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Ball Conductor Watches

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The Ball Conductor series features distinctive rectangular dials and dual register chronographs inside the same dial. It also has thin steel strap models for women and Crocodile leather strap options for men. The series still retains the “read in the dark” glowing tubes found in other Ball watches. There are very few models in this collection with prices ranging from $1,400 to $2,000. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Ball Conductor collection. You can find Ball Conductor watches for sale here.

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Ball Conductor Watch Collection Review

About Ball Watch Co.
Founded in 1891 by Webster Clay Ball, the Ball Watch Company is now a handsome 128 years old company that undoubtedly is still ruling the watch market in its price point. With utmost and unmatched pride, the Ball Watch Company has unveiled the most authentic and the most marvelous watch collection which has turned out to be the most faithful to the company’s origin. This collection has been named the Ball Conductor Collection.

This master watch company was primarily concomitant to the history related to the American railroads. The company pays homage to the train conductors the breathed during the golden age of the railways. During the earlier time, the rail conductors played a significant role in handling the exact measurement of time so as to ensure that the trains ran on time as per the schedules. Thus, unknowingly contributing to the improvement of rail safety.


Ball Conductor Watch Collection

With their Ball Conductor Collection, the Ball Watch Company has clearly laid out their plans to make their collection act as personification to the demand for reliability and precision which is unmovingly associated with the golden age of railways.

The unleashing of this new watch that has taken its inspiration unswervingly from its heritage. The Ball Conductor Watch is a perfect and beautiful coming together of the vintage lines of the very first Ball watches with the soaring aesthetic codes along with the unmatched technical performances of modern-day watchmaking. The most prominent of the retro characteristics of the Ball Conductor Collection can be found in the tonneau-shaped even at first glance. The first wristwatch designed by Ball Watch in the years surrounding the 1920s were indeed also based on a tonneau form. The watch is embedded with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal which is there as a result of a technical feat, allowing the watch to have a convex form. The case back it flaunts is also transparent and is fitted with a curved sapphire crystal, making it a perfect fit to sit on your wrist. The coming together of such active elements instills the Conductor Transcendent with a massive and grasping sense of identity.
The new Ball Conductor timepiece is streamlined with breath-taking designs and dimensions to bring out a piece of watch prominent for its timeless classicism. With all the spectacular features, the new watch collection is a timeless accessory crafted for the male wrist. While the dial is voluntarily restrained, every little detail including the interior minute graduation and the horizontally stamped central circle has been carved with extreme care.
The list of the features sported by this all this Ball Conductor Limited Edition is a never-ending affair.

  • Automatic winding ETA 2892-A2 movement provides the essential functioning of this timepiece – date, central seconds, minutes, and hours
  • It comes with a crocodile leather strap and with a stainless steel bracelet look
  • The watch is shock resistant up to 5,000Gs
  • The watch is certified water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • In addition to the above-listed features of the Ball Conductor Transcendent, it possesses the function of having microtubes of luminescent 3H tritium gas on its dial and its hands. The presence of the tubes makes the watch indications perfectly legible even in the darkest of the rooms. But obviously, since everything about this watch is improved and better, this point has to be too. The microtubes on the dial are attached to metal appliques, thus improving the state-of-the-art Swiss technology. With the new process, the effect of the microtubes is enhanced while at the same time refining the diffusion of the light produced by tritium gas. This new technology is almost 100 times more competent than conventional luminous paints. All the Ball watches sport an iconic luminescent, patented design of Arabic numerals which have also been created using microtubes.

When compared to all other collections by the Ball Watch Company, Ball Conductor Transcendent forms the perfect image and balance between elegance and modern. The sapphire crystal in the watch has been labeled as a TV screen style by the brand itself. The curve of the watch helps in giving the watch a perfect height. Also, since the watch has a curved case back, a firmer and snugger grip is felt on the wrist. An exhibition window at the curved case back allows you to see the Ball RR1101 automatic movement. This is possible as the center of the case is flat instead of being curved. The weight of the Ball Conductor Transcendent will leave you in a surprise. It weighs only 62 grams. This watch is your perfect go-to when you have to carry on a watch for the entire day.


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