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Urban Jürgensen One Watches

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UJ had made its way in the sports segment recently with Urban Jürgensen One collection. As soon as it got launched, collectors started calling it ‘A new contender in the stainless steel sports timepiece segment’. It is the first range of sports watches from Urban Jürgensen. There is not even a single straight line visible on the seven-piece case which is smooth as satin. The bracelet tapers to the head of the watch, a graceful barrel-shaped watch head that features a polished bezel. The center of the dial features a grains d ́orge guilloché decoration to it. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Urban Jürgensen One collection. You can find Urban Jürgensen One watches for sale here.

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Urban Jürgensen One Watch Collection Review

Proudly wearing the crown of bringing transformation in the Danish watchmaking industry for over 400 years, Urban Jürgensen tops the list of horology. Special attention to detail is the magic that Urban Jürgensen pulls off with its One Collection. The use of high edge metals and also the special Grenage dials certainly renders Urban Jürgensen watches appropriate for the latest horology realm. The timepiece is exclusively available at exquisite timepieces.


History of the Urban Jürgensen One Watch Collection

The unique dress watches, that has always been the hallmark feature of the Urban Jürgensen, are going to change with the exquisite One Collection. The CEO of Urban Jürgensen, Soren Peterson, along with his team decided to make a timepiece that could carry forward in the industry of luxury sports watches but with careful attention to detail that entails the traditional heritage of Urban Jürgensen. Before the One Collection by Urban Jürgensen, the two watch icons dominated the category of stainless steel sports watches i.e. the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Among these, standing and creating something different by stepping out of their comfort zone, is the real feat pulled off by the Urban Jürgensen with the One Collection. Sorren himself explains his objective behind creating this luxury One Collection as, “Extremely pure in the origin of the fundamental concept...different from all comparable models…. And still pure Urban Jürgensen heritage”. This vision led Urban Jürgensen to let their luxury sports watch collection come into the light.


Special Features of the Urban Jürgensen One Watch Collection

Talking about the special features of the Urban Jürgensen One collection, the most special feature is the stainless steel timepiece modified into the true essence of sports watches which very few have pulled before. The One Collection gives the vibe of classic and modern at the same time. The timepiece is presented by creating variations in the same circular shape with not even a single straight edge. The case of the timepiece has a perfect mirror and satin finishing. The seven-piece Urban Jürgensen case is typically blank with not even a single dot present on it. Want to get your hands on this sleek and stylish model?


Urban Jürgensen One Watch Movement

The in house production of the Urban Jürgensen P5 movement is installed in their dainty One Collection. P5 which is an automatic and updated version of the brand’s P4 movement that signifies its proprietary calibers. The Movement and ultimately the One Collection has two basic versions, the GMT version and the time- and- date version. It is a huge 32 mm caliber like the previous P4 and also races at 21,600 vibrations in one hour. The screw balance in the movement lies under the transversal bridge that keeps it secure and also provides the utmost stability. The two efficient barrels of the movement can store a very fine reserve of power for up to 72 hours. The movement is featuring their signature subtle bits of gold on the timepiece. The Urban Jürgensen shield on the rotor is of gold which is also accompanied by the gold weights of 22ct. Moreover, the mechanism of stop-seconds installed in the One Collection makes room for the extreme precision in adjustment.


The New Definition of Sports Watch

Urban Jürgensen One Collection is definitely a new turn on the road of sports luxury watches as it presents itself in the classy stainless steel frame. But the question is, can it walk the walk? Jürgensen has made sure it does! With a case of 41 mm and also water resistance up to 120 meters, it is decidedly sporty in nature. The case comes in construction of seven-piece with the lugs that are individually soldered. The impressive features of the One Collection also involve the use of a 1.4441 steel medical implant that offers increased resistance against corrosion along with some low content levels of nickel.
This exquisite timepiece can be bought from the exquisite timepieces that provide high-quality luxury timepieces.


