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MeisterSinger No 02

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Blued screws and Geneva stripes. The No.02 gives watch lovers a peek inside its deepest inner workings. How you can reward this reliability? The best way is with regular winding of the Unitas movement.

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MeisterSinger No 2 Review

MeisterSinger No 2 collections are a classic gem to the MeisterSinger collection. MeisterSinger No 2 uses the Unitas caliber 6498-1 and is indeed a museum piece. What makes MeisterSinger No 2 unique is the manual-wind movement that can be viewed through a glass exhibition back which is fixed with screws to the stainless steel case. The No. 2 provides a wide range of dial colors, which include sunburst blue, sunburst green sunray-finished dials, and amazing classic Ivory.


Meistersinger History

MeisterSinger has proved to be one of the best luxury and quality of watchmaking brands. It based in Germany and was started in 2001. MeisterSinger watch is built like a sundial, just like the clocks from the Middle Ages MeisterSinger uses a one-hand watch that does the time-telling job effectively with its class. The Brand produces high-quality watches with an amazing unique twist with historical touch and its one hand timepiece gives it an exquisite design, the single-hand watch is the signature watch of MeisterSinger. Originally the name MeisterSinger represents poets and singers from 14th to 15th Centuries. The logo of the company is an upturned Fermata, this symbol serves for deceleration and the musical notation for pause.


MeisterSinger No 2 Collection Features

MeisterSinger No2 collection includes the Sunburst green, Ref.: AM6609N, Sunburst blue, Ref.: AM6608N, and the Ivory, Ref.: AM6603N. It is broad, simple and flat, it features blued screws and fine artistic cuts and the movement of the MeisterSinger No 02 can be observed through the screwed glass exhibition back. Powered by a hand-wound Unitas 6468-1 movement, it has a stainless steel case with 6 screwed exhibitions back, with a diameter of 43 millimeters and a robust case, which, is water-resistant, it can resist pressure up to 5 bar. The height of MeisterSinger No 2 is 12.6 mm, the movement is comprised of 17 jewels which produce 18,000 beats per hour and with a 46-hour power reserve. The glass used in MeisterSinger No 2 is anti-reflective domed sapphire glass. Indeed it is an attractive watch and all these features make it practical as well.


MeisterSinger No 2 collection Uniqueness

MeisterSinger No 2 reviews show that the features used in this collection have captured the attention of the watch market. Since Green is not a common color in the watch industry.

MeisterSinger No 2 includes this more unusual color in its collection.  These colors bring the watch to life! The hour markers are typically MeisterSinger double-digit numerals all around and match the dial color and the color of the hand, are placed on the dial as appliqués, which gives them exceptionally striking look. It is not that long when MeisterSinger appeared on the watch market, it has created quite a stir with its growing technical innovation and unique design, its uniqueness gives it a charm. Once you experience it you will never want to miss the watch again. The unique features of MeisterSinger give it an edge that it stands out in a crowded watch market.


MeisterSinger No 2 Collection Price

Among other luxury brand watches, we also have MeisterSinger No 2 collection watches with the best price. You can find every piece from the MeisterSinger NO 2 collection here with the best price of the market. MeisterSinger No 2 collection watches include:

  • MeisterSinger No 02 Ivory AM6603N, the price for Meistersinger No 2 Ivory is $2,395.00.
  • MeisterSinger No 02 Sunburst Green AM6609N, the price for Sunburst Green is $2,395.00
  • MeisterSinger No 02 Sunburst Blue AM6608N, Meistersinger No 2 price for Sunburst Blue is $2,395.00 MeisterSinger NO 2 Review

The award-winning reputation of MeisterSinger is justly earned from their dedication to the finer details in the development and design of watches. Their promise to continually revise and modify the smallest of details allows them to come up with such breathtaking watches. In the race of doing more in less time the watchmaking world continuously seeks to speed up the pace of our lives, Meistersinger's slower the pace and ensures that your life is going on smoothly, this neat style and rare design is surely a welcome change. In short MeisterSinger No 2 is ideally suited for people who know how to stand tall in a crowd.

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