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Sevenfriday Watches

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Brand Review: Sevenfriday watches - Enhance Your Pride With Royal Brand On Your Wrist!

Sevenfriday is the globally well-known lifestyle brand of watches that is one of the tops and leading brands in the designs, manufacturing and sells the brand globally. The name emerged with the motive that the brand will be suitable for the people who like to spend all the days like Friday. The company is serving the headquarters in Switzerland.
It is also a pride for the company to become the first company to have a global network partner with 90 countries. The brand ranks at the top with 700 when looking at the points of sale, it offers different perspectives in terms of cultural, colors, nations, design, administration, operations, logistics, etc. to fulfill the commitment given for the customers.
With the debuted in Jakarta, the unique brand is been highly welcomed by the people in different geographical areas like Taipei, Singapore, Xian, Hong Kong, Kuwait and different other places in Dubai, Malaysia, etc. Even in social media, the brand tops with the best Sevenfriday watch review. Today, the Seven Friday watches are being one of the most favorite brands with different series.

Sevenfriday Watches: History

Sevenfriday watch is the brand of watches that is new to the market in the list of luxurious watches. Daniel Neiderer launched it officially in the year 2012. The brand epitomizes unconventional designs along with the blend of innovation in the technology. The philosophy of the watch is to make the people happy and joy all the 7 days in a week to be like Friday with joy.
It was in 2012 that the company launched its first series called Sevenfriday p series. It presented sales of more than 76,000 Sevenfriday watches that show the interest among the people to shop watches under this brand. Later the next series called Sevenfriday m series was launched. Followed with Sevenfriday v series, Sevenfriday q series, Sevenfriday s series.

Sevenfriday P Watch Series

Sevenfriday P series appears with the multi-layer dial, which is truly deep and the displays the exact mechanical heart tastefully and proudly. The presence of the rose gold and the carbon grey minute hand makes the watch to be more attractive. The hands complement the design appropriately with the entire appearance, which is an additional factor to make the watch more attractive.

The watch comes with the circular dial and square outer appearance which enhances the overall look of the watch. When focusing on the inner side of the rose-gold ring, you cannot easily realize it is large for 47mm. the brown calf-skin leather pairs aesthetically with the case and offer the best view for the watch. Every tiny thing inside and the outside view is made with additional care to make it the best for the people who wear it. The Sevenfriday wristwatch in p series will be the most suitable for all the people wearing it.

Sevenfriday M Watch Series

After P series, it was M series that grabbed the attention of the people and motivated the Seven Friday watch sale. This series includes a 3-hand structure & best opted for the disc system. It was under cushion-shaped, 27 mm long and made of stainless steel with 5N rose gold PVD iterated case. The design was perfect to accommodate it at the wrist with more comfort and offer the best look for the person wearing it.
Some tiny facts like the logo-patterned and 5N rose gold PVD identification at either side added high value for the watch. When you look at the watch, the first thing that will appear to your eyes is the intelligent use of the colors and textures that are integrated into the watch. There is also a picture that ensures perfection in the clarity for the protection of the watch.

Sevenfriday V Watch Series

Sevenfriday V series tops with both the quality and execution to present the finest watches for the people. They have used the best strategies for the quality and execution to make it funky mechanics with the parts of the watches as well. This consists of the new Fast Strap Change system that helps with the addition of two protrusions. The appearance of the watch makes the people exclaim and the way that hours and second hands are designed is highly attractive and gives additional respect for the person wearing it as well. Further, it also offers the best and comfortable move for all the age group of people who wears it. Every tiny detail and the engraving of the names, logo, etc in the watch makes people love them and make the watch to be worthy of the Sevenfriday price.

Sevenfriday Q Watch Series

Along with the M, P, V series of 7 Friday watch, it is now the new launch for the Q series at the Sevenfriday store. The series offers the slick industrial design with the aesthetic and automatic movements. It is also appreciated as the Sevenfriday automatic version of watches. When looking for the Sevenfriday watch price in this series, it comes around $1,000 to $1,500.
This played the best role with the design with technology at the time of getting released. It offered 24 hours format and accuracy of -20 to +40 seconds every day. With the help of multi-level elements, it becomes possible to visible to all angles. Sevenfriday automatic watch was attracted by the people high and it served with the best for the people who seek for the best appearance.

Sevenfriday S Watch Series

This is the series that represents the technology perfectly with the options of the recycling animation ring. Other important features of the watches include the rounded square box case and openwork dial design. It is manufactured with the encapsulation of the sense of luxury and takes a significant place as a Sevenfriday industrial series watches.
The nylon ring is constructed completely using the recyclable materials and it is customized with the number “7” that represents the 7th Friday watch. The watch is blended with the environmental responsibilities along with the sense of luxury.

Sevenfriday Watches - What is special about them?

Appearance: Most of the time the watch is appreciated as the old fashioned TV, which was highly popular in the 60s. The shape of the watches is round-shaped or squared round. The trend of the watches is new in the market that makes people go crazy with them. Also, the people are attracted by the industrial design, architecture, and engines. It is easy to note the time and other activities with the watch.

Swiss made: The concept and the design of the watch are designed in Switzerland, whereas the movements are obtained from Japan and assembled in Hong Kong. They never compromise with the quality and it possesses.

Collections: There are different collections under the roof of Sevenfriday women’s watch or Sevenfriday men's watch. You can look for the Sevenfriday review for the different models and chose the comfortable one from your perspective.

Great for business people: Today, the market of the business is crowed and complicated highly. You need to improve yourself with different aspects of the best outcome and reaching to the clients. One of the strategies in the business that prevails today is appearance. This can be enhanced when you need to make out the best selection of the appraisals for you.

You are unique: Today, people love to enjoy their individuality and they need to prove themselves to the world. The best model of the Sevenfriday watches that come with the Sevenfriday limited edition would be a better option. This makes your stand unique and enjoys pride in them. It might be the watch collector, watch enthusiasts or some other common people will admire you with the watch found in your wrist.

The best wheel movement: The Sevenfriday white and other colors will make you with the engines and the mechanical parts and you will start loving every tiny part in the watch. You will also have the most beautiful 24 hours & seconds wheels, which is a playful and open balanced wheel movement.

Technical specifications of Sevenfriday watches

  • Box: It is the stainless steel case with eloxed aluminum animation rings with an eye-catching vertical brushed finish
  • Movements: Miyota 82S7 with open and balanced wheels
  • Hands: Both hours and minutes hands will appear to be elongated with the mechanical movements. It is also offered with 24 hours format
  • Interface: Silver black and rhodium, finishing is alternatively circular, with diamond cut

Get ready to purchase the best beautiful and aesthetic Sevenfriday watch now! There is a different model for both men and Sevenfriday ladies watch series, make sure you get to know about all the specifications of the watches and choose the best one based on the 7 Friday watch price. Today, competition in all fields is very high. When you need to present yourself to be the best, it is necessary to have such beautiful and unique options. Start researching now about the models that suit your budget. Further, make use of a great time to grab the opportunity of the Sevenfriday sale and enhance your value with the best royal brand watches.

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