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The Bell & Ross BR 05 watch collection continues the brands’ rugged designs and outstanding dial displays. Bell & Ross BR 05 watches are equipped with a mechanical automatic movement or chronograph movement. It is a fitting luxury watch for keeping up with the pace of urban living. The Bell & Ross BR 05 watch line features a variety of dials, from eye-catching two-toned options to intriguing skeleton styles. The search for Bell & Ross BR 05 watches for sale can be tough without the right help. Exquisite Timepieces is the best place to buy Bell & Ross BR 05 watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Bell & Ross BR 05 authorized dealer.


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About Bell And Ross

Bell & Ross is an iconic and revered watch brand that was founded in 1992 as a university project by two boyhood friends, Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos Rosillo (Ross). Their vision was simple and clear, the production of functional and durable timepieces that withstand the extreme conditions faced by special military forces, pilots, and divers during the execution of their assignments. The design objectives are captioned in four watchwords of legibility, functionality, reliability, and precision.

The first set of timekeeping tools produced by Bell and Ross were produced in Germany by Sinn Spezialuhren so that the early Bell and Ross wristwatches always come with the inscription 'Bell & Ross by Sinn' on their dials. The brand’s partnership with Sinn led to the creation of collections like Space 1, Demineur, Hydromax, etc. The company has many extraordinary pieces of watches to its name and has enjoyed huge success in commercials and sales but 1985 and 1997 were important dates in the rise to their famed celebrity.

The Hydro Challenger, functional at depth of 11,000 meters broke the Guinness abysmal ‘World water resistance record’ by a wristwatch in 1997 and another of its creativities, Space 1, became the first-ever automatic chronometer to be worn in space. In 2002, Bell and Ross parted ways with Sinn after the company’s acquisition by Chanel Horlogerie and had its production site moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. This has been the center for the assemblage and fine-tuning of each of the brand's timepieces ever since.  

Bell and Ross declared a defining moment in the watch industry after the launch of its BR01 in 2005. The BR 01 has a simple design with unique characteristics that makes it easily recognizable. This model was based on a round dial within a square case, a circle-square-style clock borne from the brand’s deep root in the aviation industry, the ultimate reference point for reliability and legibility. It also features an anti-reflective black dial (standard color) on a solid steel case fastened together by 4 screws specially engineered for that purpose. 

With grating texture on the screw crown engraved with the trademark Bell and Ross logo, a 46mm case width, and a beautiful strap that integrates perfectly well with the lugs which gives the watch a seamless look, the BR 01 sits comfortably well on the wrist and is an element of great delight for collectors. In September 2009, the leading watch company announced an addition to its collection with the launch of yet another masterpiece, the BR 05. It is similar to earlier members of the BRX family but offers much more than any of them. 

The BR 05 features an integrating case construction, that houses a round dial on a square case at a reduced angle than that of BR 01, and a perfectly flat satin laced bracelet or thick strap that fuses with the case. The bevel is polished and speaks volumes. This leaves the watch with a confident and smart style which gives it its dazzling and appealing look. It is very sleek and urban. It is a perfect timepiece for the corporate gentleman and would adorn the wrist equally well at an evening meet up.

BR 05 has 10 models that offer different feels and look and each person could be about sure to see a watch in the BR 05 collection that matches their taste and budget. 


Bell and Ross BR 05 Black

The Bell and Ross BR 05 is a highly collectible, limited edition of a timepiece. BR 05 features an 11mm thick case arranged into three layers. These layers include four sets of beautifully made bezels that points in the right direction, the integrated case itself, which is angular in shape and measures 40mm in width. It was designed to extend and flow into the first center link of the bracelet. The case back made of sharp and highly polished stainless steel completes the layers of the case. The layers are coupled together by 4 special screws. The case also has a screw-in-crown guard fastened to its side for time adjustability. The BR05 Black features a black dial with applied numerals stationed at the quarter positions, with the date function occupying the 3'0 clock position. The dial is coated with swiss made Super-Luminova which makes time taking possible in complete darkness and low light. The dial is protected by an anti-reflective sapphire coating which is wear-resistant and that makes it suitable in harsh conditions. This model is powered by a Setilla caliber (BR-CAL.321) automatic movement and has water-resistance to a depth of 100m. It functions as hours, minutes, seconds, and date. The hand is available as double layers of black rubber strap or as a highly polished steel bracelet. The strap and bracelet have a satin-polished folding buckle that holds the hand in a good position. 

