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This watch is designed for those who want a smaller case watch. This is the smallest MeisterSinger watch that measures 35mm in diameter. The stylish strap of this watch gives an edge to this watch. It comes with 19 jewels movements, creates 28,800 beats per minute and has a 4-hour power reserve. It is available in different colors like Sunburst Green, gold accents, Sunburst Blue, Sunburst Anthracite with Red and Gold Accents. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the MeisterSinger Phanero collection. You can find MeisterSinger Phanero watches for sale here.

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Meistersinger Phanero Review

Meistersinger has done it again with its simple, yet classic watches and so the Meistersinger Phanero collection is a very memorable line of exquisite watches from Meistersinger. The Phanero collection is well known for combining manual winding with dials and markers of different colors. The Meistersinger Phanero collection consists of watches for all genders and comfortable straps that will fit the wrist in style and comfort. Their watches are proportionate and have sophisticated designs that appeal to everyone. Their designs are also unique, and there are a lot of watches in the collection for all. 

Most of the watches in this collection appeal to the public because of the colorful dials. They come in cream, silver, green, blue and even purple. This also makes the hour markers also have unique colors. The Phanero collection also has unique straps, like suede, unlike the usual black and brown. From the Meistersinger Phanero PH303 to the Meistersinger Phanero Green watch, you won’t believe the uniqueness of this collection. Diving into the watches that make up this collection, it won’t be hard for you to make your pick and purchase a watch from Exquisite Timepieces.


Meistersinger Phanero 35mm

Firstly, the Meistersinger Phanero 35mm watch is a beautiful and small watch. The 35 x 41 x 7.8mm case of the watch is made of stainless steel, while the width of the lug is 18mm. These dimensions might seem small to you, but the thickness of the lugs are quite unexpected. The crown of the Meistersinger Phanero 35mm watch is easy to hold for manual winding as its diameter is 5.5 x 3mm. The crown is also designed with the logo of Meistersinger’s Fermata, and so this gives it an eye-catching, yet imperceptible design.

The Meistersinger Phanero 35mm watch continues to surprise with the most special part of the watch, the bezel. The bezel here is different from other watches because the bezel bends slightly upward before bending slightly again to reach the sapphire. When you check the back of this Meistersinger Phanero mechanical watch, you will see their efficient Sellita SW 210 movement with an exhibition case back. The watch is also water-resistant at 30m. As for the dial, while the digits are colored red, the hour and minute markers are silver.


Meistersinger Phanero Green

The Meistersinger Phanero collection did not disappoint with the Meistersinger Phanero Green watch. The watches can be seen as the most unique piece in the collection, and there are three Meistersinger Phanero Green watches. The crystal of the watch is green, hence the name Meistersinger Phanero Green watches. The green hue flows from dark green to a lighter shade on the watch, instead of just a plain green color. The watches also finished with a sunburst, and so the three watches attract a lot of attention as the dial shines against the green crystal. 

The case of the watch is made of stainless steel, and it measures 35 x 7 mm. It also features water resistance at 5 ATM, and the glass is sapphire. The dial of the watch is also green, while the numerals are usually Arabic numerals, numbers or just markers. The strap of the Meistersinger Phanero Green watches are leather, and they are either black, brown, or even dark green. You can buy the Meistersinger Phanero Green watches as Meistersinger Phanero PH309, 35mm standard, and PH307R.


Meistersinger Phanero PH303

The Meistersinger Phanero PH303 watch is a mechanical watch with a beautiful design. The sophisticated watch is unisex. The dial of the watch is cream, while the case of the watch is made of top quality stainless steel. 

The design of the watch features the dark blue, sword-shaped hour and minute hands which look great against the cream background of the dial. The Arabic numerals of the watch are also dark blue, while the hour and minute markers are black. The concept of dark blue and black goes well with this watch, so much so that you can purchase one with a dark blue, leather strap or a brown, leather strap. The watch is also water-resistant up to 30m, and the size of the case is 35mm x 8mm. The bezel of the Meistersinger Phanero PH303 watch is fixed, silver and a bit curved. This collection is also known for its exhibition case back, which the PH303 also has. The Meistersinger Phanero price of this unique blue-themed watch is between the range of $1,500 and $2,000. 


