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Meistersinger provides the appropriate watch to enjoy the moment and simply stop the time - the Singular with stop function.

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Meistersinger Singular Review

This model of MeisterSinger takes its name from the Latin word singularis, which means unique or extraordinary. Since 2001 the German-based luxury watch company has been producing single-handed watches as their signature watch. Meistersinger Singular combines their signature single hand watch design with a chronograph complication. MeisterSinger makes sure that you are going smoothly forward in your life. But if you're in search of even greater peacefulness, Meistersinger singular can now capture the moment for you. A second hand introduced in Meistersinger singular collection with 30-minute dial will do the time stopping job for you.

Meistersinger's singular execution is formal, with amazing clean lines and complimenting polished surfaces. The hour hand of the watch reaches to the edge of the dial and works around 5-minute gradations. The look of Meistersinger singular is unique with a classic vintage touch. Meistersinger singular collection is available in four colors, black, ivory, silver, and white, which includes the Meistersinger Singular D MM302, Meistersinger singular MM401, Meistersinger singular MM402, and Meistersinger singular MM403. These watches are suitable for formal attire and business casual.


Meistersinger Singular Collection Features

Meistersinger singular D has an automatic movement, 43 mm case diameter and a thickness of 14.8mm. It has a stainless steel case with sapphire glass. The lug width of Meistersinger singular D is 20mm, 48 hours power reserve time and is a water-resistant watch bearing pressure up to 5 bars.

Similarly, the Meistersinger singular Chrono is powered by Swiss automatic movement, ETA caliber 7750 fuelled by a 44-hour power reserve. It has a brushed and polished stainless steel case, with a diameter of 43 and 15mm thick. It is water-resistant which can resist pressure up to 5 bar. The movement is comprised of 25 jewels which produce 28,800 beats per hour. The glass used in MeisterSinger singular is scratch-resistant domed sapphire glass, with an open back through which the movement can be seen. With the hour hand, a second hand is introduced with a 30-minute dial, in Meistersinger singular collection.


Meistersinger Singular Collection Price

We have the best price for MeisterSinger Singular collection watches. We also provide the best price for every luxury watch brand collection. All MeisterSinger Singular collection watches are enlisted below with the best prices and reference numbers.

  • Meistersinger singular MM401: with white dial color Meistersinger singular MM401 price is $4,475.00
  • Meistersinger singular MM401: With white dial color, blue hands and black dial markers Meistersinger singular MM401 price is $3,793.00
  • Meistersinger singular MM401G: With silver dial color, the price for Meistersinger singular MM401G is $3,793.00
  • Meistersinger singular MM402G: available in black dial color, the price for Meistersinger singular MM402G is $4,475.00
  • Meistersinger singular MM403: Available in black dial color with blue hands, Meistersinger singular MM403 price is $4,475.00


Meistersinger Singular Collection Uniqueness

Keeping the class of the brand alive, Meistersinger came up with the new design of introducing a second hand in Meistersinger's singular collection with a 30-minute dial. Such features have earned the brand a name in the luxury watch market in no time, its technical innovation and unique designs are continuously growing, its uniqueness gives it a charm.


Wrap Up: Meistersinger Singular Collection Review

The brand brings unique features from time to time, the desire to go against the flow with all the brands racing to develop more complex and complicated watches considering the seconds' hand compulsory, MeisterSinger offers watches free of this stressful time indicator. Meistersinger remains unique by even not including the minute's hand in their watches. This is such a brilliant technical modification that makes this design possible. It's quite simple, you remove the minute and second hands to leave only the hours one remaining. Adjust the necessary graduations to generate five-minute increments and, bingo!

The brand has come up with several unique designs into their dials. The concept is simple yet so amazingly unique that every collection is worldwide appreciated, the idea of the Meistersinger branded watches revolves around a relaxed simplicity with class.

MeisterSinger Singular model provides us an original and elegant watch, a poetic way to measure time, it keeps us protected from the-second precision which sometimes causes stress and may infect our lives. Meistersinger is a very well-loved brand and has a high amount of marketability and therefore holds its value very well.

In short, MeisterSinger Singular is an original and stress-free watch one will always admire. It is a nicely decorated simple, classy and well-executed formal watch.

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