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Moritz Grossmann timepieces are icons of modern thinking, pure design and genuine watchmaking artistry — with numerous facets yet reduced to the essence. In brief: Schönstes deutsches Handwerk.

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About Moritz Grossmann Watches

Moritz Grossmann - The Watch Brand For All Seasons

Moritz Grossmann is a brand that has impressed since its launch. The brand produces some of the best wristwatches you can use in all seasons. One outstanding feature of Moritz Grossmann wristwatches is that they make time reading easier. Whether you travel to another continent, the brand's watches have GMT features that help you correctly tell time.
This wristwatch brand is the best for you if you love rare timepieces. The brand only produces about 200 - 300 timepieces annually. Another intriguing feature of this watch brand is that it produces the best mechanical watches. Hence, you can enjoy mechanical movement with a classic watch design.
This brand produces some of the best-underrated watches you can consider. To enjoy the best time-telling features with budget watches, you need to consider this Moritz Grossmann watches for men. Since its resurrection in 2008, the brand has made its impact in Germany with exclusive timepieces.
A good thing about this brand is that it does not produce only luxury timepieces. Thus, you can find both luxury and entry-level wristwatches. It is safe to say that the cheapest Moritz Grossmann watch competes favorably against other brands. On this premise, you don't need to worry about pricing when looking at Moritz Grossmann watches for sale. Instead, you can focus on the design and type of watch you want to acquire. Be assured that whichever wristwatch you purchase, you will always find it in the brand's catalog.
Our article will take you through Moritz Grossmann's brand. We will give you detailed insights into the brand and why it is the watch brand for all seasons. Additionally, we will look at some of the best wristwatches you can obtain from this brand. Continue reading as we take a deep dive into Moritz Grozzmann wrist watches.

How Much Do Moritz Grossmann Watches Cost?

Moritz Grossmann is one of the rising German wrist watch brands on the market. The manufacturer produces some of the world's most outstanding timepieces. A wondrous thing about this brand is that its top timepieces have a three-minute tourbillon and are exceptionally rare.
The pricing for each Moritz Grossmann watch depends on the collection and the design you pick. However, these watches range from $10,000 to over $50,000. You may find out that wristwatches may vary in price even within a particular collection. We will examine some popular designs and how much they cost.

The Moritz Grossmann Atum Collection and Its Pricing

Timepieces under Mortiz Grossmann have a particular pricing system. It would be best if you always remembered that wristwatches from a collection often have similar price ranges. The Atum collection, especially, offers timepieces that work for all tastes. You can get intricately skeletonized wristwatches to minimalistic three-hand watches with date displays.
One of the popular wrist watches here is the Atum Schaffo, which was created to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The rose gold Atum watch has a silver-colored dial and goes for about $34,000. Interestingly, the brand charges about the same amount for the same timepiece white gold models.
If you love smaller timepieces, you can go for the Moritz Grossmann Atum 37, one of the perfect choices for people with smaller wrists. Unlike its larger colleagues, these timepieces have Roman Numeral hour markers. You can choose between either white or rose gold case colors. The Moritz Grossmann Atum 37 costs anywhere around $31,000 anew.
Another exciting option you could purchase here is the Atum Enamel. The timepiece features an enamel dial with Roman numeral hour markers like the Atum 37 wristwatches. One striking feature of the Atum Enamel is that it resembles a classic marine chronometer due to its famous alligator leather strap and blue "XII" marker. You will typically purchase this 41mm timepiece for about $41,500 anew.
If you want something ordinary, you can go for the Atum Date, which has a pointer date around the edge of the dial. Interestingly, the pointer date perfectly suits the timepiece's dial design. If you want something unique and classy, you should set aside some $42,000 to obtain the white or rose gold versions.

