Elevate your timekeeping experience with Accutron, the brand that revolutionized the watch industry by introducing the world's first fully electronic watch in 1960. With a legacy spanning over six decades, Accutron remains synonymous with unparalleled accuracy in timekeeping.

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About Accutron Watches

Accutron, a tour de force in horology, is famous for defying tradition by eliminating the "balance wheel and hairspring" in favor of cutting-edge electrostatic technology. The magic of Accutron Watches in their see-through dials reveals the electrostatic motor that propels these timepieces to the pinnacle of precision.
As a titan in the luxury watch market, Accutron invites you to witness time reimagined—a journey where innovation delivers, craftsmanship quivers, and the heart shivers in response to the sheer artistry, groundbreaking concepts, and timeless design of its watches.

Accutron History

The history of Accutron watches traces back to the innovative spirit of Bulova, a renowned watchmaking company founded by Bohemian immigrant Joseph Bulova in New York City in 1875.
In the mid-20th century, during the 1950s, precision in timekeeping became increasingly crucial. The demand for highly accurate watches gained prominence, particularly in fields where precision was paramount, such as aviation, space exploration, and various scientific endeavors.
Bulova, with its commitment to precision, recognized the evolving needs of the timekeeping landscape and sought to push the boundaries of horology. This led to the inception of the first Accutron watch, the Ref. 214, in 1960.
The timepiece introduced a groundbreaking technology – the tuning fork movement. This innovation replaced mechanical watches' traditional balance wheel and escapement mechanism, offering unparalleled accuracy. The tuning fork, powered by an electrostatic motor, allowed the Accutron to achieve an astonishing precision of ±1 minute per month, a feat that was truly groundbreaking in an era dominated by less accurate timepieces.
The introduction of the Accutron watch was met with astonishment and acclaim. It not only surpassed the accuracy of its mechanical counterparts but also became a symbol of technological prowess. This precision did not go unnoticed in critical sectors; the Accutron watch found applications in various industries, including aviation, where accurate timekeeping was crucial for navigation, and later in space exploration.
One of the notable moments in Accutron's history was its selection as the timing device for the Apollo program. The precision of Accutron watches played a vital role in ensuring accurate timing during space missions, contributing to the success of the Apollo program. Accutron's impact extended beyond the realms of space. The watches earned certification for use by U.S. railroads in 1962, emphasizing their reliability in critical timekeeping applications. This further solidified Accutron's reputation as a pioneer in precision timekeeping.

Accutron Collections

Accutron watch collections offer an immersive experience. From iconic to retro, each watch is a story, waiting for you to add your chapter. Experience the power of electrostatic drive technology and the retro charm classic watches in the collections below:

Accutron Spaceview 2020

Defying convention and embracing innovation, the Spaceview 2020 collection boasts a proprietary movement that transcends the realms of quartz and mechanical watches, introducing a groundbreaking concept powered by electrostatic energy generated by the wearer's wrist.
The electrostatic motor, a wonder in watchmaking, powers the second hand with unparalleled smoothness, while a step motor orchestrates the hour and minute hands, ensuring an exceptional accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per month. Inspired by its 1960s predecessor, the Spaceview 2020 captivates with a radical yet retro-cool aesthetic.
The open-worked dial, adorned with metallic green bridges and exposed turbines, creates a high-tech visual reminiscent of vintage circuit boards, offering a captivating blend of nostalgia and modernity. Noteworthy in this collection is the simplified logo on the dial, proudly featuring the name "Accutron," a strategic move that aligns with a long-range plan to establish the brand as an independent entity.

Accutron Astronaut

The Accutron Astronaut collection captures the essence of adventure and the boundless wonders of the cosmos. Originally unveiled in 1968, the Accutron Astronaut T model became synonymous with covert CIA flights and clandestine missions. In a nod to its storied past, this iconic timepiece has been resurrected in a limited edition in 2023, capturing the essence of its predecessor while embracing contemporary craftsmanship.
Paired with the GMT hand, the watches feature a black-and-white "day-night" bezel, which allows astronauts and watch enthusiasts alike to indicate time in a 24-hour format—an ingenious solution for tracking Earth time during space missions. In its modern iteration, limited to a mere 300 pieces, the collection boasts a robust automatic Sellita caliber( the original Astronaut housed the Caliber 214HN), providing a glimpse into contemporary watchmaking.

Accutron Evolution

The Evolution collection revises the iconic Spaceview design by reorienting the electrostatic movement 30 degrees counterclockwise. This ingenious adjustment brings about a dynamic transformation, reshaping the positions of the distinctive turbines, refining the open-worked bridges with a fine-knurled finishing, and relocating the winding crown to the unconventional 2 o'clock position.
For those with a penchant for distinct aesthetics, the Evolution collection offers mesmerizing colorways in polished steel cases. One option features an open-worked dial in a subtle smoke-gray shade, complemented by silver-tone hands and a matte-black leather strap.
The alternative variant showcases a dial-in gray-and-silver tone, enhanced with metallic blue hands and paired with a shiny-finish blue leather strap. Each timepiece in the Evolution collection is a symphony of sophistication, marking a bold step forward in the evolutionary journey of Accutron watches.

