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About Tudor

Termed as Rolex's little brother, Tudor has allowed consumers to access exquisite watches with Rolex watches' reliability and dependability. The commitment to produce watches with exceptional quality and performance has made Tudor the go-to choice for watch enthusiasts and several professional organizations like armies, expedition teams, and navies worldwide.

In line with their rich heritage, Tudor watches are Swiss-made to the highest possible standards. Reliability, precision, and elegance flow through both new and used Tudor watches' veins as showcased by their collection of men's and women's watches. With their unique and limitless application, Tudor watches have exclusively placed themselves at the helm of luxury Swiss-made watches. 

At Exquisite Timepieces, we pride ourselves as the number one marketplace for pre-owned Tudor watches. Our authentication efforts and servicing ensure that our buyers get the maximum value from Tudor watches. Let's learn more about used Tudor watches.


History of Tudor Watches

Hans Wilsdorf, who founded Rolex, also established Tudor in 1946. When creating the company, his mission focused on manufacturing watches with Rolex's similar integrity and standards, but with a more affordable price point. Hans Wilsdorf achieved his expectation with his first models, The Oyster and Oyster Prince Model. Their prices were more affordable, making them more attractive to a broader scope of customers.

Tudor watches brand came to life by increasing its reputation behind its parent brand Rolex between the late 1940s and early 1950s. 1952 was notably the most significant year of its growth when the British Royal Navy sent 26 scientists to Greenland's northernmost part, each armed with a Tudor Oyster Prince watch. This expedition proved Tudor's strength, precision, and reliability.

In 1953, more campaigns to demonstrate the watch's robustness commenced. The Tudor Oyster Prince was put in challenging conditions, such as being worn by coal miners during excavation, stonecutters, and subjection to pneumatic drill vibrations for 30 hours. These conditions, and much more, emphasized the watch's great strength, precision, waterproofness, and efficient winding in extreme conditions. 

The adoption of the self-winding and Oyster case moved Tudor watches' production into tool watches. The move led to launching the first Tudor diving watch line, the Submariner, known for the "big crown" and the "snowflake hands." In 1957, the Tudor Advisor was launched with unique incorporation of the alarm complication. The 1970s saw the first chronograph's release, the Tudor Oysterdate, which had a manually wound Valjoux mechanical caliber 7734 and a cam mechanism chronograph function.

Tudor watches have grown significantly with different releases over the past ten years, including the Tudor Glamour collection of 2009, the Heritage Chrono of 2010, Tudor Heritage Advisor of 2011, and the Heritage Black Bay of 2012. Other recent releases include the North Flag model commemorating the British Northern Greenland Expedition of 1952, the Tudor sports watches of 2016 and 2017, and the Heritage Black Bay GMT of 2018. All these models have been released with a background of unique style, identity, and uncompromising quality. 


What Makes Tudor Watches for Sale Suitable for You?

With their exceptional value for money and in-house production capabilities, it's obvious why Tudor watches are what every watch enthusiast is talking about these days. Here's why you need to make Tudor the top brand in your collection.


Commitment to Quality: Every Tudor watch line has something unique that makes it outstanding compared to other watch brands. An example of the Heritage Line, its additional fabric strap made by a hundred-year-old family business from the St. Etienne region of France, uses the Jacquard technique. It might seem like a simple touch, but it makes all the difference in its wearer's wrist. Apart from that, Tudor's incorporation of their traditional folding, riveting bracelet technique, and modern aesthetic touches defines the brand's commitment to first-rate quality. 

Tudor In House Movement: For most watch enthusiasts, a watch's movement is crucial in determining its quality and whether it offers excellent value. The fact that a particular watch brand can maintain an in-house movement means a great deal in its reputation and prestige. Tudor watches, despite the color and materials, have incorporated more in-house movements to power different functions. Others embrace ETA movements, making them unique brands with affordable price ranges.


Why Should You Buy a Preowned Tudor Watch for Sale?

Nowadays, everybody wants to own a Tudor watch. The preowned Tudor watches give you a chance to own the luxury brand of your dream. Here's more of what these watches have to offer:


A Strong Brand: Tudor's well-known association with Rolex establishes instant credibility to its brand. Again, despite the close relationship, Tudor is still a brand to yearn for, with used Tudor watches attracting many classic lovers. If you've paid attention to vintage and modern Tudor lines, you'll agree that Tudor watches can stand on their own. Tudor watches for sale have an exceptionally high finish for their pricing, which most semi-luxury competitors cannot meet.

Value for Your Money: If you want a quality timepiece made of authentic steel, bronze, gold, or titanium, go for used Tudor watches. These timepieces feel solid and robust, and there is no low-quality feeling that comes with cheap watches. Secondly, when it comes to the price segment of semi-luxury watches, there aren't many competitors who can keep up with Tudor's quality, making these watches an easy choice for many people. Check out the Tudor watch price of your favorite Tudor preowned on our listing, and you'll attest to this.


Ready to own those elegant and stylish men and women Tudor watches? Exquisite Timepieces is the way to go. We offer a wide range of preowned Tudor watches for sale at valuable prices, giving you a chance to enjoy diversity from our listing.

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