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Inspired by the aesthetic traditions of the Art deco era with femininity at its very core, a BEDAT & CO GENEVE timepiece radiates elegance, functionality and beauty.

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Brand Review: Bedat and Co.

Bedat & Co. Geneve was founded by Mme Simone Bédat, a Swiss national, and her son Christian Bédat, as an effort and a tribute to strong, independent and influential women. Known for her independence and a rare combination of qualities, Madame Simone Bedat came up with the idea of Swiss women's watches brand to celebrate women's independence and freedom. In a world dominated by men-watches, Madame Simone chose to celebrate women’s contributions in shaping up today’s society.

It was Madame Simone Bedat’s determination and vision to deliver a brand of timepieces that were women-centric, established by a woman, and dedicated to women. The idea was unique, out-of-the-box, and one of its kind because, at that time, it aimed at embodying the needs, aspirations, and desires of women at its very core.

With the help of the best Swiss craftsmen, she was able to craft her timepieces in line with the 500-year-old Swiss tradition to deliver extraordinary designs. Designs, which were grace and class personification. Bedat & Co. Geneve is a delight for aesthetics for those who have a fondness for the art deco era and femininity.

Inspiration: Designed to bring grace and class in your life, crafted with sheer perfection and dexterity, Bedat & Co Geneve timepieces are the embodiment of beauty, class, and functionality. Bedat and Co. is a tribute to women of character and substance. A blend of different qualities and traits define a woman of character. This brand is an acknowledgment and applause for the contribution of women in shaping this society. The designs exhibit those traits of women to celebrate and honor all such women across the globe

Experience: Madame Simone Bedat’s lifetime experience of working with the Swiss luxury timepiece industry, particularly Raymond Weil, became the foundation for the introduction of elegant and gorgeous Bedat and Co Geneve timepieces. The refinement, radiance, and sophistication of these timepieces is the result of collaboration with the top-notch experts of the industry.

Perfection: The craft and design of Bedat and Co Geneve timepieces are a product of sheer attention to detail, which makes it possible to design these pieces of art to perfection. The inspiration behind designs of Bedat & Co Geneve timepieces is to include traits of successful, independent, and stylish ladies through its designs. Its designs root from an intimate understanding of the way women think.

Women-centric: Bedat and Co Geneve is totally dedicated to creating timeless and unique designs for women. Comfort, function, and emotion; define Bedat and Co Geneveexperience on ladies’ wrist. Bedat & Co Geneve stands apart from the other market. The rest of the watchmakers make delicate versions of men’s watches to entertain women, whereas Bedat and Co Geneve is dedicated to designing women watches.

Components: Bedat and Co Geneve uses top quality diamonds by Top Wesselton color (F-G) having clarity vvs to vs1; on a stainless steel structure. All the components of Bedat watches are of the highest standards. The stamping of A.O.S.C.® (Swiss Certified Label of Origin) label on each timepiece ensures that the timepieces are of exceptional quality. A.O.S.C. is the hallmark of quality and ethics, certifying the Swiss origin of all components.

The philosophy, designs, and emotions of Bedat and Co Geneve make it a highly desirable ladies’ timepieces brand all over the world. With over 166 strong Points of Sales in the US, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and Middle East countries, it aims at the catering needs of women globally.

What types of watches Bedat & Co. Geneve makes

A timepiece’s face decides it's worth and value. Bedat & Co Geneve timepieces use 18-carat gold (or 750), which is either 3N (yellow gold) or 5N (rose gold). For those clients who like silver or white polish, platinum, commonly known as white gold, is also used. All timepieces are also prepared in stainless steel 950 or 316L. This material is used for making dials as well as the bracelets of the timepiece.
Quite often, clients like to have timepieces in colors other than metallic ones. For that target market, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is used to obtain the desired color.


How can a brand for women come into existence without including diamonds in it? They are a girl’s best friend. The remarkable diamonds settings in any material can add a touch of class and elegance to the timepiece. Gone are the days when only white stones were used for all kinds of materials.
This is a new era — new times. There is a diamond color for every color of the metal. With a clarity VVS to VS1, the diamonds used by Bedat and Co Geneve are brilliant-cut or baguette-cut. Top Wesselton color adds a whole new feel to immaculate designs and perfect craft.
Bedat & Co Geneve uses brown and black stones, which are natural polished diamonds. Because of their natural fancy colors and brilliant cut, they are ideal for setting in dark metallic colors.

The arms of a timepiece are the tango dancers of its dial. They have to be of exceptional quality. With the stainless steel, superluminova, and brass hands, the dial of the timepiece is made phenomenal. These hands do not only bring grace and class to a watch, but they also ensure that the functioning of the timepiece remains smooth.

