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MeisterSinger Adhaesio

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It is the first single-hand watch in the world that includes a second-time zone. The watch comes with open rings to accommodate the current date along with a second-time zone. It has an automatic movement of 21 jewels, and it reserves the power of 42 hours. It has anti-glare, scratch-resistant sapphire glass that covers the display and the stainless steel of 43mm has a four-screw exhibition back. This model is also available in different shades like Ivory, Anthracite Blue, Black, and White. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the MeisterSinger Adhaesio collection. You can find MeisterSinger Adhaesio watches for sale here.

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Meistersinger Adhaesio Review

The German-based brand has come up with several unique designs for their dials. The concept is simple yet so amazingly unique that every collection is worldwide appreciated, the idea of the Meistersinger branded watches revolves around a relaxed simplicity with class. With the inclusion of Meistersinger Adhaesio, you can track the time of two different zones at one glance. Indeed this design is eye-catching and innovative.

The brand has become known for its signature single-hand watches, MeisterSinger Adhaesio collection brings the first-ever single-hand watch with a second time zone, never before has any company created a single hand watch with two time zones. Two time zones can be tracked at a glance with MeisterSinger Adhaesio. The outer ring shows you an approximation of the current time and to see the second time zone there is an inner ring, it is a clockwise-rotating inner disc that lines with a small arrow at 12 o’clock. Meistersinger is ensuring to remain up to date with the modern world technical advancements without diverting from its unique style and design. The single hand shows the current time whereas the inner ring with 24 hours shows the 2nd time zone, which slowly rotates in a clockwise direction. A third ring is also available to avoid confusion separating the time zones and displaying the date, this moves in the opposite direction. Using the crown both time zones with the date can be set.


Meistersinger Adhaesio Collection Features

MeisterSinger Adhaesio collection includes the Meistersinger Adhaesio GMT, Meistersinger Adhaesio Automatic, Meistersinger Adhaesio globetrotter. The technology used in Meistersinger Adhaesio is a powerful self-winding movement modified ETA 2893-2, fuelled by a 38-hour power reserve. It has a stainless steel case with 4 screwed exhibitions back, with a diameter of 43 millimeters a broad watch in comparison to the brand’s usual tendencies to stick to slighter dimensions, and a robust case, which, is water-resistant, it can resist pressure up to 5 bar. The height of MeisterSinger Adhaesio is 13.05 mm, the movement is comprised of 21 jewels which produce 28,800 beats per hour. The glass used in MeisterSinger Adhaesio is anti-reflective domed sapphire glass.

Four color combinations are available in Adhaesio, Meistersinger Adhaesio AD901, Meistersinger Adhaesio AD902, Meistersinger Adhaesio AD903, and Meistersinger Adhaesio AD908. All three circle layers encompass the white and beige dials whereas with the second time zone and date circle colored white, presents the black and striking blue dial. The Globetrotter Edition is also available and is a very special version of the Meistersingers Adhaesio collection. It is limited to only 30 copies worldwide. The two rings and the dial are dark blue with a fine sunburst finish in Meistersinger Adhaesio Globetrotter addition.


Meistersinger Adhaesio Collection Uniqueness

Meistersinger Adhaesio has become the first one-hand watch that features a second time zone. Meistersinger designs amazing watches for enthusiasts who know how to keep calm and live smoothly. Meistersinger Adhaesio provides an amazingly unique feature that keeps you relaxed at each moment, no matter the distance. You remain on track and in control with Adhaesio collection especially if you travel in different time zones.


MeisterSinger Adhaesio Collection: The Price

MeisterSinger Adhaesio collection watches are available here at the best price. You can find out Meistersinger Adhaesio collection here with the best price of the market. All MeisterSinger Adhaesio collection watches available are enlisted below with their prices:


Meistersinger Adhaesio Collection Review: Wrap Up

The feedback on Meistersinger’s Adhaesio released at Baselworld 2015 has been shrouded in positivity. Watch enthusiasts, from all over the globe appreciated the idea and design of Meistersinger’s collection. Meistersinger’s collection watches are admired for their delicate unique design work and that vintage-inspired dial with its class. If you are away from home Meistersinger knows that you should be immediately aware of the time back at home, so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones. Once you are satisfied that home is safe, your professional work away from home can be smooth. Meistersinger Adhaesio collection does the job of providing the time of two different zones. Nevertheless, Meistersinger’s idea for a watch with two time zones “Meistersinger Adhaesio collection” has captured the attention of watch enthusiasts, especially those who occasionally juggle life in two different time zones. These unique ideas of Meistersinger are giving the brand an edge, remember that Meistersinger has already won several awards. The award-winning reputation of MeisterSinger continues due to the dedication to the finer details in the development and design of the brand watches. Such astonishing designs are the reason why Meistersinger is considered as one of the best luxury watch brands in the world.

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