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Ultimate Guide To The Rolex Batman (Read BEFORE You Buy!)

Rolex is a brand that has achieved legendary status. If you ask someone on the street to name a luxury watch brand, almost everyone will default to saying “Rolex”. Having a Rolex is a testament to success, and with so many models available, the perfect Rolex is out there waiting for you. 

One of Rolex’s most desirable models is the GMT-Master II, a statement piece that shines in the light. Over the years, fans have given various nicknames to different colorways. For example, a sleek red and black colorway is affectionately known as “Coke,” while a red and blue colorway is the “Pepsi”. 

Besides fizzy soft drinks, fans also love superhero nicknames. The main focus of today will be the “Batman”, a blue and black GMT-Master II. Let’s dive into the world of superheroes, watches, and more! 

About the Rolex Batman 

The Rolex GMT-Master has been around since 1954 and is one of the most famous watches with a GMT feature. The GMT is an extremely useful complication because it lets users track a second time zone. Originally designed for world travelers and pilots, now the GMT complication is something everyone can enjoy.

Rolex dominated the GMT watch category for many years, and in 1983 they released the second version of their GMT watches. The watch we are interested in, the Rolex Batman, swooped into Baselworld in 2013, delighting everyone with its modern upgrades, sleek design, and premium materials. Fans dubbed the new blue and black GMT Master-II the “Batman”, after Gotham’s famous caped crusader. 

Rolex Batman Models

The original release of the 116710BLNR took the watch world by storm in 2013. Not only did Rolex release a new color variation that fans raved about, Rolex packed the watch with every modern luxury that they had at the time. 

One of the most important innovations was the dual-color ceramic bezel made out of Rolex’s proprietary Cerachrom material. The ceramic bezel is virtually scratch-proof and will look brand-new for years to come. The dual-color ceramic was one of the first to use the dark blue and black colorway, which helped the watch stand out even more. 

The original “Batman” also exclusively came fitted with Rolex’s famous oyster-style bracelet. This is in contrast to the later 2019 release, the 126710BLNR-003. This later model came fitted on the classy jubilee bracelet. The bracelet is the main difference between these two watches. 

They are virtually identical, except for the small dial signature on the 2019 watch. The latest black and blue GMT-Master II has been dubbed the “Batgirl”, after Batman’s occasional ally and sidekick. Both the Batman and Batgirl are extremely similar, and either model is a winner to any watch collector. 

Rolex GMT Master II “Batman” ref. 126710BLNR-003 


The case is very similar to the previous version. The lugs are shaped slightly differently, so it hugs the wrist a little better. Both watches are 40mm in diameter, a perfect size for nearly any wrist. The case is a combination of brushed detail work and shiny polishing. Every edge gently slopes and looks superb in the light.

Finally, Rolex’s very own Oystersteel is used for the entire case construction. This hardy material is tough enough to handle any of life’s challenges. Regardless of these modifications, the original is still a contender for perfect case design. 


The dial is classic Rolex styling. Legibility is absolutely king on this watch. Instead of Arabic numerals, Rolex uses a combination of circles, triangles, and rectangles to create a super clean dial. This design has seen very little change over the years and has never lost its appeal.

One of the big differences between this newer version of the Batman and the original 2013 release is the small crown between the “Swiss Made” stamp at the 6 o’clock position. This small detail is an added touch of flair to an already stylish watch.

The Mercedes-style hands are as reliable as ever, and the large, blue GMT hand will remain one of the watch’s most popular features. The wonderful contrast between the jet-black dial, the blue seconds hand, and the half-blue dial are stunning. Overall, the dial is a master class in classic design. 


The latest version of the Batman uses Rolex’s latest GMT-focused movement, the Caliber 3285. This new movement replaces the older movement, the Caliber 3186. The new movement is slightly larger than the old one and has a larger power reserve at 70 hours. The GMT function is further improved with this new movement, and Rolex uses it in numerous other watches as well. 

Another innovation in this movement is Rolex’s new Chronergy escapement. This updated technology is claimed to improve the movement’s already impressive mechanical efficiency. Finally, as a Superlative Chronometer, the Batman is guaranteed by Rolex to be extremely accurate and precise. Most measurements put the watch at +/- 2 seconds per day.


Of course, the most noticeable change from the 2013 release is the jubilee bracelet. Some people prefer the elegant and refined look of the jubilee over the utilitarian and blocky oyster bracelet. In general, a Rolex with a jubilee bracelet is seen as more classy and sophisticated. Indeed, the stepwise, geometric pattern of the jubilee bracelet is extremely pleasing to look at. 

The bracelet is also extremely comfortable and can easily conform to any wrist shape due to the flexibility of the links. However, future owners should be aware that this flexibility may also become a weakness in the future. Many jubilee bracelets eventually develop a very noticeable curve or stretch to one side, caused by friction and wear over time. Proper care of this elegant bracelet is essential to maintaining the look of this amazing timepiece. 