Atum Pure

Moritz Grossmann also has another series under the Atum collection. This "Pure" series refers to stainless steel timepieces in the collection. You can buy these watches if you want to obtain minimalism in their perfect and undiluted form. Many features make Atum Pure stand out. You will find that the Pure series has satin-brushed blue, white, or gray dials depending on the watch you pick. The dials look metallic and give the watches their sporty look. Additionally, the brand uses a simple movement that underscores the linear aesthetics of these wrist watches.
This series is a Moritz Grossmann entry-level watch option because you can get one for about $14,000. With its semi-transparent dials, you can see a clear view of the watch's movement.
One of the most popular names in this series is the Moritz Grossmann Atum Pure High Art. Unlike its colleagues, this timepiece has an intricately finished dial. Additionally, the watch has excellent polishes and engravings.

Moritz Grossmann Benu

The Benu collection is another one to look out for if you want to enjoy good timepieces from the Moritz Grossmann price list. The Benu series is one of Moritz Grossmann's flagship collections and has many popular names, like the Benu Tourbillon. You can find the Benu Tourbillon in either white or rose gold. The brand only produced 25 pieces of the rose model, which cost about $200,000.
Similar tri-hand models of the Benu collection that do not have a tourbillon are also available. Moving on, you can purchase the Moritz Grossmann Benue Power Reserve, which is easier to find. The timepiece has white gold, rose gold, or platinum-colored cases. An outstanding feature of this timepiece is that it has a bar-shaped power reserve indicator beneath the 12 o'clock marker—the watch costs about $39,500. If you do not love large cased 41mm watches like the Power Reserve, you can always opt for the Benu 37. The Benu 7 goes for about $31,000 and comes in rose gold colors. Additionally, these Benu 37 timepieces make decent unisex watches thanks to the case size.
The Benu collection also has a few stainless-steel timepieces like the Benu Enamel watches. The Enamel timepieces have an enamel dial and cost around $31,000 if you want to get your hands on a new one.

Moritz Grossmann Tefnut

Another exciting option you could consider is the Moritz Grossmann Tefnut wristwatches. The collection has timepieces for both males and females. However, the brand makes differentiation easier by classifying all female timepieces under the Tefnut Lady series. The Tefnut Lady series watches have a mother-of-pearl dial that distinguishes them from the men's Tefnut series.
You can get the Tefnut Lady series for around $35,500. However, if you want a cheaper option, you could choose the timepieces without diamonds. These wrist watches without diamonds cost about $29,000.
One particular timepiece in this collection that stands out amongst all else is the Tefnut Twist. The timepiece has an unconventional winding mechanism that isolates it from other wristwatches. Unlike other watches that wind through the crown, the pieces have an o'clock winding. How do you wind your watch, then? You must turn your strap a few times, and your Tefnut Twist watch becomes fully wound.
This outstanding timepiece also has prominent strap bars, one of the standout features. You can obtain the Gents and Classic editions of the Tefnut Twist for about $35,500. Alternatively, you could purchase the fancy model for approximately $39,000. The fancy model is costlier because it has a mother-of-pearl dial and a diamond-studded bezel.
You can find the men's Tefnut watch in a 39mm case, which comes in rose gold or white. Additionally, the watch has two Arabic hour markers at the 6 and 12 o'clock positions. But, the edition uses indices for the remaining hour markers. The watch has a silver-colored dial for its rose gold model. Contrastingly, you will find an anthracite dial on the white model. You can obtain both editions of the men's Tefnut watch for about $28,500.

Renowned and Reputable Moritz Grossmann Watch Models With Prices

There are several renowned Moritz Grossmann wristwatches you can consider. These watches range from entry-level luxury watches to their costly high-end alternatives. We will list some of the most popular Moritz Grossmann watches and their prices to help you pick the best option.

