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Massena Lab Wristwatches: The Standout Brand of the Decade

Massena LAB was established back in 2018. William Massena founded the brand with the core idea of creating, designing, and developing unique and unusual watches while partnering with some of the world's biggest watch brands. Something different from what the watch industry has been so used to for many decades. The brand aims at honoring the rich history of watchmaking technology while pushing for more and better watch pieces with groundbreaking innovations. One would consider the brand a revolution from within the industry. At the heart of every watchmaking brand is an idea of the founding father; it is no different with Massena LAB. At the center of it all lies William Massena's passion for watches and his undying love for independent watchmaking. Watch enthusiasts have come to expect the unexpected with Massena LAB. Massena LAB started his journey in the world of timepieces when his mother gave him an Omega timepiece when he was six. That gesture years back spun a never-ending love for watches, their mechanics, and their overall aesthetics. The Massena LAB has a short but really exciting history of collaborations. The company has collaborated with some of the biggest known brands in the watchmaking industry. The company has exhibited various tastes and styles with each collaboration. Their collaborations have become the center of the watch world. The world of watch lovers keeps looking on to see which brand Massena LAB collaborates with to create a timepiece that is like none other. As you would expect, all their products are limited editions, as Masenna LAB created each collection to be special.

How Much Do Massena Lab Watches Cost?

Massena Lab has quickly become one of the most luxurious watch brands around. Once anyone gets a glimpse of one of the timepieces from any collection, they would want it for themselves. The first watch collection Massena Lab released, the Uni-Racer is usually around $3495. Each timepiece from this collection has a price that ranges around the asking price of the collection. The timepiece collection is a limited edition. The brand's second collection, Dato-Racer, is another beauty to behold. Dato-Racer is a three-hand, self-winding, sunburst dial wristwatch with a red cross-hair. The watch blends black and red perfectly for an overall mouthwatering look. The numbers used on the Dato-Racer are the 1970s' inspired numerals. Each watch from this brand usually goes for $1595. The watch is strictly limited to 99 pieces as it was created for the friends and family members of the brand. Dato-Racer stands to be the cheapest Massena LAB watch collection among all the Massena LAB watches for sale. The third collection from Massena LAB is the Uni-Racer Holiday. The Uni-Racer Holiday is an extension of the Uni-Racer. The Holiday retains some of the properties of the first collection, the Uni-Racer. The Uni-Racer Holiday has three editions, Cruise, Safari, and Rally. Each edition of the Holiday represents a type of gateway to reality. The watches from this collection have a price ranging around $3495. The Massena Lab price list is worth a little fortune because each collection from the brand is limited; the same applies to the Holiday. Only 35 pieces from each edition have been made.

Most Popular Massena Lab Models with Prices

Massena LAB has created some unbelievable watches. Of all Messena LAB watches, the three collections from the brand are the most popular. However, some collaborations the company has done with various top-tier brands have produced top-notch timepieces that are beautiful to behold. Below is a table of some of the most popular watches Massena LAB has produced and co-produced:

Model Price ($)
Uni-Racer Reverse Panda 3,495
Dato-Racer 1,595
UNIMATIC x Massena LAB Modello Uno 850
UNIMATIC x Massena LAB Marine 895
Le Regulataeur Louis Erard x Massena Lab Gold 3950
Le Regulataeur Louis Erard x Massena Lab Gold 3950
Old School Massena LAB x Luca Soprana 39,500
Erwin LAB03 9,495
U1-MLB 895

Massena Lab History

Growing up, William Massena grew up surrounded by some of the most elite watchmaking geniuses in the world. At an early age, William Massena found a passion for watchmaking. He collected his first watch, an Omega timepiece, as a gift from his mother while he was six, which turned into a full-blown career. William Massena built his life around the watchmaking industry. He made a name for himself as a managing director for TimeZone Forums, CEO of auction house Antiquorum and recently as the founder of Massena LAB. His brand gained worldwide recognition, especially for collaborations with some of the most popular watchmaking brands. William Massena created Massena Lab in 2018. He was fueled by his passion for creating, designing, and developing unique timepieces, such as the world has never seen. Watches Massenna LAB has created some unusual timepieces while partnering with various watchmakers in the industry. The LAB's collaboration with various reputable watch brands has brought about an evolution in the watchmaking industry with innovation. And at the center of all the beautiful chaos is one man's passion and his love for independent watchmaking, William Massena.

When Louis Erard and Massena LAB Joined Hands

Of all the collaborations Massena LAB has been involved with, the most prominent is that with Louis Erard. The artistic director of Louis Erard, Manuel Emch, and the founder of Massena LAB, William Massena, got together on an industry-changing project. William Massena built Massena LAB to be rebellious, and it is only natural for the brand to draw in other brands with the same idea. These brands created a timepiece that combined the traditional elements of the 19th-century marine chronometer with a more aesthetic contemporary look. The collaboration between Louis Erard and Massena LAB brought forth Le Regulateur Louis Erard x Massena LAB. The timepiece borrows the classic approach of master watchmaker Antide Janvier and tells the watchmaking story through the watch's lens. Louis Erard has a rich history with watches, and this watch is a celebration of the rich heritage of Louis Erard watches.

