Scatola Del Tempo Savoy Safe No 3

Scatola Del Tempo Savoy Safe No 3

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Scatola Del Tempo Savoy Safe No. 3

This safe is dated around the end of the XVIII century and the early beginning of the XIX century and has been handcrafted in the north-western part of Italy, more precisely in the Piedmont region. It is believed that the safe was commissioned by the government of the Subalpine Republic, introduced after Napolen's invasion, to safeguard the coins they introduced, for the first time in Italy based on the metric system, replicating the French Franc.

The safe is in perfect conditions and features 5 keys and 3 hooks to activate the incredibile and completely original 200 years old opening mechanism.

The interior of the safe is completely handmade in Italy with black leather and is equipped with 42 automatic watch winders and 9 drawers to hold up to 120 watches. Dimensions are 190cmH x 135cmW x 80cmD. Weight is approx. 500 kgs.

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Country of Manufacture Switzerland