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Terra Cielo Mare creates mechanical and technical tools for explorers using a military approach and a long standing expertise in watchmaking.

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Brand Review: Terra Cielo Mare Watches

One of the most important things in life is time, and every person who gets older realizes its importance too late. Nowadays, you can find several classic watches, but not all of them look cool to you. It can be due to their plain and simple design, which does not match your personality. If you want something perfect for your personality, then you should consider checking Terra Cielo Mare. We know that watches are not just to check the time as it also adds elegance to your personality. By making specialized watches with passion and brilliance, you will always get a fantastic quality of products. The watches are compatible with all the seasons so that you can wear them anytime and anywhere you want.

History of Terra Cielo Mare watches

The origin of Terra Cielo Mare dates back to 1999, and its founder managed all the things for more than ten years till the time he passed away in 2010. It was started based on Italian military history, but when a new person took over; his fascination with concept brought a lot of changes. By believing in his work and working hard towards his goals, he started to make some changes in the brand to bring some modern features to it. After exploring the world and cities, he got many ideas.

Terra Cielo Mare is a family-owned company that is managed by generation after generation and produced some timeless pieces. By believing in our hardwood and passionately working towards bringing world-class watches. You can find a story or quest behind all the watched launched by Terra Cielo Mare.

What types of watches Terra Cielo Mare makes?

Terra Cielo Mare made premium watches that are made from the best materials in the world. Its design is unique and looks amazing on everyone. Every single watch is designed with special care to provide you the best experience. Generally, the premium watches range from $4K - $5K, and they are amongst the best of best watches. Every single watch has excellent reviews from the customers about their design and comfort.

Manufacturing of the watches is one of the most critical processes at TCM, and the craftsmanship is completed with extreme precision. The work starts by using the numerical control machine, and after that, it will go to the manual work phase. It is delicate work as the craftsman has to take care of the beautiful pieces and the engineering of the watch, which is quite hard to handle at the same time. The watches have to pass through quality test control before it is sent to the market. All the watches are designed and build in Italy to provide you with quality assurance.

Various collection of watches by Terra Cielo Mare

Buying a new watch is always exciting, and if you are planning to buy a new watch, then you might already have some ideas about which watch to buy. It will be hard to change your mind, but you should check out some amazing watches from TCM. It is a worldwide acclaimed brand, and the TCM orienteering watch was worn in a feature film by Brad Pitt. All the watches are designed to pay tribute to a historical figure.

TCM Orienteering Cerro Torre - Southern Patagonia to Tower of Pisa

One of the most successful watches from Terra Cielo Mare is their Orienteering edition of the watch and its version Cerro Torre. This Italian brand is one of the greatest in the world of watchmakers. It is the first limited series watch hat that brings in rareness in the watches. The manufacturer of this watch received a section of rock from Southern Patagonia, and that piece of rock was used for making the dial of 20 Orienteering watches. This watch is a three hands watch that allows its users to find their location with the aid of a solar compass. You can get Terra Cielo Mare orienteering PVD for sale at Exquisite Timepieces

TCM Milano Double Macro - Classic and Chrono

The Milano collection of the watch from Terra Cielo Mare is based on one of the most influential cities in Italy. The company is famous for its refined style, metalworking skills, and hand-made straps. The texture of the dial of this watch is quite different as it has a special grained finishing, which has Arabic numbers and applied indices. The indexes of the watch give it depth and visual boost. The case is about 44 mm, which is made from stainless steel and clearly states that you do not mistake it for Milano Classic.

TCM Tazzoli Oceanico

The Tazzoli Oceanico collect from Terra Cielo Mare is famous for two reasons - the company only created 88 watches of this edition of watches and Protox-treated bronze-made case. The coating of the watch is done in a unique way to provide it an authentic look. The case size of the Tazzoli is about 44 mm in diameter. The construction of the case is somewhat complicated as it is made from Physical Vapor Deposition treated titanium-made center part. The frame is made from phosphor marine bronze. It is the only company that openly declares the type of bronze used by them in the watches.

TCM Orienteering El Alamein

The TCM Orienteering El Alamein watches are dedicated to the historic batter fought in 1942 in North-Africa. It is one of the aesthetic representations from the brand that made it a hero in just a few months. Even though you can find Terra Cielo Nare orienteering pvd for sale, but they are only in limited numbers. The watch has the sun compass in it, which is an original function in the watch. It is the second version of the Orienteering timepiece, and the unique case has been replaced by titanium made case and has an outstanding feature, which is the Tazzoli's Crown that is located at 2 o'clock.

TCM Crono Sorci Verdi Mancino

Sorci Verdi or Green Mice, if you talk about this in Italy, then you are talking about bomb squadron of Royal Air Force or TCM Sorci Verdi Mancino Crono edition. It has been the part of collection of TCM since it was launched back in 1999. It is slowly replacing the Panerai watches as the company has started to produce a limited time watch. This collection of the watch is of the best after it was restarted. The layout of the watch is quite unique, and that is why the designer's creativity is limited in this watch. In the watch, the user will get a spiral tachymeter scale using which the user can measure the speed between 20 km/h to 390 km/h.

Baselworld 2015 - TCM Toponi Officer

In the TCM Toponi Officer, it is a pilot watch that is designed in Italy. The case of the watch is made from the computer by using CNC machining. The movement of the classic caliber is ETA Unitas 6498, which beats at 2.5 Hz, has the best movements. You can watch the time in TCM Toponi Officer through a smoke glass. This watch belongs to the Sorci Verdi range and also the flagship of the brand. If you notice the design carefully, then you can see that the company has put in a lot of effort into it. You can compare it with TCM orienteering collection and find some significant changes. The gold version of the watch is limited to just 25 pieces. It has 43mm with 316L stainless steel and bronze case that his made of rose gold color.

What is special about Terra Cielo Mare watches?

At present, the market has a lot of brands and several models of watches, and you must stand out from the competition. Every customer wants to get a watch that is unique and comfortable. The quality of the products you can find in Terra Cielo Mare is unmatched. The motive of the company was to research history and then form its own identity. In this market full of copies and similarities, if you want to buy a watch that is unique and has a story behind its design, then Terra Cielo Mare watches are ideal for you. The main goal of the company is to provide innovative and authentic watches with following their own identity.

The company has a primary focus on making watches that have a story behind them to inspire people. All the watches have designs selected from Italian historical events and people. When you talk about the past and the sacrifice of some people, then it creates a spark inside you. The watches are based on these events or people to make them memorable.

The company does not follow the market trend or anything like that but work on their pre-determined goals to bring you the best watches. By testing our watches and their comfort, you can get the assurance to receive the best quality of products.

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