Linde Werdelin The Reef - Sea Instrument SI.1.Y

Linde Werdelin The Reef - Sea Instrument SI.1.Y


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The Reef dive instrument created by Linde Werdelin, has been carefully designed to provide realtime guidance to divers, tracking the critical pieces of information needed on any dive by using several sensors, a sophisticated low power multi MPUplatform, an advanced 3-axis compass and alarm systems etc.

Presenting the information by using strong graphical displays in colour, The Reef features the divers; depth, ascent rate vs. ideal ascent rate, dive time, decompression stops, no fly time, temperature, maximum depth, sur face interval times, alarm/ warnings, timers etc, constantly keeping the diver in a real time picture. The Reef also logs vital data and events on the internal logbook and continuously updates the overall dive statistics for the diver to access at a later point. The logbook has the capacity to store up to 5 days of continuously logs with a sample rate of one log per second.

Cased in lightweight aluminium, diving professionals as well as enthusiasts, can now choose from a wide range of aluminium finishes and colours including black DLC with 18 k rose gold pushers.

Function mode
Land Mode - (for setup and logbook)
Dive Mode - (featuring Buhlmann's algorithm with gradient factors)
Free Dive mode - (without dive algorithm)
Logbook (5 days of continuously logs with1 sample/sec)
Power-save Mode

Solid anodised aluminium, black polymer
back case
Sapphire crystal

55mm transflective LCD colour screen
220 x 176 pixels; 260,000 colours automatic
display light adjustment

Internal pressure sensor to 130 m
Internal 3 - axis compass with tilt compensation-sensor
Internal temperature sensor
In water sensor
Light sensor

High performance / Low-power multiple MPU platform
2.4 GHz wireless sensor network
128 Mbit flash memory
4 button user interface
Wireless upgradeable software and log transfer to computer
Alarm Clock

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with 28 hours continuous diving

Water resistance
300 m / 1,000 ft

Weight (est)
150 grams (including 15 ml internal fluid)

Charger with USB 2.0 and 2.4 GHz wireless interface

GPS ready

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Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Brand Linde Werdelin
Warranty Full Factory Warranty