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The MeisterSinger Paleograph watch collection has impressed timepiece connoisseurs since its inception. The MeisterSinger Paleograph watch selection manages to create the perfect symbiosis of classic pocket-watch movements with refined mechanical genius. These pieces are sure to pique your interest as they are admired by high-end watch collectors for the in-house crafted column-wheel chronograph and manual-winding movements. Attempting to find genuine MeisterSinger Paleograph watches for sale can get frustrating when you are not sure where to begin. Exquisite Timepieces can aid you. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in luxury wristwatches and can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is a MeisterSinger Paleograph watch authorized dealer.


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Meistersinger Paleograph Review


Meistersinger Paleograph: A Brief History

For more than a decade, Meistersinger, a prominent watch company, has been producing watches of veritable design, timepieces that can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. In recent years, the company decided to branch out by putting a spin on their classic single-hand design. The first-ever Meistersinger Paleography mono-pusher style was revealed in 2014, and it was a beautiful divergence from the features of a traditional chronograph. This was owing to the fact that there were no pushers bordering the crown.

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Meistersinger Paleograph: Features

The Meistersinger Paleograph collection borrows features from the historical paleographs such as the stopwatch function which is controlled by a column-wheel instrument. Another feature that has been adopted by the collection and was common in traditional paleographs, but is now rather rare in modern timepieces, is the single pusher integrated into the crown for the steps: start, stop and zero reset. This feature makes it easier for easy operation of the watch by the wearer, and the configuration guarantees that if the watch peeks out of your sleeve, it does not scream to any viewer that it is a sports watch. 

Another clever design by Meistersinger for this particular collection is the Unitas 6497-1 caliber which ticks in the watch and was originally developed for pocket watches. This mechanical caliber runs with a power reserve of 46 hours, and it is part of Meistersinger’s single hand watches which share a single hour and minute hand. The Meistersinger Paleograph watches are resistant to water, to a depth of 50 meters (5 bar). For the Meistersinger Paleograph collection, the designers, with assistance from Jean Fillon, created the column-wheel chronograph component that operates via the single pusher. Encased in 43mm of stainless steel, the watches of the Meistersinger Paleograph collection are such that the wearers, as well as admirers and connoisseurs, have no choice but to be enthralled by the mounting of the modular plate to the underside of the watch. This is a design that is not only uncommon but is also daring. It allows for further appreciation of the watch as the wearer can observe the motions and functions of the timepiece through the sapphire crystal back.

The Meistersinger Paleograph has a feature common to most Meistersinger watches: lack of emphasis on absolute dependence on time, i.e. allowing the wearer to read the time with an accuracy of five minutes. This feature is portrayed on the inner scale of the watches by the hour hand which indicates the time. The dials of the Meistersinger Paleograph watches follow tradition, in the sense of their geometry. Traditional paleograph watches saw the small second at 9 o’clock and the minute totalizer at 3 o’clock. At the outer edge of the dial are two scales; from the outer scale, stopped seconds, and the inner scale. The Paleograph watches come in color variants which include Ivory, Sunburst Blue, and Sunburst Anthracite. These colors shimmer in the light, attracting the attention of others to the watches, as well as adding even more beauty and sophistication.


Meistersinger Paleograph SC107

The Meistersinger Paleograph SC107 is a single push column-wheel chronograph wristwatch. In 2016, at Baselword, Meistersinger unveiled a new version of its unique Paleograph chronograph. This particular series sported an anthracite dial with a sharp, and shocking black sub-dials which carry out the dual job of indicating the time and functioning as a stopwatch. The white hour track uses Arabic numerals to tell the time. At 3 o’clock on the dial, a 30-minute chronograph is positioned, with a running seconds display situated on the opposite side of the dial. This series is breathtaking as the designers thought it visually attractive to smatter streaks of red on the subdials. Also, the sub-dials are somewhat concave and they are lower than the plane of the main dial; this adds even more attractiveness to the watch. Chances are, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it if you decide to purchase it – and neither will people around you.

