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The Manufacture Royale watch collection takes beauty, tradition, and the passion for watchmaking to new heights. The Manufacture Royale watch line offers magnificent aesthetics with dials constructed of rose gold, stainless steel, and bronze. The creative architectural designs and attention-to-detail is evident in every piece. Aside from using precious materials to construct these pieces, this luxury watch selection also features a double tourbillon and open-worked hands. If you are interested in eye-catching, truly distinct wristwatches then consider the Manufacture Royale watch series. Trying to find Manufacture Royale watches for sale can be challenging without the right help. If you are looking for the best place to buy Manufacture Royale watches, Exquisite Timepieces can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is a Manufacture Royale authorized dealer.


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Manufacture Royale Review

More than 200 years ago renowned philosopher Voltaire began supporting the establishment of watchmaking workshops, making him a surprising founder of one of the most excellent manufacturers of premium luxury Swiss watches.

To one's surprise, some models from the year 1770 are still manufactured and sold across the world through official distributors, like The famous Swiss watchmaking company is now in the hands of brilliant businessmen such as David Gouten.

David Gouten comes from a family where watchmaking runs in the blood. However, Gouten wasn't initially interested in the business his father so successfully ran for Pieget & Cartier. Over the years he tried pursuing different careers. However, he finally decided to step into the watchmaking business in 2001 with Max Busser of the Opus series. Today, Gouten is the co-founder and managing partner of the revived brand Manufacture Royale.


The Evolution of Manufacture Royale

Voltaire was a philosopher who firmly believed in creating an ideal society with his writings. However, when he came into the watchmaking business, he openly targeted the social elite to market his "exceptional watches with a touch of insolence.” He aimed for his business to be the watchmaking industry benchmark, the one all manufacturers would look up to as the standard set for the elite. However, the story that began in 1770 soon came to an end when suddenly Voltaire died.

The revival of Voltaire’s brand came in 2010, and since then, they have been dedicated to the same magnificence, fine craftsmanship, and idea to market to the wealthy that Voltaire pursued in the 1700s. The company now has numerous exquisite timepieces varying according to people's likings - for different personalities, ages, and occasions. The brand is committed to providing aesthetic watches that are brilliantly designed with unusual ethos. The makers commit to providing technically skilled timepieces.


The Famous Selling Opera Timepiece

Voltaire was fascinated by magnificence, so when he unleashed to the world his first timepiece, it denied all the classic standards of premium watches. The Opera timepiece came with a tourbillon and a repeater, a result of the brand’s fine craftsmanship. The Opera timepiece proved to be the beginning of an incredible journey in watchmaking. The people of Geneva began to have a different impression of watches. Today, this same style watch is priced at $1.2 million. The company earlier stated that only 12 pieces of this exclusive watch would be made available for the public to buy.


The ADN spirit

A masterpiece of mechanical watchmaking, ADN is the French acronym for DNA. This watchmaking range has exclusive sculptural shapes and an upbeat design. The three-dimensional structure provides exquisite attention to detail. The whole in-depth movement can be seen right through the layers of this brilliant watch. The mechanical structure is built around a framework. Between the two sapphire crystals and 3D bridges, one can see how unusually sublime and extraordinary the architecture of this watch is.


Manufacture Royale 1770 Voltige

This brand never fails to bring exquisiteness to the market. Independent manufacturers are always appreciated because of the exclusivity of the product they make.

The wearer of the 1770 Voltige has to know that the Dial Side of this watch is the most exciting part. The escapement in this watch takes center stage and sings the tune for the movement to run. The ultra-light titanium made balance has a semicircular bridge that suspends the balance of the watch itself. The beating of the balance at 21,600 beats per hour is a captivating sight. Additionally, the hour and second hands have free space to circulate with some good distance to the escape wheel. This watch is one of a kind.

Furthermore, the MR05 caliber is made in-house at Manufacture Royale, and the stats say that it reserves the power of making a watch movement for about 40 hours. The small seconds are also there in addition to hours and minutes.

The strap comes with a pink buckle on alligator leather, which is as comfortable as it gets. After a while, you don't even know that you are wearing it, but the slight weight of the watch keeps reminding you that what you have on your wrist is a brilliant timepiece.

To step into the world of independent watchmaking, this watch is a good grab at the entry price. To improve your shopping experience, try buying at, official distributors of Manufacture Royale, and you won't regret the decision.

The enthralling experience for a person wearing Manufacture Royal timepieces is always a mix of class and quality. A luxury of this kind is not so easily accessible, so the prices are entry-level for now. The brand value comes with a touch of tradition, fineness, passion, integrity, and commitment to make the most exclusive and unique timepieces. The brand believes in creating watches built with designs that are contemporary, state-of-the-art, and can be worn by people of all ages.

Each piece of Manufacture Royale is a work of art, containing the most efficient tourbillon; wrapped in materials such as crystal or gold; a creatively designed architecture; a movement that never loses time, and a strap that fits onto the hand like its tailor-made for it. The fact that most timepieces can give you a deep look right at the bottom to the part where movement is located shows how translucent and luminous each timepiece is. The effort put in by craftsmen never fails to impress the customers and the owners.

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