Longines Watches

Longines Watches

The embodiment of Swiss watchmaking excellence. Since 1832, Longines has been crafting timepieces that are both stylish and functional. With a wide range of watches to choose from, there is a Longines for everyone. Whether you are looking for a dress watch, a sports watch, or a luxury watch, Longines has the perfect timepiece for you.


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The Longines watch collection continues to gain popularity with high performance, traditional timepieces. The Longines watch series focused on honoring its philosophy by designing attention-grabbing wristwatches. Longines watches follows its credo to the letter by encapsulating “elegance is an attitude” into every meticulously crafted piece. Longines watches feature multi-dial displays, smooth casings, leather straps, or stainless steel bracelet straps. For a classic style with innovative mechanics, consider the Longines watch collection. Trying to find Longines watches for sale can be challenging without the right help. If you are looking for the best place to buy Longines watches, Exquisite Timepieces can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is a Longines watch authorized dealer.

Brand Review: Longines Watches

The History of Longines Watches

Founded in 1832, in St. Imier, Switzerland, Longines, a member of the Swatch Group Ltd, get recognition for producing luxury watches. The Swiss watchmaker Auguste Agassiz partnered with two individuals to start the company, Raiguel Jeune & Cie. The company focused on assembling the finished parts acquired from individual workshops.
The young firm continued to produce well-made pocket watches, and this boosted their local and overseas contracts. By 1846, the partners, Raigeul and Morel had retired. Agassiz brought on board his economist and innovative nephew, Francillion, who later took over after Agassiz's illness. Due to Francillion's innovative mind, the company modernized and set up the first factory Longines and brought in new minds.
In 1867, the company produced its first in house movement. Several years later, Longines managed to improve further after benchmarking from their American counterparts, and this allowed them to gain a reputation for producing sporting watches for horse racing and jumping, aviation timepieces, and navigational instruments.
From the early 1900s up to today, Longines has produced multiple Swiss Made watches while adapting to the changes that come along with modernization. Their elegant designs and accuracy have enabled them to attract athletes, fashion lovers, and many watch lovers.

Longines Watches Mission

Elegance, performance, and tradition are the three words that define the mission of the Longines brand. In 1997, after Longines released the Longines DolceVita collection. Everybody congratulated them for expressing the contemporary and modern approach in watchmaking. The collection showed elegance. Later on, in 1999, the company adopted the famous slogan "Elegance is an attitude." It has been releasing elegantly designed brands one after the other, and this slogan shows its philosophy.

The Longines Museum

Anytime you find yourself in this Swiss city, the museum is a nice place to remind you of how far the company has come from through its history and watch models. In 1992, Nicolas G. Hayek (founder Swatch Group) and Walter von Känel (LonginesPresident) inaugurated the museum. Located at the headquarters, it contains over 10,000 historic Longines timepieces and a digital database with any information you would want to know about the historic timepieces.

Longines Watch Manufacturing

Swatch Group entirely owns Longines. The Swatch Group provides Longines with all the watch movements they require (ETA quartz and ETA automatic movements). With the use of high-quality stainless steel, the company gets to manufacture its Longines watches for sale that are well built, high quality, and with attention to detail.
The movements used are generic but with a guarantee of reliability and accuracy. Longines manufactures its watch through mass production of automatic calibers/movements. All this happens through modern and technically advanced approaches that beat those of competitors. However, assembling happens manually. Trained and experienced watchmakers use their hands to showcase their knowledge and dexterity at work.

Longines Watch Movements

ETA movements, although made by the Swatch group, are available to other companies, including the competitors. Since Swatch Group owns Longines, then it means it has the privilege to access and use their ETA movements. Longines can choose to use Swiss automatic or quartz (battery) movements.
However, the approach used in diver watches is different, and they tend to use Longines HydroConquest or Longines legend diver movements (Swiss automatic ETA 2824-2). Some of the Longines HydroConquest Include the Longines L263, Longines541, Longines automatic Caliber (L688, L619, L595, and L633) or Longines ETA 955.122.

Longines Watch Ambassadors

Due to Longine's involvement in sporting activities, several brand ambassadors tend to fall into various sports activities. They include the gymnastic expert Steingruber, alpine skier Shiffrin, Andre Agassi the tennis pro and famous Swiss horse riding expert Jane Richard. All these individuals showcase the Longines mission and philosophy in what they do. Other than the athletes, the brand also has prominent celebrities like and Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Harry Connick Jr, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kate Winslet, and Simon Baker.

Longines Watches Quality, Legacy and Reputation

Both Longines men watches and Longines women watches have continued to surpass customer expectations. Due to the looks and the Swiss watchmaking nature, many people consider it as a luxury watch. Although it is not a high end watch like Rolex or Omega, it still gives you satisfaction at a lower budget.
Its reputation is clear, with many watch aficionados going for vintage Longines pieces and the newer productions. Although there have been controversies due to incorporation with the Swatch Group and the previous quartz crisis, the brand has invested in the best artisans and watchmaking methods and maintains a legacy as one of the most respected and oldest Swiss watchmakers in the World.

