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Oris BC3 Watches

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Both Oris men’s watch and Oris women watch are of high quality, and this is one feature that attracts buyers. In 1925, their first wristwatch, the Big Crown, was released. The iconic model received an overwhelming purchase due to its design and the Unique Pointer Calendar function. Oris Hölstein, later in 1952, released the Caliber 601, their first automatic movement Oris chronograph. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Oris BC3 collection. You can find Oris BC3 watches for sale here.

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Oris BC3 Review

History of the Oris BC3 Collection

In 1999 before the century ended, Oris proudly added a new watch to their collection. This time around, it was the automatic BC3. Being a sports watch that was pilot inspired, the model represented the virtues of the company fully. It showed distinct features with a modern touch. Such features included the increased legibility and a utilitarian case made of highly finished stainless steel. In 2016, Oris focused further on the BC3 line and released the BC3 Advanced Day/Date, a versatile grey timepiece that has an aggressive, cool, and quality finish. In 2010, the Oris BC3 collection, which constitutes of Swiss mechanical watches, was further subjected to innovations and aesthetical developments. 

During that year, 2010, masculinity in the dials was boosted with the inclusion of unique features to enhance the looks. Not forgetting the stainless steel watch structure to guarantee a tough resilience, a move that contributed much to the company sales, and further recognition. For many years now, the Oris BC3 collection showcases the Oris commitment to quality timepieces that keep the company traditions at heart. Up to today, watch aficionados will always have something to be happy about in the collection. 


Oris BC3 Collection Standards

Oris BC3 Collection features an Oris BC3 sporty timepiece. Oris has observed quality measures in all the watches in the collection, and this is witnessed in the Oris BC3 day date advanced. Being the latest addition, Oris BC3 advanced has advanced features setting the timepiece standards high. Besides, the watch movement makes it very accurate. The Oris watchmakers strictly obey the Swiss manufacturing principles, and the watchmaking process is purely personalized with every watchmaker being assigned a particular timepiece to finalize the assembling. The red rotor on the movement also assures quality standards.


Oris BC3 Collection Movements

An automatic mechanical movement power the watches in this collection. Oris BC3 watch model in this collection uses automatic Caliber 735, a movement that is purely based on Sellita SW 220-1. This mechanical movement is self-winding and subject to modification based on the features of interest in a particular watch. Sellita SW 200-1 used here is a clone of ETA 2824. It has a red rotor, a characteristic feature patented by Oris, and used in all Oris automatic timepieces. The movement can store adequate power to keep the watch running for above 38 hours.


Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date Watch

Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date: The Case

The 42mm Oris BC3 advanced day date watch showcases a stainless steel case. This is the first thing you will notice in the timepiece. When observed keenly, you also note the protruding lugs, angular crown guards, and the cylindrical mid-case. All these contribute a lot to the overall excellent appearance of the BC3 Oris watch. 

Other than the front case, the back stainless steel case is highly screwed and clear, making your watch secure. Also, the overall size of the crown that has the Oris name inscribed makes it easy to grasp. This also means that the watch will be easy to operate. The geometry of the case describes how Oris has shown accuracy on ease of use, especially when fitting on the wrist 


Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date: The Color Plating

The color of the entire stainless steel plating is also something to be keen about. Oris refers to this color as gunmetal grey plating. The color is not only attractive during the day, but also in the presence of light. Besides, it matches well with the dial. 

Oris never disappoints on the finishing, and the entire case and the lips on the bezel are well brushed. When you flip the watch on the backside of the case, it is open, and the Sellita SW 200-1 is seen. It has a red rotor which is a brand feature. The rotor also enhances the watch design because you can see it in the open back case. 


Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date: The Dial Chemistry

Focusing on the dial, Oris BC3 for sale watch dial matches with the watch. For instance, the Oris bc3 blue watch has a silver dial and a blue rubber strap. The same case happens to the Oris bc3 grey dial watch because it accompanies a grey or black nylon band. Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date on the bracelet has a blue dial that matches well with this timepiece. The dial has a high finishing just like the case, giving the Oris aviation big crown BC3 watch a luxury look. The dial can either be silver, grey, or black.

To add to that, the dial has two indexes. The primary index and the secondary index. Hours are on the primary index depicted by Arabic numerals, while seconds and minutes are on the secondary dial. The hands look like swords with white borders and lume centers. In some Oris BC3 diver watches, the hands are black with a white tip. For easy visibility when light presence is limited, the dial constitute tan painted Super-LumiNova.


Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date: Day-Date Features

The Oris bc3 sportsman day date has two windows that are very well aligned. They are situated above 6 O’clock. This is different from the majority of watches which choose to have different locations for day and date. This Oris bc3 sportsman idea is unique and well-executed. 

The watchmakers have used the black base with a white print instead of grey to avoid direct color matches that will interfere with the visibility. The contrast is clear, with no possibility of having confusion while reading the day or date. The symmetry of the two apertures contributes much to visibility. On the opposite side, that is at 12 O’clock there is an 'AUTOMATIC' Oris logo that balances the looks.


Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date: Watch Straps

Every strap used in the Oris watch is heavy-duty, high quality, and comfortable on the wrist. In the Oris BC3 collection, you are free to choose a black or blue nylon strap, black rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet. Every strap matches the respective dial. For instance, the black nylon straps match the grey color of the case and the silver dial. The color pairing is excellent, and you have a chance to pick the combination that works best for you. 


Oris BC3 Collection: An eye-catching display

When acquiring a timepiece, the first attraction comes from the looks. The Oris BC3 collection has good looking sports watches that have a pilot touch. The looks make them appropriate for daily casual wear and important events. Do not hesitate to wear one on a dinner date. Whether your focus is on the case, movement, or the straps, you will fall in love with the watch. The symmetry, finishing, size, and features enhance the visual looks. Thanks to the designers for this excellent timepiece. They showcase the true company commitment to fine things while maintaining the traditions.


Oris BC3 Collection: Multiple straps

All the straps out there are available in this collection. The company understands that people have varying tastes and preferences, and having a variety means you will not miss your choice. The variation also is meant to ensure the watch features match well. From the collection, you can choose Oris bc3 advanced grey rubber strap, Oris bc3 advanced day date black, Oris bc3 advanced day date black rubber strap, Oris bc3 advanced day date on nylon strap, or Oris bc3 advanced day date on the bracelet.


The Oris BC3 Collection Price

The overall price of a watch in the Oris BC3 collection ranges from $1250 to $1,500. The difference is due to the straps used in a particular watch. For instance, Oris BC3 on both the grey and black rubber strap with a black stainless steel case will cost you $1,500. If you choose to acquire a grey polished stainless steel on a rubber bracelet, the cost lowers to $1250. The same price is noted on Oris BC3 with a blue nylon strap. If you settle on the timepiece with both the stainless steel bracelet, be ready to spend a considerate fee of $1450. It is evident that all the timepieces are fairly priced and worth investing in. 


Oris BC3 Collection Review Wrap-up 

The Oris BC3 collection has all that you require. If you are that person who values a classic watch with excellent looks, a pilot touch, high water resistance capability (100m), and a powerful movement. Then the best thing to do will be settling on a 42mm BC3 advanced day-date watch. It has all the friendly features you have been looking for. Browse our store, and let us hear from you on what watch excites you most. Happy purchase folks!

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