Model($) Aproximate PriceCase MaterialFeatures
Benu Power Reserve (ref. MG-000460)39,500Rose gold Bar-shaped power reserve indicator
Benu Power Reserve (ref. MG-000628)50,500Platinum Bar-shaped power reserve indicator
Benu Tourbillon (ref. MG-000779)199,000White gold 10-piece limited edition, tri-minute tourbillon
Atum Date (ref. MG-000857)42,000White goldPointer date
Atum (ref. MG-000464)34,000White goldMinimalist design
Atum Pure (ref. MG-000496)14,000Stainless steel 150-piece limited edition
Atum Pure High Art (ref. MG-000496)24,000 Stainless steel 15-piece limited edition
Tefnut Twist Classic (ref. MG-000951)35,500 Rose gold Lug winding
Tefnut Lady (ref. MG-000349)35,500Rose gold Bezel has 80 diamonds

Moritz Grossmann History

This German-based watch brand has a rich history with all the makings of the best watch brand. A trained watchmaker, Christine Hutter, founded Grossmann Uhren GmbH in 2008 in Glashutte, Germany. The company named its brand after the renowned German watchmaker Carl Moritz. The Germans produced pendulum clocks, pocket watches, and chronographs in 1854.
Moritz Grossmann presented their first timepiece in 2010, two years after its inception. The Benu collection was the first of many others to come. At its debut, the tri-hand Benu timepiece only had 100 pieces; all rose gold colored. A decade later, Moritz Grossmann now offers various watches in its catalog.
The brand names its timepieces after Egyptian gods like Atum, Benu (Bennu), and Tefnut. Unlike many other brands on the market, Moritz Grossmann produces over 85% of its calibers itself. The brand presented its first in-house caliber the day they presented their Benu timepiece in 2010.
Moritz Grossmann presented the manual caliber 100.0 that has served as the bedrock for all its timepiece movements with power reserves.
A striking feature of this movement is that it features a two-third plate construction. Small pillars hold two-thirds construction apart from the main plate. Since the introduction of the Benu collection, Moritz Grossmann has produced more outstanding collections.

The Moritz Grossmann Timepiece Collection

Since its inception in 2008 and subsequent introduction of its debut timepiece in 2010, Moritz Grossmann has provided more timepiece collections to broaden its scope. Over time, the brand has worked on remarkable timepiece collections that have helped the brand stand out. We will consider these collections and their unique features.

The Benu Collection

One of the Moritz Grossmann brand's significant breakthroughs was the Benu collection's inception in 2010. The watch was one of the first among the many collections to follow. The Benu collection has a technological finesse and connects the brand's timepieces from the past to the present.
Benu timepieces have platinum, white gold, rose gold, or stainless steel casing. Additionally, the timepiece has a small seconds dial at the six o'clock marker. You will also find that the timepieces have a white dial to match the casing. Some popular timepieces under the Benu collection include the Benu Power reserve and the Benu Tourbillon.

The Atum Collection

Another interesting collection is the Moritz Grossmann Atum collection. The collection has a pointer date display. The date scale on the timepiece runs around the edge of the dial and has an extra crown at the ten o'clock marker. Some of the most remarkable timepieces in the Atum collection include the Atum, Atum Date, and Atum Pure high art.

The Tefnut Classic

If you are looking for a classic collection, then the Tefnut collection is one for you. The collection has timepieces for smaller wrists. Additionally, the collection features timepieces for men and women. One outstanding feature of timepieces in this collection is that they fit well with any occasion. Hence, you can wear them anytime you want without feeling out of place.
Some of the most remarkable Tefnut wrist watches include the Tefnut Twist Classic and Tefnut Lady.

Conclusion: Why Is Moritz Grossmann the Brand for All Seasons?

One thing is sure when you want entry-level and high-end luxury watches; the ability to offer class, precision, and uniqueness. Moritz Grossmann's timepieces do more than tell time. These timepieces are a work of art and accord prestige to those who wear them.
Since presenting its first timepiece in 2010, the brand has worked tirelessly to release more collections that are an improvement on their previous timepieces. Moritz Grossmann is one of the best up-and-coming wrist watch brands in Germany and one of the most promising globally.
Why is the brand the timepiece for all seasons? It's quite simple. You can use Moritz Grossmann timepieces for any occasion. Furthermore, the brand produces wristwatches for small and big wrists. Are you a lady who wants to enjoy luxury timepieces without hassle? You can trust Moritz Grossmann to deliver the best timepieces for you.