Accutron DNA

The Accutron DNA is a collection that marries cutting-edge design with a rich legacy of innovation. This collection seamlessly weaves the "genetic information" of the original Spaceview into a modern integrated case design, resurrecting the essence of one of the brightest chapters in watchmaking history. The DNA collection unveils a stunning array of open-worked dials, revealing the intricate dance of the electrostatic energy movement within.
Picture dials that are not just windows to the mechanism but intricate compositions of metallic accents, captivating patterns, and subtle textures. Each dial, encased in polished steel, is a unique expression of character, echoing Accutron's unwavering commitment to precision and aesthetics.

How Much Do Accutron Watches Cost?

Accutron watches retail for around $3,500 to $5,000, providing a diverse selection of precision and style. Premium models like the Accutron 2ES7A001 Spaceview 2020, crafted in 18k gold, command approximately $20,000, offering an exclusive blend of exquisite materials and meticulous craftsmanship for discerning enthusiasts.
The table below shows the entry prices for some Accutron models and their unique features.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Accutron 2SW8A002 Astronaut Limited Edition $3,500 Re-edition of the 1968 Astronaut, GMT complication
Accutron 28A208 DNA Casino $3,500 Limited Edition of 100 pieces only, integrated high-tech blue rubber strap with double-press deployant closure
Accutron 2ES8A002 Accutron DNA $3,500 Striking black aesthetics with a rose-gold tone and gray finish
Accutron 2ES7A001 Spaceview 2020 $19,600 Lustrous gold bezel and individually numbered gold case, both in 18-karat, Luxurious-grained leather strap
Accutron 2ES6A006 Spaceview 2020 $4,000 Transparent outer ring, Domed Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Accutron 26A209 Spaceview Evolution $3,950 Lustrous blue genuine American alligator strap, blue and black contrast screws
Accutron 2ES6A004 Spaceview 2020 $3,850 Vivid orange aesthetics, outer ring with excellent luminous markers.

Best Selling Accutron Watches

While all Accutron watches are exceptional, some standout models defy norms and become best sellers. The timepieces below not only embody the brand's precision and innovation but also captivate enthusiasts with their avant-garde designs, making them favorites among discerning watch aficionados.

Accutron Spaceview 2020 (ref. 2ES6A005)

The renowned Accutron Spaceview 2020 (ref. 2ES6A005) is a horological marvel, epitomizing innovation and style. Ahead of its time, this best-selling timepiece features a custom electrostatic-powered movement with a unique stepper motor system. The distinctive turbine-blade rotors, visible through a semi-transparent green cover, add a mesmerizing touch.
Three large discs, adorned with 3-armed bridges, create a captivating visual as they flutter with movement. The coil, subtly revealed behind the green plastic, pays homage to the original Spaceview. With indicators on a clear chapter ring, this watch seamlessly combines heritage and modern design, making it a coveted choice among watch enthusiasts.

Accutron Astronaut Limited Edition (ref. 2SW8A002)

Paying homage to the iconic Space Age watch, the Ref. 26A209 has captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. With a robust 56-hour power reserve, the 41mm steel case exudes enduring elegance, while the black dial, protected by sapphire crystal, adds a touch of sophistication.
The steel bezel complements the watch's durability, while the luminescent markers not only enhance visibility in low-light conditions but also add a touch of practicality and style. The GMT watch features a sleek, shiny, lustrous bracelet that not only elevates its aesthetics but also reflects the precision and craftsmanship synonymous with the Accutron brand.

Accutron Spaceview Evolution (ref. 26A209)

The Spaceview Evolution (ref. 26A209) is presented in a robust steel case, measuring 44 mm in diameter and 15.9 mm in thickness. The intricate design of the open-worked dial enhances the watch's allure by showcasing the mechanical intricacies within.
Driven by electrostatic energy, the Ref. 26A209 stands out for ensuring an impressive accuracy of +/- 5 seconds a month. It is worn on a royal blue leather strap and is water-resistant up to 5 ATM, enhancing its versatility for various occasions.

Accutron DNA Casino (ref. 28A205)

The DNA Casino (ref. 28A205) is presented in a 45.1mm stainless steel case, finished in a sophisticated gray tone with silver-gray accents on the outer hour/minute ring. Captivating with modern elegance, this timepiece boasts an open-worked dial, providing a mesmerizing glimpse into its intricate inner workings.
Thus, the automatic movement not only keeps accurate time but also becomes a visual spectacle, creating a dynamic synergy between form and function. What truly sets it apart is the integration of vibrant orange rubber, adding a bold and modern flair to this exceptional watch.

Accutron Movements

Accutron movements are renowned for their groundbreaking electrostatic technology. The electrostatic movement, akin to a conventional automatic watch, harnesses energy from arm movements to power electrostatic generators.
This generated current is stored in a capacitor and subsequently delivered to a larger electrostatic motor, ensuring precise and reliable timekeeping. Accutron watches are designed to offer precision within a range of a few seconds per month. The movements are notably efficient, excellently designed, robust, and crafted to withstand the rigors of daily wear.