The Massena Lab Collection

Over the years, Massena Lab has made a name for itself. One main way they are stamping their name as one of the watchmaking greats is by collaborating with some of the top brands in the watchmaking industry. However, they also have some watch collections that they released without collaborating with any brand. Massena Lab has released three amazing watch collections, Uni-Racer, Dato-Racer, and Uni-Racer Holiday. If you feel these collections may be of lower quality or aesthetic beauty, you're in for a big surprise.


The Uni-Racer collection took three years to create. Although the Uni-Racer is the brand's first collection, it isn't a regular Massena LAB entry-level watch. It is a true testament to the art of defying tradition by the brand. The collection appreciates the beauty of the past. However, the collection doesn't only focus on the past. The Uni-Racer features a 39mm stainless steel case finished horizontally to add an interesting visual effect. The collection keeps the past close while having a strong hold on the future with a "Big Eye." The Uni-Racer is a 21st-century representation of mid-century classics. Massena LAB pays good attention to the details of the watch. Each collection section has different colorways that show off its sense of adventure. The Uni-Racer collection produced three models, the Cruise, Safari, and Rally. The Uni-Racer celebrates motor racing and urban style with a touch of vintage. The inspiration basket for Massena Lab is a large one. The Uni-Racer has a manual wound Sellita SW510 M under the hood. The watch houses a no-date caliber backed up with a 58-hour power reserve. The timepiece can stand up to 50mm of water pressure; it isn't a standard diving watch, despite the water resistance. Each watch in this collection costs nothing less than $3000. In most cases, it costs a lot more to own a timepiece from this collection, depending on the model. The watch has a razor-sharp lug-to-lug connection that fits the slim inset bezel, but the beauty of this watch is all about the dial. The watch has tough hour and minute arms that are blunt and match the color of the dial. A classic red cross-hair ties the classic design with a mix of colors.


The design of the Dato-racer started with a clear goal: to create a perfect simple day-to-day watch but nothing short of aesthetic beauty. This idea sparked a passion in the hearts of designers in the lab. This spark led Massena LAB to evaluate and improve some of its favorite vintage watches from the 70s. After hours of work and designing, the result was the Massena LAB Dato-racer which opened another chapter for the company. However, the Dato-racer is reserved for very few members of the general public, with only 99 pieces created. The watch is a limited edition, offered exclusively to the friends and family of Massena LAB. The Dato-racer is a 40mm stainless steel watch with a reflective bezel, brushed lugs, and a glaring sapphire crystal. The strap of the Dato-Racer is an Italian-made racing strap made from black calfskin. The designer of this strap artistically perforated it. The strap has a red calfskin lining and a stainless steel pin buckle. Under the hood of the Dato-Racer is a Swiss-made Sellita caliber SW 400-1 capable of 28'000 vibrations per hour. The watch is stacked with 28 jewels and a 38-hour power reserve. Massena LAB's inspiration for this watch is visible in the 1970s-inspired numerals. The self-winding wristwatch comes with a sunburst dial, a red crosshair, and a matching swift seconds hand with applied baton indexes.


The Uni-Racer Holiday is a sort of extension of the Uni-Racer collection, which was a tribute to Universal Geneve Uni-Compax, mostly known as "The Big Eye ."Each model from this collection holds the ability to bring to mind a specific gateway. The Uni-Racer Holiday has three editions, the Cruise, Safari, and Rally. The color mixture on the Uni-Racer Cruise is a beauty to behold. A blue color dominates the Cruise. That suggests a vacation watch with shades of indigo and light aqua around the edges. On the other hand, the Safari features a green dial but retains the blue hands for the Chrono seconds. The Rally has a silver dial that matches perfectly with the blue subdials and red accent. The Uni-Racer Holiday collection houses some of the best Massena LAB watches for men. All three versions of the Uni-Racer Holiday match the original Uni-Racer in specs. The case of this collection is still 39mm wide and 13mm tall. The mechanism differs, however—a manually wound Sellita SW510 powers each model from this collection. The timepiece has a very healthy 58-hour power reserve. Like the first version, the Uni-Racer, each watch in the collection is a limited edition. Massena LAB created only 35 each of the Cruise, Safari, and Rally. The prices of the Uni-Racer Holiday fluctuate around $3500.

Le Régulateur Louis Erard x Massena LAB

Le Regulateur Louis Erard x Massena LAB is truly a special watch. The watch is the result of the collaboration between two tide-changing brands that defy the customary laws of the watchmaking industry. The watch celebrates Louis Erard's history with marine chronometers. The rich design on the watch features two sundial counters, one for seconds and the other for hours. Both counters are rhodium plated with a circular satin finish and a silver-plated opaline center. The beautiful dial holds the Louis Erard and Massena logos, symbolizing the collaboration between both brands on the timepiece. The watch has a polished 42mm steel case furnished with the iconic Massena Lab crown. The watch also features a domed sapphire crystal with a transparent case back that reveals the powerful Sellita SW 266-1 movement. As with every Massena timepiece, this watch is a limited edition with only 178. It would cost you about $3950 to add one of these watches to your watch collection. Le Regulateur Louis Erard x Massena LAB is one of the best Massena LAB watches for men.

Conclusion: Are Wristwatches From Massena Lab Worth the Hype?

The Massena Lab brand, unlike others, is one of the most exciting brands you will encounter in the timepiece industry. Wristwatches from this brand compare favorably with others and offer value for your money. If you need a luxury watch brand that satisfies your every need, the Massena Lab brand is one place to look.

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