Bell & Ross Watches

Bell & Ross Watches

The design of Bell & Ross watches pay respect to the aviation industry. Bell & Ross is focused on creating aviation luxury watches that are highly rated. Bell & Ross watches are considered exceptional Swiss timepieces. Bell & Ross watches are constructed to be durable timepieces capable of withstanding unpredictable conditions. Its rugged design and reliable construction were inspired by the tough environments often faced by special military forces, pilots, and divers. Bell & Ross watches are admired by the global collector’s community for its technical precision and distinguished designs. The search for Bell & Ross watches for sale does not have to be difficult. Exquisite Timepieces is the best place to buy Bell & Ross watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Bell & Ross authorized dealer.


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Bell & Ross Watches

Bell & Ross is a French luxury watch brand guided by a philosophy centered on four key principles: legibility, functionality, reliability, and precision. Ever since its inception in 1992, the brand has produced exquisite aviation timepieces with one-of-a-kind square cases.
Bell & Ross watches are true statement pieces. Everyone can spot them from a mile away, and they show your passion for unique and robust timepieces.

Bell & Ross History

Bell & Ross, a French watch company founded in 1992 by Carlos Rosillo (Ross) and Bruno Belamich (Bell), envisioned providing professionals with functional and reliable timepieces. This vision led Bell & Ross to establish aviation watches as a cornerstone of their brand, with Sinn being an early producer of their models.
Over 30 years have passed since the brand's inception, Bell & Ross has evolved into crafting timepieces for the military and high-speed motorsports, showcasing remarkable progress from their inception.
Among their historical milestones are the Space 1 model, the first automatic chronometer watch worn in space, and the iconic Bomb Disposal Type, boasting an anti-magnetic case and unbeatable timekeeping precision. Bell & Ross also earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records with the Hydro Challenger, a watch with an astonishing 11,000-meter water resistance.
Lastly, Bell & Ross is headquartered in Paris with manufacturing facilities in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, enabling them to uphold their core values of functionality and reliability.

Bell & Ross Collections

Bell & Ross boasts an extensive collection of timepieces, with a predominant emphasis on square case designs. Nevertheless, they also offer some round-shaped watches. In the following section, we will provide an overview and summary of the various Bell & Ross collections available at Exquisite Timepieces.

Bell & Ross BR 03 Collection

The Bell & Ross BR 03 collection is the quintessential Bell & Ross watch, with a utilitarian design and unrivaled legibility. With its more manageable 42mm case size, great build construction, and 100m water resistance, this timepiece serves as the entry point into the world of Bell & Ross.

Bell & Ross BR 05 Collection

The BR 05 represents Bell & Ross's foray into the realm of steel-integrated sports watches. These timepieces exhibit a touch of Gerald Genta's influence with their various finishing techniques, including a brushed bezel and a rounded handset. However, the rounded square edges of the watch case and the dial layout remain true to Bell & Ross' distinctive design language.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Collection

The BR-X5 collection serves as an extension of the BR 05 line. However, the BR-X5 elevates its standards with superior finishing and an upgraded movement from Kenissi's manufacture. Bell & Ross has also intensified its focus on the use of exotic materials, such as a carbon case, and skillfully sculpted the case. This combination results in an exceptional sports-casual timepiece.

Bell & Ross Vintage Collection

The Vintage collection by Bell & Ross offers a more understated style characterized by round cases. These timepieces maintain their aviation inspiration but incorporate a touch of modernity. This modern twist is evident in the case sizes, dial colors, and functionality, rendering this collection ideal for daily wear. The Vintage collection comprises models such as the BR V2-92, BR V2-93, BR V3-94, and more.

Bell & Ross BR-X1 Collection

The BR-X1 collection represents a truly unique fusion of concept and haute horology within the Bell & Ross brand. It showcases design elements like skeleton dials, finished movement bridges, titanium cases, meticulous case finishing, and impressive water resistance. This collection is tailored for thrill-seekers and can be likened to having a Formula 1 car on your wrist.