Accutron Watch Colors

Accutron watches, often featuring open-worked dials, showcase a diverse color palette. Its main color palette encompasses classic tones such as gray, silver, black, blue, and brown, providing a timeless and sophisticated appeal. The brand's commitment to revolutionary design is evident in its fearless exploration of bolder choices, such as green (an iconic color for the brand), orange, and red in select models.

Accutron Watch Materials

Accutron watches set themselves apart by utilizing premium materials that surpass expectations within their price bracket. The cases, crafted primarily from stainless steel, exemplify a dedication to durability and sophistication. Accutron also provides options in luxurious gold for those seeking an added touch of opulence.
Steel bracelets provide a robust yet refined look, while leather straps offer a touch of luxury. Accutron even embraces modernity with rubber bands, demonstrating a versatile approach to materials. Sapphire crystals are used to protect the dials and ensure scratch-resistant clarity.

Accutron Watch Types

Accutron produces a diverse range of watches that cater to various styles and preferences. Their collection includes everyday timepieces, dress watches exuding elegance, sports-inspired models known for durability, and innovative designs featuring open-worked dials.
Whether you're seeking a classic watch for daily wear, an elegant timepiece for special occasions, or a sports-inspired model for active lifestyles, Accutron offers a versatile selection to suit different tastes.

Accutron Watch Complications

Accutron watches, distinguished by their precision and simplicity, do not delve into a multitude of complications. Instead, they focus on essential features that elevate the timekeeping experience.
With a streamlined approach, Accutron timepieces often prioritize innovative technologies like GMT functionality and power-saving features, ensuring practicality without overwhelming complications. This commitment to simplicity, paired with cutting-edge advancements, defines the distinctive character of Accutron watches.

Accutron Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors

Accutron is charting a distinctive course in its resurgence through strategic partnerships with influential figures. One noteworthy collaboration includes a partnership with Le Kool Champagne, renowned for producing one of the world's finest wines. This association aligns Accutron with sophistication, luxury, and a refined lifestyle.
This strategic approach to partnerships is not new for Accutron. The brand's historical significance in various industries, including aviation and space exploration, laid the foundation for its commitment to precision timekeeping. Accutron watches were instrumental in the Apollo program and earned a certification for use by U.S. railroads in 1962, emphasizing their reliability in critical timekeeping applications.
Accutron watches have graced the wrists of several iconic figures, cementing their status as timepieces of choice for the influential. The legendary Paul Newman, known as the "king of watches," proudly sported a Bulova Accutron Spaceview, contributing to the enduring allure of the Newman Accutron.
This horological legacy extends to notable endorsements from sports legend Joe DiMaggio and the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley. From the wrist of legends to those who appreciate the pinnacle of horological excellence, Accutron watches continue to captivate individuals with a discerning taste for exceptional craftsmanship and accuracy.

Buying Accutron Watches

To acquire authentic Accutron watches, a reliable source is the brand's official website. Accutron also maintains a network of authorized dealers globally, ensuring customers have access to genuine products, warranties, and dedicated customer support. Prospective buyers can also explore the brand's offerings at reputable e-commerce platforms and private watch retailers.
As an authorized dealer for Accutron watches, Exquisite Timepieces offers a curated selection of Accutron models, ensuring genuineness, comprehensive warranties, and unparalleled customer support.

Caring for Your Accutron Watch

Owning an Accutron timepiece is a valuable investment and a commitment to a watch that epitomizes precision, innovation, and timeless elegance. Caring for your Accutron is not just about preserving its aesthetic allure but also ensuring the longevity of its intricate mechanics. While personal care is crucial, entrusting your Accutron watch to experienced professionals becomes imperative as it ages.
At Exquisite Timepieces Watch Service Center, we understand the intricacies of Accutron timepieces. Our comprehensive care extends from routine maintenance to meticulous assessments and precise repairs. Our skilled technicians are trained to diagnose potential issues and perform the necessary procedures to uphold the functionality and lifespan of your cherished timepiece.
Rest assured, we prioritize the safe and secure transport of Accutron watches requiring repairs to authorized service centers. This ensures that your watch receives the specialized care it deserves, maintaining its accuracy and allure for years to come. Choose Exquisite Timepieces for the dedicated and expert care your Accutron watch demands.

Accutron FAQ

Does Bulova still make Accutron watches?

Yes, the original Accutron watches with the tuning fork mechanism were discontinued, but Bulova reintroduced Accutron watches in 2020, featuring a proprietary electrostatic movement.

Is Accutron Swiss-made?

Accutron watches are not Swiss-made. While the brand has evolved and reintroduced itself with modern innovations, it doesn't fall under the category of Swiss-made watches.

How long do Accutron watches last?

The lifespan of an Accutron watch can vary depending on factors such as maintenance, usage patterns, and the specific model. With proper care and regular maintenance, Accutron watches are designed to provide accurate timekeeping for up to 10 years.

Do Accutron watches hold their value?

Not all Accutron watches hold their value in the same way. The value retention of a specific model can be influenced by factors such as its rarity, historical significance, and demand in the market. Limited editions and vintage pieces have a better chance of retaining and appreciation compared to more common or contemporary models.

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