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Kerbedanz combines excellence with uniqueness to create exceptional timepieces.

Kerbedanz, a 100% independent Swiss watchmaker based in Neuchâtel, has been producing unique timepieces since 2011. From signature creations to bespoke products, each model employs exceptional savoir-faire to express the avant-garde creativity and vision of the Maison.
The Maximus model launched in 2017 is a perfect example. This micromechanical jewel, which incorporates the world’s biggest tourbillon on a wristwatch, disrupts the established frames of reference, and dares to be bigger. The now iconic Maximus watch has become the aesthetic and technical signature of a watchmaker that is rewriting the codes of Haute Horlogerie.
In 2021, the brand’s 10th anniversary, the Neuchâtel manufacture reinvented itself, and now offers a more open creative portfolio with a richer aesthetic vocabulary. Kerbedanz continues to cultivate its unique aesthetic while offering more accessible timepieces, thanks to the highly creative Cadanz by Kerbedanz collection. At the same time, the brand is exploring new territories, devoting its pioneering spirit to the creation of a new line of accessories including leather goods, cufflinks and writing implements.


Combining the excellence of age-old savoir-faire with unbridled creativity, the brand promotes a spirit of unconventionality. Its mission, exemplified by the new motto Crafting Your Singularity, is to lean into the unique, creating bold, inventive pieces designed to stand out from the crowd. As a 100% independent watchmaker, Kerbedanz cultivates its originality by embodying a unique and subtle signature style.


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