Bell & Ross BR S Editions

This collection from Bell & Ross is their most budget-friendly, primarily attributed to the use of quartz movements in many of the BR S timepieces. The cases are typically smaller, measuring 39mm, which enhances wearability since square watches tend to appear larger than their round counterparts. Moreover, some BR S models are specifically designed for female wearers due to their slimmer size and dial design, catering to a diverse range of customers.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Collection

The BR 01 is Bell & Ross' longest-serving watch collection still featured in their current catalog. The 46mm case size may appear large on the wrist, but the BR 01 was designed to be worn by pilots on the outside of their flight suit cuffs, prioritizing legibility and ease of handling. This timepiece is not only functional but also emblematic of the brand's iconic style.

How Much Do Bell & Ross Watches Cost?

Bell & Ross is a luxury watch brand that offers different watch types at different price points. You can find Bell & Ross watches for as low as $2,000 and up to $20,000. Here are some popular watches the brand currently sells:

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Bell & Ross BR 03 Black Steel $3,600 Square case design and legible dial
Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Blue $3,400 Unique square satin case, with a sporty yet attractive design
Bell & Ross BR-X5 Ice Blue on Rubber Strap $6,900 Gorgeous Ice Blue dial color and Integrated bracelet
Bell & Ross BR-X5 Carbon Orange on Rubber Strap $11,800 Carbon fiber case with contrasting orange rubber strap
Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT Sky Blue $5,500 BR-CAL.325 with GMT complication and integrated bracelet
Bell & Ross V2-92 Orange Limited Edition on Strap $3,500 Bright orange dial color and military design
Bell & Ross BR-X1 Hyperstellar $19,900 Skeleton dial and avant-garde design
Bell & Ross BRS-BLC-ST $2,200 Slim case design and quartz movement
Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Aeronavale $3,600 Vintage-inspired dive watch design with gilt markers
Bell & Ross BR-01 Cyber Skull Bronze Rubber Strap $11,400 Skeleton skull dial and bronze case

Best Selling Bell & Ross Watches

In no specific order, the following watches are among the best-selling Bell & Ross timepieces at Exquisite Timepieces:

Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT on Strap (ref. BR05G-BL-ST/SRB)

The BR 05 marks Bell & Ross' latest iconic addition to their collection, embracing a sporty integrated bracelet design. This timepiece maintains a square profile but with rounded corners for a contemporary feel. Its polished bezel evokes the aesthetics of sports watches designed by Gerald Genta.
With a 41mm case size, crown guards, and a 100m water resistance rating, this watch offers durability. It's available with a steel bracelet or rubber strap. The dial is elegantly straightforward, featuring Arabic numerals at 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions. A date window is positioned at 3 o'clock, and a GMT hand with GMT time zones on the rehaut adds functionality. This watch exudes sleek modernity and style while staying true to Bell & Ross' original design language.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Black on Bracelet (ref. BRX5R-BL-ST/SST)

Bell & Ross has taken its latest leap in crafting a high-end integrated sports watch with the BR-X5, an enhanced version of the BR-05. This timepiece is equipped with the BR-CAL.323 caliber, a movement crafted by Kenissi boasting an impressive 70-hour power reserve.
The case is masterfully sculpted from multiple components, showcasing the brand's elevated case finishing. The BR-X5 is complemented by a sleek, multi-faceted steel bracelet that glistens when exposed to light. If you're a dedicated Bell & Ross collector, this is unquestionably a must-have addition to your collection.

Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Multimeter (ref. BR0394-SW-CE/SRB)

The BR 03-94 Multimeter is a limited edition of 500 pieces designed for measuring short intervals of time. This timepiece is highly versatile, consolidating all the information typically found on a chronograph directly onto its dial, resulting in a visually intricate display. Its case is crafted from black ceramic, measuring 42mm in diameter with a thickness of 12.8mm.
The dial showcases a variety of vibrant circular indicators for calculating different units related to time and speed. Additionally, there are two subdials positioned at 3 and 9 o'clock, which can be somewhat overshadowed by the overall complexity of the dial. Notably, the date indicator sits just before the 1 o'clock marker. This unique timepiece is sure to serve as a captivating conversation starter.