The sole white hand requires a different interpretation of time by the wearer. However, with time, the wearer will become accustomed to this particular take on a chronograph. Traditionally, chronographs are focused on measuring time in intervals; minutes, seconds, etc. However, the Meistersinger Paleograph watches, including reference number, SC107, meanders in its telling of the time, what with its combined hour and minute.

Some additional features have made the dial even more beautiful: the bezel is quite trim; the dial disc occupies the majority of the width of the case, and there is no inner flange area. Considered together, these strategic decisions in the design of this series have given the watches very legible dials.


Meistersinger Paleograph SC108

This particular series in the Meistersinger Paleograph collection has a reference number of SC108. It has the general features of the watches in the paleograph collection such as the single push column-wheel chronograph, and the Unitas 6497-1 caliber with its power reserve of 46 hours. The watches in this series are encased in stainless steel which has a diameter of 43mm, and a height of 15.5 mm, with a domed sapphire glass.

The unique features of the watches in this series lie in the dials which are colored a sunburst blue with white hands, and cognac numerals. Strap colors vary, but genuine alligator strap is used; contact us for information on other strap colors. This series boasts of water resistance as deep as 50mm (5 bar). This series is a limited edition with 24 pieces in total.


Meistersinger Paleograph ED-SC103

The Meistersinger Paleograph SC103 is much like the SC108 with its stainless steel case material. However, its caliber is the Unitas 6497-8, and its dial is a beige color that reflects the sun beautifully. The strap which is made of crocodile skin is brown, with a double-fold clasp.

This design, like the designs of other series in the Meistersinger Paleograph collection, does away with the tachymeter and telemeter scales that are commonly found on many chronographs. This lessens the amount of detail on the dial and also prevents the dial canvas from seeming too chaotic. It also helps the wearer focus on the little details which make the watch spectacular. 


Meistersinger Paleograph ED-SC101

With a silver dial and a sapphire case back, the Meistersinger Paleograph ED-SC101 has such a sophisticated design that is complemented by the rear of the watch. The case back is made of sapphire crystal which reveals the inner functions of the watch. It is entertaining and ingenious for the owner of the watch to view the gears at work, especially since the gears beat at 2.5 Hz, and the caliber has a power reserve that is up to 46 hours. An amazing benefit of the sapphire case is that some of the inside pieces are painted colors such as gold and blue.

The diameter of the stainless steel case of Meistersinger Paleograph ED-SC101 is 43mm, but it could seem to be less when worn; sometimes seemingly 40mm across. This could be attributed to the substantial height of the watch – at 15.8mm of thickness – and the domed sapphire crystal.


Meistersinger Paleograph SC107

This is the Meistersinger Uhren Herrenuhr Einzeigeruhr Chronograph Paleograph SC107. Meistersinger Paleograph SC107 makes use of a hand-wound MSYN13 mechanical calibre and runs on a power reserve of 46 hours. It is a limited edition, with only 24 pieces released in the series. The watches in the series have the stopwatch function, which is popular with chronographs, that measures the duration of an event that can be read through the seconds indicator. The watches are housed in a stainless steel case, and they are waterproof up to 50 meters. The goal of the designers of this series is to blend the zeal and ideas of modern-day watchmakers with the traditional column-wheel chronographs. It is safe to say that the wishes of the designers came true.

The dial of the watches in this series are grey, and the sub-dials are a black ringed with white Arabic numerals. This creates something of a contrast that appeals to the visual part of the wearer, as well as whoever may view the watch. The strap was designed in an ingenious manner; the material of the strap is leather, but it was colored to look like steel. The watch itself is shaped by a round sapphire crystal glass which allows for viewing of the intricacies and functions of the watch. The Milanese strap is quite unreserved, with its tendency to gleam rather brightly at the barest hint of sunlight.


Meistersinger Paleograph: Where To Buy

If you are interested in new and pre-owned watches from the Meistersinger Paleograph collection, as well as other luxury watch brands on sale, you are at the right place. If you are in Naples, Florida, you are just a step closer to getting one of the watches we deal with. Simply visit our certified store: Exquisite Timepieces, located at 4380 Gulfshore Blvd., N. Suite 800. Or you can contact us for more information.

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