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The Longines Spirit watch collection pays homage to aviation pioneers throughout history. The Longines Spirit watch line offers state-of-the-art mechanics and contemporary designs. This watch series includes sleek polished casings, stainless steel bracelets, leather straps, and leather NATO straps. Longines Spirit watches feature multi-dial displays which can come in a variety of dial colors. For a distinguished pilot’s watch consider the Longines Spirit watch selection. Attempting to search for Longines Spirit watches for sale can be tough. If you are looking for the best place to buy Longines Spirit watches, Exquisite Timepieces can help. Exquisite Timepieces is a Longines Spirit authorized dealer.


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Longines Spirit Review

 The Longines Spirit Collection is a smooth combination of aviation, exploration, and advanced technology. Longines' stellar timepieces depict a renaissance in design and all-time innovation.

The unveiling of these new timepieces translates the inspiration mined from aviators and explorers who, in their quest to change the narrative, defied all odds in plotting new routes in air and across oceans, leaving huge footprints on foreign lands.

The foremost adventurers who were discovered to have worn the Longines watches and depended on the devices and tools include Elinor Smith (1930), Paul-Emile Victor(1936), Amelia Earhart(1932), Howard Hughes(1938), and a host of others. These heroes placed their trust and staked their lives on Longines precision tools to undertake their adventures.

Amelia Earhart was said to have flown solo across the Atlantic nonstop for exactly 14 hours and 56 minutes, relying on the 35mm Longines-powered board instrument for sidereal timing as she navigated her routes. This intriguing tale and many others are what inspired the birth of the Longines Spirit Collection. Its launch is dedicated to these exceptional pioneers to pay tribute to their courageous spirits for making the brand worthy of recognition in aviation history.


What Makes The Longines Spirit Collection Special?

Aside from the fact that the Longines Spirit Collection stems from the historical references to legendary aviation pioneers, other factors make this collection unique and the best of its kind. The collection has evolved and is linked by the Heritage line to modern mechanics, state-of-the-art technology, and contemporary codes. Two versions of the collection launched, one a chronograph that functions automatically and the other as a usual date-and-time watch with precision.

Longines Spirit Collection can be called the 'Pilot's Watch' and has the traditional features most watches come with. The versions also consist of a date corrector that can be screwed up or down for preference. When it comes to classic design, personality, and excellence at a pocket-friendly price, Longines Spirit Collection nailed it.


Features Of The Longines Spirit Collection

The Longines Spirit Collection varies by product in size, reference, color, dial, and strap or bracelet choice:


Longines Spirit Three-Hander

A myriad of references is available in this collection. The three-handers are available in 40mm and 42mm and come with the same ETA-based movement. They are also equipped with a balance spring made of silicon and are chronometer-certified, and battery power can last for 64 hours. They are also available in three different dials and come in colors varying from grained silver, matte black, Sunray blue, and their leather strap to match colors.


The Longines Spirit Time-And-Date

The collection depends on the caliber L884, which has a beat rate of 25,200 vibrations per hour. The time-and-date version is available in blue, silver, and black and can be worn on a leather strap with a pin button or on a stainless steel bracelet with a firm folding clasp.


Longines Spirit Chronograph

This Chronograph collection is only available in 42 mm but has the same three dials as the Spirit three-hander. It consists of a column-wheel chronograph mechanism that moves on an ETA base for a power reserve of 60 hours. It also comes with the same certification and balance spring make-up like that of the three-handers.


The Five Stars

When you take a close look at the Longines Spirit Watch, you see the five stars feature on its dial. These five stars are not just to catch your fancy but represent the top-notch quality and reliability of its accurate movement.


The Straps And Bracelets

The Longines Spirit watches come with a stainless steel bracelet, leather strap, and leather NATO that suits your preference. The bracelet has a firm folding with a button to suspend a release on the wrist. In contrast, the leather strap is thick and strong and never gets worn out.


The Extra Button

The collection is made specifically with a column-wheel chronograph movement. The button with the screw-down function helps to ensure water-resistance.


The Case

Most watches have had issues with fixing a thick and large case to their pieces. This is another thing the Longines Spirit Collection has effortlessly succeeded in. The cases vary from 40mm-42mm and have a thickness of 15mm, making it a deluxe pilot watch.


Prices and Availability

The pricing varies depending on the choice of leather strap or stainless steel bracelet. Also, prices differ in terms of the three-hander version and the sizes they come in. For availability, Exquisite Timepieces has got you covered on all watches for the Longines Spirit Collection. Below is a review of the timepieces and reference numbers with their prices.


Longines Spirit Chronograph with Stainless Steel Bracelet

  • L3.820.4.93.6
  • L3.820.4.53.6
  • L3.820.4.73.6

Price: 3,100USD


Longines Spirit Chronograph with Leather Strap

  • L3.820.4.73.2
  • L3.820.4.53.0
  • L3.820.4.93.0

Price: 3,100USD


Longines Spirit 40mm with Stainless Steel Bracelet

  • L3.810.4.73.6
  • L3.810.4.93.6
  • L3.810.4.53.6
  • L3.810.4.93.0
  • L3.810.4.73.2
  • L3.8104.53.0

Price: 2,150USD


Longines Spirit 42mm with Stainless Steel Bracelet

  • L3.811.4.93.0
  • L3.811.4.93.6
  • L3.811.4.73.6
  • L3.811.4.53.6
  • L3.811.4.53.0
  • L3.811.4.73.2

Price: 2,250USD


Longines Spirit Prestige Edition with Stainless Steel Bracelet

  • L3.810.4.93.9
  • L3.810.4.73.9
  • L3.810.4.53.9

Price: 2,650USD


Longines Spirit Prestige with Stainless Steel Bracelet

  • L3.811.4.53.9
  • L3.811.4.93.9
  • L3.811.4.73.9

Price: 2,750USD


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