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Cartier 2522 Basculante

Cartier 2522 Basculante





Cartier WGBB0023 Ballon Bleu

Cartier WGBB0023 Ballon Bleu





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About Cartier

Cartier is a distinguished brand for both watches and jewelry with rich history and recognition. Founded in 1847, it's one of those few luminary pioneers in watchmaking that have upheld elegance, passion, and the unique fashionable signature that stands out in every Cartier watch.

At one point, former king of England, Edward VII, mentioned that Cartier is, without a doubt, "the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers." That has remained true to Cartier's brand. Watch connoisseurs will agree that Cartier is not just a luxury brand but a symbol of fashion, refinement, and timeless beauty — making them the preferred watches for every special occasion and formal gatherings. Celebrity fashion star Tom Ford, royal family member Princess Diana, and former first lady Michelle Obama have proudly embraced Cartier watches on their wrists.

EXQUISITE TIMEPIECES has multiple authentic preowned Cartier watches in the various collections for ladies and gents to meet your choice of taste and specifications. As you browse through our categories, let's learn a few things about Cartier watches.


History of Cartier Watches

Louis-Francois Cartier is the man behind the watchmaking legend. The company founded in 1847 in Paris gained early credit for fitting the elites in the society. Louis Cartier's sons would later join the company bringing about fresh and actionable ideas to propel the brand. At the beginning of the 20th century, precisely 1903, Cartier launched the first wristwatch for men, Cartier Santos. The square timepiece, produced by the inspiration of aviation master Alberto Santos, addressed pilots' needs.

By 1907, Cartier was already partnering with an able-minded team like Jaeger-LeCoultre to create sophisticated yet powerful movements to enhance the various watches' capability. That was the beginning of Cartier's expansion to the United States and other parts of the world. Expansion brought about increased brand awareness and a loyal customer base. Ten years later, in 1917, Cartier received tremendous applause after launching the Cartier Tank watches.

Forty years before the end of the 20th century, Cartier faced hard economic and family times, and the family unanimously decided to cash out the business. Interestingly, the brand's passion, dedication, and enduring elegance didn't stop with the new owners. The team engineers, designers, and management went ahead to release the Panthere collection in 1983, Pasha in 1985, and Tank Francaise, an expansion of Tank collection eleven years later.

Fast forward to the 21st century, Cartier continues to showcase its prowess in the game by producing some of the most luxurious watch models you'll ever see. In the urge to satisfy the customer's demand and fit in the modern space, Cartier leverages comprehensive research and innovations in production and reinvention. A close look at their 2002 Roadster watches, Calibre de Cartier, Ballon Bleu, and Santos collection will show the continued brand success.


What Makes Cartier Watches for Sale Appealing?

The rich history and heritage of Cartier watches for men and women make them appealing to serious watch enthusiasts who understand and appreciate the value of prestigious watches. But there's more to that. Let's get into it.

Fine and Splendid Craftsmanship: Cartier watches for sale represents the brand's royal and luxurious nature. That has been made possible with the detailed and procedural expert production that guarantees finely crafted timepieces that stand out in the marketplace, even in modern times. That's why Cartier focuses more on classic and impeccable designs that find a place in every fashion trend across generations. Every Cartier watch in the market is beautiful and iconic with high-quality finishing. You're likely to have a crush on it. 

When it comes to the selection of watchmaking materials, Cartier never disappoints. These watches embrace high-end precious metals in the internal and external watch parts to define true luxury and make you feel that you're wearing something unique, authentic, and exceptional. You'll find different Cartier watches with 18 karat gold, steel, and diamond. A few select models have platinum. For instance, the eye-catcher Santos de Cartier oozes a fantastic appeal in both the gold and stainless steel versions.

Powerful and Beautiful Mechanical Sophistication: Cartier watches have sizable, stable, and very reliable movements. These complications vary across the many models. Some, like the 1904 MC automatic movement used in the Cartier Tank watches, are built in-house. Others are sourced externally from top movement makers. Cartier also modifies its previous movements to fit the market's present desires while staying true to its history.

Beyond that, Cartier extends its top-notch finishing prowess to its movements. The beautiful Cartier logo engravings and other fine features of the movement are visible from the transparent flat case back in some models, something that hardcore watch lovers truly appreciate. Cartier delivers beyond your expectations in its movements and external features. You'll also love the precision timekeeping, rich character, and amazing style of the Cartier preowned watches.


Why Buy Pre-Owned Cartier Watches for Sale?

Buying a preowned Cartier watch gives you a chance to own a powerful brand. Check out why you need to initiate your purchase today from EXQUISITE TIMEPIECES.

Countless Models: We understand that watch enthusiasts value a more comprehensive selection. Sometimes, you'll browse a particular store and find watches that you're used to. For preowned Cartier watches, it's different, which is evident in our listing. We have many slightly used Cartier watches for sale — those no longer in production and all in excellent conditions. Whether it's a watch in the legendary Cartier Blue Balloon collection, Tank collection, Pasha Collection, Cartier Santos, or any other category, there are preowned Cartier watches for sale for you to own and rock on your wrist irrespective of the day or event.

Rich Heritage: A preowned Cartier stands the test of time. It's timeless and immersed in history. The distinctive appearance, especially the atypical case shapes, tells it all. Cartier's outstanding watchmaking principles have been passed across all watches for over a Century, and preowned Cartier watches are not an exception. Then again, you own an authentic timepiece that gives you the value you anticipate. While the pre-owned Cartier watch price is favorable and worth it, there is no compromise in quality and performance.

Ready to add Cartier watches for sale in your collection, or you're thinking of surprising him or her with an unforgettable and timeless gift? Browse our collections from our online store at EXQUISITE TIMEPIECES and get that timepiece on the wrist. We're proud to be the best marketplace where you can get the best used Cartier watches that give you value for your money.