The BR05 Black is relatively inexpensive for the function it offers and is sold for a justifiable price of ($4,400) and ($4,900)for the Black on Strap and Black on bracelet respectively.


Bell And Ross BR 05 Blue 

The Bell and Ross BR 05 BLUE features an integrated steel case which is angular in shape and measures 40mm x 11mm in dimension. The case houses 4 bezel screws and a blue dial. The dial supports the hour markers and an applied Arabic numeral which are crafted from fine dial fonts. The numerals lie at the quarter positions but for the 3’o clock position which contains the date function. This anti-reflecting dial is coated with Super-Luminova which makes time readable in low lights and is protected from wear and tears by a glass surface cut out from sapphire crystal. A screw-in-crown guard fastened to the side of the watch makes adjustability of time possible. The satin-polished case gives the watch an ostentatious appearance and appealing look. The BR 05 blue functions as hours, minutes, seconds, and date. It is powered by an automatic movement of caliber BR-CAL.321 and has a water-resistance of 100m.

The hand is available in the form of a blue rubber strap or a bracelet with the same finish as the case construction. The Bell and Ross BR 05 blue on a rubber strap is sold for ($4,400) and the BR 05 Blue on Bracelet is priced at ($4,900)


Bell And Ross BR 05 Grey 

The BR 05 Grey is powered by a caliber BR-CAL.321 with automatic mechanical movement. It functions as hours, minutes, seconds, and date. The case is made of a satin-polished steel case that is angular in shape and measures 4omm x 11mm in dimension. The case houses the dial which is grey and 4 bezel screws pointing in the right position. The dial, coated with super- Luminova, supports the hour markers and the Arabic numerals lying at the quarter positions. The dial and the bezels are enclosed by a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. The case is coupled to the highly polished case back with the aid of 4 specially engineered screws. The Bell and Ross Grey has water resistance to a depth of 100m.  it also boasts of a hand, made of satin-polished steel bracelet or a black rubber strap as the case may be. 

The Bell and Ross Grey on Bracelet is sold at ($4,900) while Bell and Ross Grey on the strap goes for a price of ($4,400). The prices are quite inexpensive and affordable.


Bell And Ross BR 05 Skeleton

Bell and Ross BR 05 Skeleton is powered by an automatic caliber BR-CAL.322 movement and functions as hours, minutes, seconds, and date. it features a 40mm satin-polished integrated steel case and a case back made of the same finish. The case houses a skeletonized dial selection coated with super -Luminova for legibility in low light. The skeletonized dial is a rarity of the Bell and Ross Collection. On the dial lies applied indexes and four sets of rotating bezel screws and a majestic screw-in-crown guard. The case is fastened to the case back by four screws and protected by a glass surface cut out from an anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

The Bell & Ross skeleton is water-resistant to a depth of 100m. The hand of the BR 05 skeleton is made of a thick black rubber strap or a satin-polished steel bracelet. There are two variations of the Bell and Ross Skeleton series. These are the named BR 05 Skeleton on Strap ($5,900) and the BR 05 Skeleton on Bracelet priced at ($6,400) 


Bell And Ross BR 05 Gold

The Bell and Ross Gold is powered by an automatic Setilla caliber (BR-CAL.321) movement which functions as hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. The case is made of a glittering satin-polished 18 carat rose gold which measures 40mm x 11mm in dimension and a case back with the same finish. The gold steel case is complemented by a black dial which gives it a pleasant look. The dial consists of the hour marker hands and an applied Arabic index placed at the quarter positions, except for the 3'0 clock position where the date position is placed.  Four sets of bezels also lie on the super-Luminova coated black dial. The dial is enclosed by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

The super-luminova makes timekeeping in low-lights possible and the sapphire crystal makes it resistant to wears and tears when subjected to harsh conditions. The BR 05 Gold can also boast of water resistance to the depth of 100m. The hand is available as a black rubber strap or as an 18-carats rose gold bracelet. A folding, satin-finished rose gold buckle also lies on the hand.

The variations of the Bell & Ross BR 05 Gold are the BR 05 Gold on Bracelet priced at ($32,000) and the BR 05 Gold on strap sold at a justifiable price of ($21,500).

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