Bell & Ross V2-92 Orange Limited Edition on Strap (ref. BRV292-O-ST/SRB)

Bell & Ross is renowned for its bold and audacious designs. The V2-92 Orange, a limited edition with just 500 pieces, features a 41mm round case and a slim 11.5mm thickness. Despite its moderate case size, it retains a strong, eye-catching presence thanks to the vibrant orange dial.
With a water resistance rating of 100m, this timepiece is well-suited for aviation enthusiasts. It comes equipped with a black rubber strap and is an excellent choice for those seeking a splash of color and a straightforward three-hand watch with a date function.

Bell & Ross Movements

Bell & Ross utilizes a diverse range of movements, including automatic, manual, and quartz. In their history, they have employed ETA and Sellita automatic movements, which have been rebranded with BR movement numbers.
Additionally, Bell & Ross has crafted its exclusive manual-wind movement, notably featured in their Skull-based timepieces like the "Laughing Skull" and "Cyber Skull." More recently, they have introduced Kenissi Manufacture movements into their offerings. Timepieces featuring Kenissi movements occupy a higher price tier compared to those using ETA/Sellita movements but are positioned below Bell & Ross' exclusive in-house movements.
Furthermore, Bell & Ross occasionally incorporate quartz movements into their BR-S collection, designed as a more budget-friendly lineup of square watches. Whichever Bell & Ross timepiece you choose, you'll find a wide range of options to suit your preferences.

Bell & Ross Watch Colors

Bell & Ross incorporates a wide array of colors, akin to the entire spectrum of a rainbow, and they've employed these diverse hues effectively. In their watch collections, you'll discover the classic black, silver/white, and blue dials. However, they also offer numerous timepieces from collections like the BR 03-92, BR V2-92, and BR 05 (among others) in vibrant shades such as green, orange, red, light blue, salmon, and even striking skeleton dials.
These are just a few examples of the vibrant dial colors that Bell & Ross embraces. So, if you're seeking a timepiece to add a touch of summer flair to your collection or infuse some vibrancy into your watch rotation, be sure to explore their offerings.

Bell & Ross Watch Materials

Bell & Ross truly stands out when it comes to the variety of case materials they employ. They have made extensive use of stainless steel, titanium, bronze, rose gold, and ceramic in their timepieces. This diverse range of materials offers a wide array of choices.
However, the most intriguing aspect lies in their utilization of unique and precious materials, like the BR-X5 crafted from carbon, the BR X-2 made from sapphire crystal, and the BR 01 Cyber Skull created from bronze. These watches are bound to spark engaging conversations with fellow enthusiasts when worn in public.

Bell & Ross Watch Types

Bell & Ross predominantly concentrates on two categories for their watch range, namely aviation and sports timepieces. These categories manifest through their BR 01, BR 03, BR 03 Diver, BR 03 Chrono, BR 05, BR V2, and other models.
Nonetheless, Bell & Ross also offers a selection of dressier watches within their Vintage Collection, particularly the BR V1 and, to some extent, the smaller and slimmer square BR S collection. Nevertheless, it's safe to say that if you're considering Bell & Ross, you're likely drawn to the allure of action and adventure.

Bell & Ross Watch Complications

Bell & Ross is not a brand that's typically known for intricate complications. Their timepieces often feature a straightforward three-hand design with a date indicator, a characteristic shared by many watches in their collection. This design ethos aligns with Bell & Ross' military and aviation heritage.
Nevertheless, they also offer GMT, chronograph, and tourbillon timepieces, and these options shouldn't be dismissed outright when considering a watch from their collection. Despite this, the majority of the public tends to favor the simpler Bell & Ross timepieces over the more complex ones.

