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Pre-Owned Patek Philippe Watches

Founded in Switzerland in 1839, Patek Philippe is one of the oldest luxury watch manufacturers with an uninterrupted watchmaking history. Patek Philippe watches are among the most prized timepieces in the world. Around two-thirds of the most expensive watches ever sold at auctions come from this long-standing brand. 


Patek Philippe: Incredible Heritage

Patek Philippe has persisted without interruption since its conception and has remained privately owned. Thanks to this persistence, it's still seen as one of the leading manufacturers of fine mechanical timepieces.

It all began when Antoni Norbert Patek became enchanted by the traditions and artistry of watchmaking masters in Geneva. He met his business partners François Czapek and Thomas Moreau in Geneva, and their company was born in 1839. Czapek and Moreau eventually left the joint venture, leaving Patek to look for a new partner. He met a gifted watchmaker called Jean Adrien Philippe at the French Industrial Exposition of 1844, instigating the iconic partnership that will leave its mark for generations to come.

Philippe was an inventor who patented a mechanism that allowed pocket watches to be wound and set by a crown instead of a key. His invention was so visionary that contemporary wristwatch winding mechanisms still follow this concept.

While Philippe perfected modern production processes, Patek developed an innovative marketing style that would place their products among the world’s most wanted timepieces. Besides that, Patek valued the artisanal perfection in decoration. On the other end, Philippe continued to refine underlying technologies and develop complications.

In 1932 the company faced financial difficulties and sought a buyer when the Stern family entered the picture. They remain the proud owners of Patek Philippe to this day.

Patek Philippe has always honored the tradition of innovation as the core of the company. After establishing the electronics department in 1946, it became a leading provider of information systems for railway stations and airports. Patek Philippe patented its proprietary Gyromax balance, which allows for altering the moment of inertia of the balance to precision-adjust the movement rate.

When you acquire a Patek Philippe watch, you add a fragment of rich watchmaking history to your family’s heritage. With pre-owned Patek Philippe watches, this history becomes even more interesting.


Intricacies of Patek Philippe Watches

Emerging technologies encouraged Patek Philippe to be active on all fronts, holding on to the founders' vision of creating both technically and aesthetically exquisite watches.

Patek Philippe is an independent manufacturer that boasts a vertically integrated production. It creates and engineers all movements and external components in its workshops. Both simple models and grand complications are produced, finished, and assembled in-house. This ensures that each detail is controlled from the sketch to the assembly, making no compromises with quality.

In 2002, the company invested in a new research department that focuses on innovative materials and avant-garde technologies. It became a cornerstone of the “Tradition and Innovation” motto, strengthening the independence and technical excellence.

Patek Philippe manufacture is famous for its minute repeaters. These mechanical watches display the time with traditional watch hands and chime at regular intervals on demand. The mechanism is set off by the slider that is found on the side of the timepiece. Small steel hammers strike the time on differently tuned gongs, which are steel coils that curve in a circular shape following the case's the inside circumference. This beautiful mechanism is one of the most complex types of complications available today.


The Patek Philippe Seal

To uphold rules at every level, Patek Philippe created its quality seal that applies to all of its mechanical timepieces at every stage of complexity. The Patek Philippe Seal represents the watchmaking industry's strictest set of directives. It applies to the movement, the case, as well as other external components. These directives also relate to the aesthetics and technology of the timepieces and the integrity of all functions. The carefully defined criteria are documented in detail, and an independent monitoring entity ensures full transparency.

For movements, the Patek Philippe Seal defines an extreme rate accuracy with a tolerance of maximum -3/+2 seconds per day. The scrutinizing requirements include quality of manual finissage of movement parts and the quality of materials, gemstones, and gem setters' work. This is the only seal for watches that covers service for the entire lifetime of the watch and guarantees maintenance, repairs, and restoration of all watches created by the manufacture since its inception, making used Patek Philippe watches a valuable and safe investment.

The Patek Philippe Seal is dynamic and open towards technical progress with the potential of improving the functional integrity, rate accuracy, and reliability of watches.


The Calatrava Cross

The Calatrava Cross has been associated with Patek Philippe for over 130 years, fascinating the high-end watchmaking connoisseurs. It has been officially registered as a legally protected trademark since 1887. Its ornamental aesthetic and centuries-old heritage were full of meaning, and it became an ideal hallmark for representing the Patek Philippe philosophy.

The Calatrava cross carries the name of the Spanish order of knighthood founded in the late 12th century. It stands for chivalry, courage, and independence, which are traits embodied by the Patek Philippe tradition. 


Advantages of Used Patek Philippe Watches

Pre-owned watches can be vintage, contemporary, or discontinued. Vintage pieces are over 30 years old, contemporary watches are available at authorized retailers as current models, and discontinued ones aren't offered anymore even though they haven't reached the vintage status yet. This distinction is something every buyer should know while navigating the world of luxury used watches.

Pre-owned timepieces are perfect for first-time buyers due to their great prices and proven value. A Patek Philippe watch price will drop as soon as it has left the store, creating a better opportunity for the next owner. The watch can still be perfectly new, but it’s not worth the same it was sitting at the store, just like a car.

Classic vintage or discontinued pieces can be held in higher regard than contemporary models in many cases, depending on the changes in supply, trends, or changes in the watchmaking industry.

Patek Philippe pre-owned watches are the best bet for passionate collectors and anyone looking for timeless quality, heritage pieces, and infallible conversation starters. You’ll find quality pre-owned Patek Philippe watches for sale at Exquisite Timepieces at great prices.

Customers can be sure that their pre-owned Patek Philippe watches will be in great shape since the company services and repairs all of its watches ever produced.

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