Montegrappa logo that is known for its subtle geometric pattern. You can find a small gift box inside that cardboard box. Again, it bears the Montegrappa logo on a metal plate. The hinged box can open to showcase the inner side of the Fortuna. You can also find a couple of black cartridges and literature for this pen inside the cardboard box. However, the pen comes fitted with a converter. You can start using the pen once you get it inked and unboxed. The Montegrappa seems to have the same issue when it is loaded with several different inks. It often has a finicky sweet pot, skips occasionally, and can have trouble with ink flow.  Being a standard nib, the Fortuna can be more finicky than any other customized italic nib. It can sometimes write out of the box. Your pen can also be extremely scratchy to the point of damaging your writing material. Nothing can be frustrating when writing than when the ink flow feels so light.


The Fortuna ticks all the right boxes as far as the first impression is concerned. Its shape, which is a variant of the classic cigar, can fit into any hand. The Fortuna has a classic, understated design that makes it an elaborate creation. The stainless steel Fortuna has a coating that reflects the light in a way that makes it look like it has varying shades of darkness and light. Those effects are usually attractive and can give the pen a unique look and feel. The Fortuna is quite sturdy. It is made of steel and copper versions. While all the Fortuna feature a tight rollerball clip, the clip is often too tight. Thus, it can be hard to slot the pen in a bag or clip it to a shirt pocket.


The Fortuna also features metal threads, which makes it more durable. However, the threads can cause the Fortuna to squeak a bit when you are capping or uncapping it. This noise seems pronounced on all the metal pens, so don’t worry, it could be something to do with the black coating. One interesting thing with the Fortuna is that the inside of the cap is plastic. That prevents the threads from scratching the barrel when you are posting the pen.


Writing Experience

All three pens that fall under the Fortuna are extremely comfortable to use. These pens are lightweight and can write for an extended period of time. It features a metal thread at the front that gives it a balance. Even the heaviest Fortuna, which is made of copper and steel, doesn’t feel too heavy due to how its weight is distributed and shape. You can write with any of these pens, either posted or unposted. Montegrappa designed the Montegrappa camouflage in a way that makes it usable for virtually anyone. While some people complain about the flow issue of the Fortuna, all these three pens can write without skipping or hard starting. You can clean your pen with soapy water should you experience problems with the nib. You can pen flush it to rinse out any debris or oils, but if the problems persist, notify your retailer. This has been a common issue among Montegrappa Fortuna users, but it has been resolved.


The white pen seems the favorite of the three pens because of its nib. It features ruthenium or black ion nibs that tend to be a little softer than steel or gold nibs. Though these nibs may not be flexible so much, they at least allow room for bouncing back. The standard steel nib on this pen feels a little drier than the black plated nib on the Montegrappa Fortuna White pen. The Fortuna writes narrower than how they are designated.  Both the Fortuna Silver and Mule features a broad nib that looks really classic. The Fortuna works well for people who do a lot of copy editing and need to write in small fonts. The medium nib can write consistently and can give you a stub-like line variation across all the strokes.


Most retailers of Montegrappa stock the Fortuna, which has seemingly become its primary product. It is the most accessible line of Montegrappa Fortuna Shema pens. Besides accessibility, these pens come with a luxury premium on their price. The Mule retails for $375 while the Ruthenium/White Fortuna sells for $290. The recently released brand, the Fortuna Silver retails at $395. While customers can get a slight discount off the price, the Fortuna is fairly insistent on distributors. It adheres to all the standard pricing.


The Fortuna is a classic pen design modernized to utilize diverse pen technologies and materials available today. The Heartwood is one of the recommendable versions of the Fortuna. It has an absolutely lovely feel and looks. Montegrappa Rainbow kept the overall design of the Heartwood like other Fortuna editions, but the material varies slightly. Users can choose from either pear, walnut, or teak wood, which appears a little black.  All the Fortuna editions feature the same brush-bronzed trims, with the plated stainless steel nib. The teak seems a little lighter than the walnut, which is why it is a popular choice. Then Heartwood shares all the design elements with other Fortuna editions. It features a metal thread and an engraved cap band. Like other pens in the Fortuna line, the Heartwood uses a cartridge converter for filling. The Fortuna pens use the Montegrappa-branded refill, which keeps a fairly narrow line and writes smoother than a liquid ink pen. With this pen, you can be sure not to experience trouble with excessive feathering. The ballpoint refill of the Fortuna feels exciting and is always serviceable. However, all three Fortuna pens feel extremely comfortable in hand. 


However, the Montegrappa did an excellent job with the balance and weight of its Fortuna collection. The Heartwood comes a little lighter than the Mule and Fortuna Silver, but slightly heavier than the resin versions. That means this pen can be used for extended writing sessions.  


Are the Montegrappa Fortuna pens a worthy investment? As always, it depends on your interests. You can find an excellent pen with a gold nib for a low price. Most people choose the Fortuna over the Sailor Pro Gear due to its cost-effectiveness. The Fortuna is arguably one of the favorite pens of all time. Besides the price, the feel and size of the Fortuna make it a comfortable pen. The Montegrappa released the Fortuna in some beautiful, unique designs and color schemes. The Heartwood collection falls under the highly-priced Fortuna pens. However, most retailers offer the Heartwood collection at a lower price. The rollerball can cost you up to $320, while the fountain pen version can retail at $340. You can find the entire collection of Heartwood pens, including pear, teak, and walnut at a retail shop near you. To be fair, the Fortuna pens are reputable for their nib quality. The Fortuna pens are one of the favorite pens out there due to their great nib. The margin error for the Fortuna pens is extremely small compared to other pens.

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