Graham watches are inspired by the early years of chronographs and the excitement of British racing. Graham wristwatches are considered highly-sophisticated oversize watches designed with an avant-garde edge. Some interesting features to look forward to are pronounced bezels, themed motifs, and assorted dial displays. The Graham timepiece selection is vast and includes highly-sought-after limited edition sports watches. For racing-inspired, popular timepieces, consider the Graham watch series. Trying to find Graham watches for sale can be frustrating when you do not know where to begin. If you are looking for the best place to buy Graham watches, we can help. Exquisite Timepieces is a Graham wristwatch authorized dealer.

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About Graham Watches

Brand Review: Graham Watches

The year is 1673, in New York, there are the inaugural mail services between the city and Boston. If you live across the pond in London, you are probably experiencing the first-ever wine Auction. Another important event that happened during this time was the birth of George Graham. He would later grow up to be a great innovator as well as being a master-watchmaker. He would later take the lead when it comes to chronograph movements. This led to him being nicknamed “the father of chronograph” George Graham was conjointly the brains behind inventions which made him a respected member of society. Perpetuating this spirit of outstanding innovations and technical experience, Graham watches are currently among the leading watch brands which are dedicated to enthusiasts’ mechanical arts. Graham’s watches evoke a robust fascination among connoisseurs with technically and esthetically frisky objects that mix originality, exclusivity, and avant-garde.

The Graham Watch History

Graham watches have a rich history in Britain as well as Switzerland. British Masters was responsible for restarting the company in Switzerland. Theirs was an idea of combining the history of two famous British Watchmakers namely, George Graham and John Arnold with the first collection of the combined history hitting the market in 1998. In a bid to remain true to their source of inspiration, all Graham watches have a Chronograph. Graham watches are inspired by racing and have a touch of the traditional British racing culture.

Graham Chronofighter Watch Collection

Graham fabricated a chronograph system that precisely measured elapsed time. This ensured that the exactness of any race would stay unaffected, even whereas laps of your time were being measured. This mechanism was operated by an outsized trigger. And it had been this trigger that impressed the currently signature part of Graham, the timer trigger in its flagship assortment, the Chronofighter watches.

Most people who may be remotely familiar with Graham’s wrist watches will probably mistake the Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT for the previously offered, and soon to be discontinued, Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT otherwise known as the Graham Chronofighter GMT. The two watches have similar designs, have the same movement and function the same with the only difference being the size and cost. The Graham Chronofighterprices ranges from $2,500 in some timepieces and to $40,000 in others.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Watch Collection

This adaptation of the Graham Chronofighter highlights the organization's undeniable, larger than usual chronograph button on the left half of the case. To utilize it, press the trigger to begin the chronograph, and press it again to stop it. To reset it, press the pusher at 10. Offering life to the timepiece is a Caliber G1747 development of 25 gems, which you can take a look at through the sapphire presentation case back. Blending a dark tinted case with 18-karat rose-gold accents, the watch offers great intelligibility, notwithstanding a water-obstruction rating of 100 meters.

Graham Silverstone Watch Collection

Eric Loth’s, the company’s current CEO, has a great passion for sports and this drove his interest in chronographs, that square measure time which is an integral part of activities in motorsports. This led to the birth of the Graham Silverstone line of watches is one that pulls heavily from the world of motor-racing. This assortment may be a true illustration of the type of passion that athletics, enthusiasts, and professionals like Loth feel. Silverstone reflects the main aim in a race and therefore the rush of the race, through shapes, motifs just like the tachymeter scale. Therefore, the functions like GMT feature, flyback Chronograph, and big date feature are included in the craftsmanship of these watches. Most significantly, the utilization of color may be a major highlight of this assortment, and incidentally a robust component of Graham’s look generally.

Other Graham Watch Collections

The Graham Swordfish line is the brand’s interpretation of up to date art. With parts that mirror retro further as futurist inspirations, one will say that this assortment is influenced by steampunk designs. The daring look of Graham is quite evident with the pronounced bezels of the timer counters seen during this series of watches. Among all the collections thou, the shiniest feather in Graham’s cap is that the Geo Graham. A portmanteau of ‘George Graham’, the Geo Graham is the brands’ vary of Haute Horlogerie timepieces that showcases the graham watch company best traits as a market leader in the watchmaking business. The collection prides itself on its advanced mechanisms that rouse life high complications like those seen within the moon retrograde tourbillon. Graham Orrery watches are the best example of this. A beacon of the brand’s experience, this piece is even Loth’s favorite.
The Orrery timepieces are a time-measuring instrument that resonates with the Solar System and also the accurately-timed revolution of the world around the sun. Other notable collections from this brand include Graham Silverstone GMT, Graham Chronofighter GMT, Graham Prodive, Graham Silverstone Skeleton, Graham Chronofighter 1695 all of which have great designs and superior qualities.

The Graham watch collections include
Graham Chronofighter Watch Collection
Graham Chronofighter Oversize Watch Collection
Graham Silverstone Watch Collection
Chronofighter Superlight Watch Collection
Orrery Watch Watch Collection
Graham Chronofighter Vintage Watch Collection
Graham Chronofighter 1695 Watch Collection
Chronofighter Target Watch Collection
Graham Prodive Watch Collection
Graham Silverstone Skeleton Watch Collection
Geo Graham Watch Collection
Graham Chronofighter Prodive Watch Collection

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