Types of watches

Bedat and Co Geneve deals with a limited range of watches. So far, Bedat and Co Geneve aims at catering to the needs of day to day timepieces. Such as:

Casual: with its C.Lady collection, Bedat and Co Geneve addresses the needs of working women, professionals, and young ladies with big dreams. The collection is designed to make women feel more empowered and independent. This collection is the epitome of confidence, determination, and style.

Embellished: the Extravaganza collection is particularly designed for ladies to carry an air of grace and class while they are out to attend fancy events, professional or personal. The beautiful setting of rocks in fine quality metal is fully capable of giving women wings to fly high.

Day to day: with other collections, Bedat and Co Geneve makes it convenient for ladies to remain ready for the daily challenges. Collection 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8 are designed with a purpose to bring sophistication and empowerment in 21st-century woman. From dawn till dusk, these watches are woman’s companion collection Of Bedat & Co. Geneve
Infused with a distinctive characteristic, all collections of Bedat and Co Geneve are distinguished and radiant in their own way. .

Bedat and Co Geneve No 1 Watch Collection

The Bedat and Co Geneve No 1 Collection has a square-shaped dial with concave curves at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. This was launched in 2003. The design is simple yet elegant since it oozes the vintage vibe of a square dial. Figure one stands for beginnings, base, and the initial state of being. Self-affirmation through action and matter is represented through it. The idea of oneness is not only a religious reference to God but is also a state of singularity in science.

Bedat and Co Geneve No 2 Watch Collection

Bedat and Co Geneve No 2 Collection is timeless as well as resolutely modern collection of Swiss watches. Bedat & Co Geneve’s philosophy behind designing watches has these complimenting and inseparable ideas in its core. The No 2 collection, Bedat & Co Geneve took a revolutionary change of shape in the dial and became an Oval shaped model. The oval shape represents rebirth, fertility, and even immortality, which are the ideas many strong women cherish. This collection stands for the union, for the meeting of two connected elements and most specifically in philosophy, for two complementary principles. In the Chinese culture and the ideograms, 2 is considered as a positive number. In Cantonese, “2” also stands for Yin, a symbol of femininity and imagination.

Bedat and Co Geneve No 3 Watch Collection

In its No 3 Collection, Bedat & Co Geneve features a “tonneau” shape; concave curved at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock. With a religious reference, the number 3 is associated with perfection and totality because it symbolizes trinity. Many religions other than Christianity, use ternary symbolism: the Holy Trinity, the Wise Men, and resurrection of Jesus three days after his death, etc. In Buddhism, the “three gems” are the pillars of faith. In the Kabbalistic tradition, three symbolizes the unity of all things, the mystery of intellectual initiation.

Bedat and Co Geneve No 7 Watch Collection

No 7 Collection went through various phases and changes within its rectangular shape, slightly curved at 3 and 9 o’clock. This design breathed a new level of elegance and sophistication in the world of watches. In Ancient Egypt, 7 stands for eternity- eternal life. 7 expresses various stages of maturity, thoughts, awareness, and hindsight. It houses a variety of superstitions at its core. It represents thought, hindsight, and awareness. Be it mythology, religion, or worldly matters like wonders of the world; 7 lives many lives.

Bedat and Co Geneve No 8 Watch Collection

The collection No 8 is a completely different collection of watches that encompasses original round-shaped cases. Simplicity, elegance, and grace are its characteristics. The sophisticated Swiss watch style with a choice of two sizes designs make it stand distinguished from the other collections. Figure 8 is a universal symbol of infinity, prosperity, luck, and perfection, and that is why it was chosen as Bedat and Co Geneve’s emblem. Bedat & Co Geneve collection No 8 is the epitome of a sophisticated Swiss watch style.

Bedat and Co Geneve Extravaganza Watch Collection

With its Extravaganza collection, Bedat & Co. Geneve targeted the needs of fancy events and parties. Extravaganza is ideal for haute couture to dress time. Just like the designers of haute couture who collaborate together in refining the most sophisticated ideas, Bedat and Co Geneve bring together a wealth of artistic crafts that give life to its extravaganza luxury watch models. It won’t be wrong to call these stunningly rare pieces as a work of art. They are the classic embodiment of meticulous care, craft, and authenticity of Swiss know-how in the realm of watchmaking. It is the apex of a blending of delicate stylishness with virtuoso dexterity.

Bedat and Co Geneve C Lady Watch Collection

The C. Lady collection by Bedat & Co is ideal for young ladies with aspirations, dreams, and hopes; to flourish into women of substance and character when their time comes. This wristwatch is fancy, as well as casual. The C.Lady collection is not all about bling-bling and shine. Rather, it goes beyond diamonds by offering the most decent and graceful leather for strap- Kyoto. Kyoto leather combines the Japanese traditional Gold Leaf technique and Wagyu leather.

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