Meistersinger Phanero PH308

The Meistersinger Phanero PH308 watch can be bought as a Phanero Green watch or with another dial color. Since we have described the Green watches, we will talk about another color which is dark purple in this case. This Meistersinger Phanero mechanical watch features a purple dial, Arabic numerals which are white in color as well as white hour markers. The purple fades from almost black to purple on the dial, giving it an attractive, yet somewhat mischievous look. The hour and minute hands of the watch are white and are sword-like. The leather strap of the watch is navy blue, and this complements the purple and white colors of the watch.

The Meistersinger Phanero PH308 watch is made of stainless steel, with the signature exhibition case back with four screws. The watch measures 35 x 7.5mm, and the glass is made of sapphire. The watch is also water-resistant up to 30m and makes use of the Sellita SW 210 mechanical movement. 


Meistersinger Phanero PH307G

The unisex Meistersinger Phanero PH307G watch surprises us with yet, another dial and hour marker color. The straps are also different this time, and the design of the watch is unique. The dial of this Meistersinger Phanero mechanical watch is black fading into grey, while the Arabic numerals are golden brown. The hour and minute markers are white, as well as the hands of the watch which are also sword-shaped. While the lugs are white, the timepiece is fitted into a brown leather strap that complements the golden brown and black color of the watch. All of these colors blend together to form a unique and contemporary design. 

The 35 x 11mm case of the Meistersinger Phanero PH307G watch is stainless steel, and the watch is also water-resistant. The crown of the watch is well fitted and makes it easier for manual winding of the watch. It makes use of a Quartz movement, and also features an exhibition case back. 


Meistersinger Phanero PH307R

The design of the Meistersinger Phanero PH307R is simply outstanding although it is quite similar to the 35mm watch. This watch is a unisex watch, and so there is no elaborated masculinity or feminineness.  

The Meistersinger Phanero PH307R watch’s case is made of stainless steel, and the color of the dial is grey. The case measures 35 x 8mm, and the watch is also water resistant at 30m. The bezel of the watch is fixed, and the watch also features an exhibition case back which allows you to see the mechanical Swiss movement of the watch. The color of the strap, in this case, is grey and it is made of leather. The hour markers are Arabic numerals, while the glass of the watch is sapphire. The numerals are red while the markers are silver. The Meistersinger Phanero price for this watch is well over $1,500. 


What is Special about the Meistersinger Phanero Collection?

Through all of the watches mentioned in this collection, there was a unique feature amongst them all that that was the colorful dials. When the Meistersinger Phanero Collection debuted, watch lovers were amazed at how many colors dials could have. The dials of the watches of this collection range from black, green, and silver, blue all the way to purple.  The dial colors also aren’t plain, but they usually fade from a darker shade to a lighter shade on the dial. For example, in the case of a purple dial, it’s like the first quarter of the dial is purple, then the next is a darker shade of purple, the next is purple again and the last is a darker shade of purple!

The colors of the strap of the watches in this collection are also quite diverse. We mentioned brown, suede, navy blue, dark purple, and green in this review. When wearing any watch from the Meistersinger Phanero Collection, rest assured that your timepiece will definitely be different and unique from everyone else’s. Another thing that makes this collection special is the exhibition case back which reveals the Sellita SW 210 movement. The case back is held by four small screws, and so it does not get damaged or cause you any discomfort when you wear the watch. 

When looking at the Meistersinger Phanero price, they range from $650 to $2,000 depending on the watch you want to buy in this collection. If you’re looking for the best place to buy watches in the Meistersinger Phanero collection, Exquisite Timepieces has got you covered. On our website, you can purchase any of these unique watches easily as well as many others of the finest timepieces in the world.

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