Bell & Ross Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors

Bell & Ross has forged significant partnerships with a diverse range of companies. First, Patrouille de France, established in 1953, serves as the official aerobatic display team of the French Air and Space Force, representing French aviation internationally. Known for their precision and aesthetic excellence, the team has showcased their elegance and prestige worldwide for over six decades.
In honor of Patrouille de France, Bell & Ross has created the BR 03-94 in black ceramic with a dark blue dial, featuring the Patrouille de France emblem positioned above the 6 o'clock marker.
Next, Bell & Ross pays tribute to the Alpine Team with a series of sporty and racing-themed timepieces, including the BR V3-94 and the BR 03-92 in black ceramic. These watches feature a unique date window placement at 6 o'clock and incorporate the signature blue and white colors within the accents. The blue rehaut and the distinctive Alpine symbol on the central second hand underscore the avant-garde design of these timepieces.
The third collaboration, with the Tara Ocean Foundation, shares a mission to protect the ocean and raise public awareness. Both the French foundation and Bell & Ross are committed to exploration and expertise within their respective fields.
As of late 2023, Bell & Ross has introduced a collaborative timepiece with the Tara Ocean Foundation, the limited edition BR 03-92 Diver in blue ceramic (limited to 999 pieces). Furthermore, Bell & Ross pledges to donate a portion of the profits from each watch sold to support Tara Ocean Foundation's projects.

Caring for Your Bell & Ross Watch

We recognize that watch collecting can be an expensive passion, and many watch collectors and enthusiasts are likely to encounter the need for watch maintenance during their journey. Given the price range of Bell & Ross watches, it's only natural for owners of this luxury brand to seek ways to protect their valuable assets and ensure their longevity.
This is where Exquisite Timepieces can offer valuable assistance with watch maintenance. In addition to selling watches, we provide comprehensive servicing for Bell & Ross Watches and many other brands. Our team includes skilled watchmakers who can thoroughly inspect and address any issues with your timepiece.
Furthermore, we ensure the safe and secure transportation of each watch to authorized service facilities, where they are handled with the utmost care. You can trust us to provide the best possible service. We take care of all the details so you don't have to deal with any hassles. We even supply you with a prepaid shipping label to send your watch to our store in Naples, Florida, and then we handle the rest!

Bell & Ross FAQ

Is Bell and Ross a luxury watch brand?

Yes, Bell and Ross epitomizes the fusion of timekeeping precision with functionality and durable build quality, making their timepieces ideal for everyday wear.

Is Bell & Ross worth the price?

In general, Bell & Ross makes some excellent timepieces, particularly when it comes to their military and aviation-inspired watches. Every watch is meticulously crafted using high-end materials, which makes them worth the price.

What is so special about Bell and Ross?

What makes Bell & Ross stand out is the uniqueness and iconic square-shaped design, along with their aviation background, which is evident in the BR 01 and BR 03 collections.

What are the most popular Bell and Ross watches?

Bell & Ross produces several popular watch collections, however their most popular lines include the Bell & Ross BR 01, BR 03, and BR 05 collections.

Find your new Bell & Ross watch with Exquisite Timepieces

If you've decided to purchase a new or pre-owned Bell & Ross watch, it's crucial to choose a reliable source like Exquisite Timepieces. From the latest Bell & Ross BR 03-A models to their concept timepieces, our team of specialists can assist you in finding the perfect watch to meet your requirements.
For those who prefer an in-person buying experience for their luxury timepiece, Exquisite Timepieces has you covered. Our boutique is located in Naples, FL, and is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.
Or, if you wish to shop online, we offer standard free shipping on all orders above $1,000,. Rest assured that we provide insurance for your luxury timepiece from the moment it leaves our facility until it safely reaches you. Additionally, all of our watches come with the full manufacturer warranty. If any issues arise, please reach out to us, and we'll help facilitate the necessary repairs to ensure your satisfaction.
Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer and a trailblazer in the luxury watch industry. To learn more about our luxury watch services and our company, please visit the About Us section and our FAQ section. Should you have any questions regarding Bell & Ross watches or any other luxury watch brand, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or email us at

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