Longines Price Comparison with Competing Brands

Longines watches are affordable, and that where it outshines other brands. At $750 you can purchase a Longines Conquest Silver. The Longines watch price is much affordable. The same case applies to the price of the Longines mechanical watch when compared to the higher-end mechanical watches.

Longines Watches Warranty Policy

Customers are entitled to a warranty only when they meet the terms of the warranty. It covers up to 24 months after the purchase. From the company’s official site, it indicates that the warranty covers any material or production problems that are noticed during delivery. The policy will only be valid if only the certificate is genuine, the allowed dealer has dated and stamped it.

Longines Watches Collections

Longines Hydroconquest Watch Collection

Longines Hydroconquest features dive watches that are suitable for high end diving. The watches have features like 300m water resistance, high-quality stainless steel strap that has a double safety folding clasp, and an extension for diving. A watch like Longines HydroConquest Black Dial features the Swiss SuperLumiNova luminosity making it an excellent timepiece. Hydroconquest collection has watches of varying dial colors such as blue, black, and grey. You can also get the LonginesHydroconquest ceramic, stainless steel, or rubber strapped watches. The Longines automatic timepiece like LonginesHydroconquest automatic Back Dial L3.742.4.56.6 has excellent features that make it suitable for every man.

Longines Master Watch Collection

Longines master collection was launched in 2005. The Longines Master watches have self-winding movement, special features, and varying designs. Some of the special characteristics include the retrograde functions, bracelet materials, stainless steel, column-wheel chronograph, and the 18 karat gold.
Watches in the collections are either silver, stainless steel, or leather strapped. Some have gold striped features as an addition. The Longines chronograph features the Longines moon phases. Examples of such watches include the Longines master collection moon phase L27734783 with three sub dials, leather straps, and a stainless steel case.

Longines Conquest Watch Collection

Longines Conquest is a dedication to frequent travelers and sports enthusiasts. The watches here, e.g. the Longines VHP, allows the user to change the time zone based on where they are. It is possible manually or by flash setting that involves connecting to a smartphone. The Longines conquest VHP has multiple designs allowing you to settle on the Longines chronograph watches, Longines conquest automatic watches or the Longines conquest classic watches. The Longines conquest classic is the best version for sporting. It is suitable for both athletes and the audience. These watches have the column wheel chronograph, Swiss Super LumiNova, and the diamond indexes. Have a look at the collection to ascertain the varying features.

Longines Heritage Watch Collection

Watches that fall under Longines heritage are excellent for divers. Whether you are a professional or you take diving for a hobby, then you need Longines diver watches. Among the pioneer models is the Longines skin diver, which was launched in the 1950s. Most of these watches, whether leather, stainless steel, ceramic or rubber, they have varying designs. The naming depends on the year the watch first came out. For instance, Longines heritage 1945, 1935, 1967, 1940 were launched at specific years. Size forms another variation, with some having 36, 40, 42, and 47 case width. The heritage watch collection involves timepieces like Longines legend diver 36mm, Longines heritage military watch, Longines flagship heritage, and Longines heritage diver 1945.

Longines 1832 Watch Collection

It's dedicated to the day the company started. The classic look, polished silver hands, applied indexes, L592 or L888 movements, and the sapphire crystal transparent case makes it ideal for both big and small wrists. The collection features the 30mm and 40mm case width versions. Longines 1832 L4.825.4.92.2 falls in this category.

Why Choose Longines Watches?

Strong Heritage and Legacy. Longines has been there since 1832, and it has maintained the quality and design. Due to changes in market demand and technology, Longines has kept its models up to date.

Elegant Features: Depending on your model of choice, you will get to enjoy the various features. Longines is well known for the value they give to their users. With the Very High Precision features, quality cases made of stainless steel, and other additional features, you get a perfect watch.

Symbol of Success: Longines gives you confidence and creates a feeling of success. That’s why sporting individuals love them. They give them a feeling of victory generating morale to win a medal in every competition they participate in.

Quality Materials: All the minuscule parts of Longines watch functions flawlessly. The company watchmakers use high-quality design, quartz movements, stainless steel, carbon fiber, pure leather, 18kt gold, and synthetic sapphire crystal.

Longevity: They are premium timepieces built by hand through traditional techniques and current technological advancements in watchmaking. Every Longines watch model is subject to quality inspection to guarantee precision and longevity.

Longines Watches Review Wrap-Up

Thanks for reading the review. So, are Longines watches worth? The obvious answer is YES. All the watches featured on the Longines men and women watch collection gives you the value for your money, and you will not regret owning one. Check our stores for luxury Longines watches within a relatively affordable range. Success in your purchase!

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