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MeisterSinger Neo Q

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With finely stamped digits and sunburst pattern, it shines out like no other MeisterSinger. And for a greater variety of color, the elegant Neo Q comes with two straps. The quick-change system lets you attach the desired watchstrap simply and complete your outfit

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Meistersinger Neo Q Review

Think about the purpose of wearing a wristwatch simply fading away – a wristwatch that seems just to sway the actual meaning of discipline, punctuality, regularity, and those monotonous undertones which feature routinely in our daily lives. Right now, you'll likely be wondering if we're rebels looking for a kind of post-apocalyptic world. Definitely not, we aren't rebels, but we'd surely want to unveil to you one brand which was founded in the year 2001, and that brand is Meistersinger. Brands of wristwatches always hold on to something similar, a purpose for why they exist, and we're also talking about the watches of high end. Nevertheless, I assure you that in your lifetime, you'll surely see a brand that has the intention of slowing downtime. 

One easy thing you can use to identify Meistersinger is their "one hand wristwatches." Yes, you heard that right, they have neither seconds or minutes hand, as it only has an hour hand for telling the time. Believe me, it isn't crazy, and it is easier to tell the time on this wristwatch than it sounds like. The whole ethos of the brand is created upon giving their clients a relaxed definition of time. One thing that's noticeable which hits you immediately you put on a Meistersinger is the perception of yours towards time. Strangely, we guarantee that you'll feel you're more in control of your time. And this happens as a result of several reasons – a 5 minute time passage is shown by an angle that's twelve times smaller than the one on a regular watch. If you burn or lose 15 minutes in your day, it looks a little more than a minute on a classic hour-minute hand wristwatch. A Meistersinger wristwatch arrives with its own healing advantages: as soon as you put it on, you begin to relax and calm down. 

Before we talk about the Meistersinger Neo Q, it would be worthwhile to have an understanding of the conception of a single hand on a wristwatch. For a brand founded in 2001, the German giant went as far back as the age of sundials, which is where they got their inspiration from. This company also got influenced by the Middle-Ages tower clock, which also required just a single hand: can be seen far away for the rural population and the town's inhabitants. They tell when it was time for resting, how the day progressed, or when work is to finish in the evenings. They assisted individuals in planning their time. It's only these days and the advent of industrialization, which made it a necessity to think in terms of increasingly short time periods. These clocks were fitted gradually with second and minute hands, as this caused the awareness of people to the continuous passing of valuable time. 

If we actually want to romanticize Meistersinger, we'd say that the founder of Meistersinger, Manfred Bassler, made Meistersinger to create a different conception of the time that doesn't hurry people, a time that's not a source of grief and pain for people, a time when people aren't reduced to machines, and lastly a time whereby we don't have a moment for the appreciation of the finer things in this life. The thing in which the founder, Manfred Bassler, wanted to make was actually an opposite definition of time, and with Meistersinger, this brand has truly achieved that. 


Meistersinger Neo

The Meistersinger Neo Q is a model from the Meistersinger Neo. Talking about the Meistersinger Neo, it is a simple wristwatch that only shows the date and the time – features that are also available in watches that are very costly. However, it's powered by a simple and reliable movement that'll do its job for years – an ETA 2824 or the Sellita SW 200-1 (that has a higher tendency of becoming the standard movement). This is a self-winding movement, and it can be easily serviced and maintained that you can do it with your eyes closed – that's what horological nerds refer to as a tractor. For the newcomers, one regret is that you would not be able to see it because the case back is full and is nicely engraved. One other thing you need to know about the Meistersinger Neo is the fact that it has a Plexiglas in place of a sapphire crystal, which gives the dial an extra warmness. 

Meistersinger Neo was launched in 2015, and it has the new dials and cool suede straps combinations: a silver dial (which has a sunburst pattern) coupled with a black strap, a blue dial which has sunburst pattern coupled with a light grey strap, a sans dial and brown strap, and a plain black dial which has a cognac strap. It has a price of $900, and this is a unique wristwatch that has the perfect amount of elegance and originality and a Swiss mechanical movement, definitely worth its price. 


Meistersinger Neo Q

Now, let's talk about the Meistersinger Neo Q. This is also a one-handed model of Meistersinger (definitely), and the only difference is that this model is quartz-powered, so just low maintenance (put it on your wrist and forget). Due to this fact, it has a much-simplified dial, and we feel that's the entire point of a single dial. Even with the fact that it has a single dial, the time is easy to read. And to also help with regards to this, it also has new typography which has lettering that is clearer and now sports a round date window at six that suits the entire appearance. 

Take note of the undercut case, which gives a chance for perfect strap fitting. This is a model whose case is made of stainless steel and is a neat 36 millimeters diameter, and to be honest, it is the best size for the average wrist. It has a beautiful finishing, which is smooth and sleek and has a suede leather buckle strap. One of its models is a black dial that has white numerals and hands, and another model is the normal white dial which has black notifications, you can choose whichever you want. 

However, the watch is a delight to read. It is very clear, making it extremely easy to read the time. There is a division of every hour into three quarters, half and quarter, and there are five-minute segments in between these – and to most people's surprise, it is accurate to read. The fact that it doesn't have a second hand denotes that contrary to almost all quartz model of watches, there's no jerky ticking of the second hand – and instead, just the hour hand (it also has no minute hand) majestically and slowly sweeps around the hours which looks very cool. 

If you look at the wristwatch, you'll notice that its case top has a larger diameter than the undesirable. And that's because the profile of the case is undercut, giving a chance for a perfect fitting of its straight cut strap. The strap also has a quick-release fitting spring bar. This model actually isn't luminous, and this is quite an omission, but this is essentially a dress watch, hence its lowly 30 m water resistance, but definitely adequate for its real purpose. Similarly to this watch's sister models that are mechanically powered, a domed Hesalite glass is used to fit the Neo Q. 


Difference and Similarities Between Meistersinger Neo and Meistersinger Neo Q

As we all know about the unique one-handed model of Meistersinger, they had to take us back to the fifties with the Meistersinger Neo and Meistersinger Neo Q, with their clean and minimal appearance. It definitely takes some time before one can get used to a new way of reading the time, but if you are a fan of minimalism, your best bet would be to get a watch from Meistersinger. 

When it comes to these models, one thing that is different between them is the movement. The Neo is packed with an automatic movement (Sellita SW 200-1), which has a power reserve of 38 hours. While the Neo Q is quartz (WTA F06111). These two models have the same diameter, which is 36 mm and possesses a precisely slim design. This design (both the typography and dial) appeals to wristwatches from the '50s, and that's all thanks to the retro appearance of the wristwatch and their glass weighs produced from Hesalite acrylic. This gives the watch a classic look  

When it comes to the case of these models, they are made of steel, and they both possess a screwed back with an arch. The color variants available for the Neo Q are the sunburst sky-blue, black, white, and silver-white. While that of the Neo are the sunburst silver, sunburst blue, ivory, and black, their straps are from different materials, and are available in several matching colors and can easily be interchange with their quick-change system. The price of the Meistersinger Neo is $900, while the price of the Meistersinger Neo Q is approximately $745.

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