The Urban Jürgensen One Bracelet

The bracelet of the Urban Jürgensen One Collection is a delight for watch lovers everywhere and certainly demands a closer look. The design is minimalistic yet super sporty with the central links made oval-shaped. The stainless steel bracelet integrated seamlessly in the case of the One Collection timepieces definitely sets them apart and makes them race with the lauded brands. The geometry of the bracelet is not the usual one as the brand has described it, “double shape pointed oval construction”, rendering it very unique in the world of luxury sports watches. Further, the bracelet of the One Collection is tapered i.e. each separate link is given a specific and unique shape except for the last links. Overall, the complicated construction and the unique middle link feature provide greater flexibility and also liberty for appropriate adjustments making it a suitable choice in luxury sports watches. The end of the bracelet is secured with the folding butterfly clasp to give a perfect fit on the wrist. The flawlessly finished bracelet opens up when both the pushers are pressed at the same time. Fashioned out of 1.4441 medical-grade steel, the bracelet of Urban Jürgensen One Collection with a distinct design, makes it stand out from the crowd.
Thinking of wearing this unique bracelet on your own wrist? Just visit Exquisite Timepieces for the special One collection of Urban Jürgensen.


The Dial of the Urban Jürgensen One Watch Collection

The dial of the Urban Jürgensen One Collection is constructed as a single piece. The dial explores the luminescent material featured against facetted hour indicators made specially baton-styled. The peripheral region of the dial is Grenage whereas, the central region while being recessed slightly, is ornamented with the wave-like pattern grain d’orge (barleycorn) guilloché, to be exact. To give it a more Urban Jürgensen presence, the dial has some elements that retain the traditional features of the Jürgensen watch. The hand finishing of the hands of the timepiece links back to the signature Urban Jürgensen manufacturing as in center canons that are riveted by hand. Further, the dial of the One collection is blued thermally with the slight bend at the extremes that is delicately and intricately open-worked. To increase the readability of the dial even in low light, Urban Jürgensen has specially added the super Lumi-Nova in its trendy One Collection.
If you also want to avail of these features of the One Collection, shop this amazing collection at Exquisite Timepieces.
The Two Models of the Urban Jürgensen One Collection
The two models of One Collection with four timepieces are the reference 5241 and reference 5541 GMT model.


Urban Jürgensen One Reference 5241

This model possesses the automatic P5 signature movement of Urban Jürgensen. The date window is provided at 3 o’clock along with 3 hands with sweep seconds. Installed with stop seconds and special swiss escapement, this model is made to perfection with a rotor of open-worked inlaid with the oscillating weights of 22ct gold. The temperature of the watch is adjusted with isochronism at the five positions. Double screws are securing the traversing double bridge in the movement. 32 mm diameter of the case is also ornamented with the 34 jewels.
The model is available in three different tones, urban blue, soft white, and charcoal grey. Grenage textured dial is mirror polished with increased readability with super Lumi-Nova of blue or green. The dial is manufactured as a single piece in a maritime wave-like pattern.
This model of Urban Jürgensen on sale is exclusively available on Exquisite Timepieces that sell high-end luxury watches.


Urban Jürgensen One GMT Reference 5541

The GMT model of Urban Jürgensen One Collection comes in a single tone of Urban Blue with the Grenage textured dial. The case is domed with the sapphire crystal front and the bezel with mirror polish. 41 mm case diameter comes with a height of 12. The central region of the domed crystal is 13.8 mm while being 1 mm at the bezel. The GMT model has a special sub-dial installed at 6 o’clock for the home time. The model possesses two pushers for the backward and forward adjustment at 10 and 8 for the hour hand showing the local time. The bracelet like the other model is tapered and made extra flexible for adjustment by the integrated duo-shaped links. The adjustable end links give extreme adaptability to the wrist. With 120 meters of water resistance, this Urban Jürgensen watch beats many in the race of luxury sports timepieces.
Grab this GMT model exclusively at Exquisite Timepieces.


Urban Jürgensen Price

The price of the Urban Jürgensen One Collection Reference 5241 is 24,561 USD while the price of the GMT model is 33,591 USD. you can grab these intricate timepieces exclusively at Exquisite Timepieces.


Wrap Up: Urban Jürgensen One Watch Collection Review

The Urban Jürgensen has pulled off a luxury sports watch with their One Collection, distinct from their usual timepiece creation. The intricate attention to detail and meticulous design is, however, still evident in the One timepieces incorporating the signature style of Urban Jürgensen. One watches are perfect for someone looking for a distinct watch going with every outfit and occasion.

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