Should You Buy a Rolex Batman?

A Rolex Batman is an easy choice for a gentleman that wants a functional, stylish, and luxurious timepiece. The bright pop of blue is easy to spot across the room, and people will definitely notice the amazing quality and premium feel.

The Batman is an extremely practical timepiece that could easily be a one-watch collection. The GMT is as functional as ever, with a buttery smooth mechanism that helps track a second time zone. The large date at the 3 o’clock position is greatly magnified by the crystal clear cyclops. The silky oyster or jubilee bracelet fits perfectly on the wrist.

It will conform to the shape of your wrist and be securely fastened, thanks to the ultra-secure clasp that Rolex is famous for. Anyone lucky enough to have the Batman on their wrist will notice the hardened ceramic, amazing color contrast, and jet-black dial. 

Adding a Batman to the collection is a natural decision for a fortunate watch lover. This watch is the perfect watch for daily wear. The bezel features a combination of black and blue colors, which adds a sense of refinement and versatility to the accessory. 

Whether in a formal event or a fun excursion on the beach, the Batman will look good with any outfit and in any situation. The universal appeal of classic Rolex design philosophy and perceived status make this an enticing choice for anyone looking to buy one. 

Rolex Batman Price Guide 

The Rolex Batman has an MSRP of $10,900. However, you would definitely be lucky to snatch one of these watches for its retail value. The extremely high demand has shot the Batman’s prices through the roof, easily ballooning to nearly double its MSRP. Getting one at retail is going to involve an agonizing wait on an Authorized Dealer’s waitlist. Some of these waitlists are backed up for a year or longer. 

The Rolex Batman is a hot model in one of the most attractive colorways. The price will only go up, so keen buyers will need to monitor the price on the secondary market carefully. In regards to value retention, the Batman seems to be a good investment and will keep its value. Given how popular the model is, the demand is always going to be high.

Alternatives To The Rolex Batman 

The Rolex Batman is a dream for many people. It is a big commitment to spend so much on one watch. The ultra-cool blue and black ceramic bezel is highly enticing. There’s just something about that color combo that really makes it stand out.

Luckily, there are other options out there that are similar to the Rolex Batman. The following three watches are much more affordable and still have the awesome colorway that everyone loves. 

Timex M79 Automatic (ref. TW2U295007U)

Timex M79 Automatic (ref. TW2U295007U)

Timex is the first on the list and is easily the most affordable. In recent years, Timex has really stepped up its game and offers great timepieces for an affordable price. The M79 is one such example, which takes classic designs and puts its own unique spin on it. This watch comes in a variety of popular colors, like a “root beer” and “Coke” variety, but of course, we are interested in the “Batman” model. 

This 40mm automatic watch is slim, functional, and stylish. The mesh bracelet is stretchy and easily adjustable. There is no GMT hand on this watch, but it does have a useful day and date window at the 3 o’clock position. In addition, there is an exhibition caseback and the famous Mercedes hands that everyone loves. 

Yema Superman 500 GMT Batman (ref. YGMT22C39-AMS1)

Yema Superman 500 GMT Batman (ref. YGMT22C39-AMS1)

The Yema Superman is one of the French brand’s flagship models. This 39mm GMT watch is a little more understated than the Rolex Batman due to the less bold bezel around the dial. The numbers are much smaller, and the bezel itself does not sit as tall on the watch. There is a unique mechanism near the crown, which Yema calls the bezel-lock. This improves the smoothness of the bezel and keeps the watch extra secure.

Yema has also achieved this by redesigning the crown and bezel to improve functionality. In addition to the GMT function, the watch is water resistant to up to 500 meters. The Superman really can do it all, all while wearing the colors of Batman! 

TAG Heuer Aquaracer GMT (ref. WAY201T.BA0927)

This stunning GMT from TAG Heuer is our final recommendation for an alternative to the Rolex Batman. With the Aquaracer, you are getting an elegant GMT with plenty of visual appeal. The beautiful sunray blue dial is definitely one of the highlights of the watch.

The deep, grooved horizontal lines on the dial are equal parts exciting and mesmerizing. The bezel is very similar to the Batman, with its bold and chunky numbers, but the shape is more angled. The Aquaracer even has the Cyclops magnifying the date and a similar stainless steel clasp. The Caliber 7 automatic movement powers the Aquaracer with a respectable 50 hours of power reserve.  


The Rolex Batman is going to be popular for a very long time. Discontinuing the Batman with the oyster bracelet only further magnified its popularity. No matter which watch you choose, you will have an investment piece that will always fit in any collection.

The timeless design will keep you delighted for many years to come. Plus, with the Batman’s premium materials, it will look just as good as the day you bought it. It’s easy to see why Rolex is the king of modern luxury, with its timeless design, legendary status, and amazing watchmaking.  

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