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Nord-Zeitmaschine Variocurve

Nord Zeitmaschine is a watch brand that is known for their unique hand and dial arrangements. Always searching for the new and innovative, Nord Zeitmaschine have created a watch with a revolutionary mechanism for the watch hand movement. Their Variocurve watch dial is very unique to other watches, because it uses one hand to indicate the minutes which sit on the top half of the entire dial. The incredible new mechanism places the minutes on the dial in an area shaped like a waning moon, sitting only at the top half of the dial. This means that instead of the minutes being read in a circular motion, they are read in a half-ellipsis motion, causing the watch to have a fantastic and revolutionary mechanic to be able to precisely read time. The watch hand, which resembles a pendulum swinging axe, sits atop two cogs that rotate one each other. This causes the hand to have a very interesting movement, moving like a bottle in the ocean, slightly elevating with every wave passing wave and then coming back down once the wave has passed. Seeing the watch in action is very special. The minutes displayed on the top half of the dial are cut off right after 35 minutes and right before 25 minutes. In the space between the 35-55 minutes and 5-25 minutes, the watch opens up to have two rotating faces that make up the time between those two cuts. The reason this had to be implemented, is because for the watch to be able to read the minutes precisely on such a unique looking dial, the corners of the half circle had to be modified. These corners are where 25 and 35 minutes’ sit. The innovators at Nord Zeitmaschine added this unique feature on the corners of their half circle dial in order for the watch to effectively read time.

The bottom half of the dial contains a number of features as well. In the bottom half, you can clearly see how the mechanics of the minute hand work, which divides the bottom of the watch dial into two sides. On the right side of the minute hand mechanism, is the date along with the unique number of the watch. The Variocurve has 4 versionseach one limited to 97 watches that all come numbered and are visible on the dial. On the left side of the mechanism, 120-degrees of a circular dial are exposed containing the hours of the day. The watch face is covered by a curved sapphire glass, as well as the back of the watch which also exposes the beautifully crafted rotor. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 43.6 mm and a thickness of 15.2 mm. The innovative watch has a 42-hour power reserve.

The masterpiece created by the innovative Nord-Zeitmaschine is a sight to behold. Not only is the watch dial unique to look at, the movement is breathtaking and revolutionary. The Variocurve’s four versions, black-gold, pink-gold, yellow-gold, and blue, come in limited numbers of 97, making the obtainability of this incredible timepiece all the more exclusive.

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