Exquisite Timepieces Watch Case for 3 Watches
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Exquisite Timepieces Watch Case for 3 Watches

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Hand Made Leather Dual Watch Holder

  • 4 1/2” in Depth
  • 9 1/2” in width
  • 3 1/2” in height

The Watch Accessory to Have When Traveling In 2023

Traveling is one of the most common activities humans engage in. Traveling is also one of the most tedious and frustrating activities of not well planned. Putting together a well-organized traveling bag can turn out to be a living nightmare especially if you are carrying some precious items like luxury watches. This is why one needs to invest in a quality watch case, roll or a pouch.

A protective case helps in keeping your timepieces safe and in an organized manner. What is a watch roll or case? This is a convenient protective case that keeps your watch and other small accessories safe. The cases are normally compact and lightweight. They are easy to travel with. The watch rolls are made from wool or premium quality leather combined with waxed canvas, the watch cases are very durable and soft. The watch rolls are ideal when you have limited space in your traveling bag. The watch cases offer more security when it comes to protection.

Apart from offering security to your timepieces, a watch case offers an awesome storage option for your timepieces. You don’t have to leave your watch lying around in the house, instead of with a watch case you get to enjoy a comfortable way to store your watches while using minimal space.

You can get an awesome watch case from Exquisite Timepieces. Below is a sample of one of the wonderful watchcases from Exquisite Timepieces.

This watch case from Exquisite Timepieces is blue and is hand made. Made from pure leather the case can be used by both ladies and gentlemen. On the upper part of the case, there is an engraving of Exquisite Timepieces. It is 11 3/4" in circumference, with a diameter of 3 1/2” and a height of 6”. The watch case retails at $795. Exquisite Timepieces offers different payment options for their clients.

Factors to Consider When Shopping For Your Watch Cases

Choosing the best watch case for your watch can be challenging especially when it’s your first time. However, this can be made much easier if you consider the following factors.

The Design

When picking a watch case or a watch roll, is important to take into consideration the design of both your watch and your watch case. The main factor that you should consider when picking a design of the watch case would be the protection of your timepiece. Pick a watch case with a design that can be carried easily, stored easily and with ample sections to carry your timepieces. You can take into consideration watch cases or rolls which additional compartments or pockets. Additional features include cleaning products and extra straps.

The Price

What is your budget when it comes to a watch case or roll? A timepiece is a very delicate investment and therefore it’s important why you should consider the best protection for your watch. Sometimes this might mean spending more than what you had budgeted for. Nevertheless, you can’t fail to find an affordable watch case from Exquisite Timepiece.

Features of the Watch Case

The features on any watch case will play an important role in whether it will be suitable for your time pieces. The following features in a watch case will help you in picking the best watch case.


Most watch cases are made from leather, nevertheless, there are some cases that are not made from leather. Nevertheless, when looking at the material used in making the watch case, make sure it offers the best protection on the outside, and soft inner compartment which prevents scratching.


Watch cases and rolls come in different sizes and styles. However, the style you pick should meet your personal preference and offer more protection at all times for your timepieces. Styles also come with different color preferences. Watch cases and watch rolls are different when it comes to style. Oversized as well as smaller watches will fit comfortably inside the most watch cases, but always check to be sure.

The Compartments

How many compartments do you watch your watchcase to have? If you own more watches then you would probably consider getting a watch case with more compartments. A watch case with a few compartments would suit someone who is just starting their watch collection. A watch case or roll with more compartments comes in a bigger size.


If you travel frequently then portability will be your number one factor when looking for a watch case. A watch case should be able to offer protection to your timepieces while using the most minimal space in your travel luggage. Watch rolls are more light and small, watch cases are bigger and suitable when traveling with several timepieces. Regardless of the watch case or roll, it’s good to take into consideration how you will squeeze the watch case in your suitcase and how they will snuggly fit into the carry-on.


Customer reviews are one of the best things to consider when shopping for any product. Reviews give you information that manufacturers might not even know about. When looking for your watch case, take into consideration the customer reviews of the watch case. When dealing with reviews remember to not trust everything you read but be smart enough to get an idea of what the product entails.

7 Tips for Traveling With Your Watch

Since traveling with your timepiece is unavoidable, it’s best to use these tips for your next trip. Below are seven tips on how to travel with a luxurious watch.

1. Wear or Pack it

Each time you want to travel with your precious timepiece, you can decide to wear it or just neatly pack it in a watch case. But you should never check it with your luggage. In case you wear it, just be prepared that someone at the security point might ask you to remove.

2. Carrying the Proper case

One of the most important things you have to take into consideration is the correct proper case for your watch. Make sure you pick a watch case that suits your watch. There are different types of watch cases depending on one’s personal traveling needs. From simple cases to high tech cases, to stylish and more functional cases.

3. Insurance

Never travel with your watch without checking the status of the insurance cover of your watch. Your watch insurance policy should be active and updated. Check if the watch is covered even when you are traveling. Most watch insurance policies cover accidents and theft, therefore it’s important to make a more detailed inquiry on the degree of coverage.

4. Travel Destination Time Zone

When traveling to destinations with different time zone its important to carry a timepiece that has different time zones. A watch with the ability to show multiple time zines will be a fun piece to have when traveling.

5. The Type of Trip

When packing your watch, you must consider the type of trip you are taking. Will your trip involve a lot of outdoor activities like surfing at the beach, hiking, diving underwater or it will be more of an indoor setting packed with meetings the whole day? Regardless of these activities, you should choose a timepiece that will be on your wrist at all times despite the type of activities you engage in. No need to risk leaving your watch in the hotel room since you can’t bring it to the beach. Also, it’s important to take into consideration the security level of your destination.

6. Servicing your Watch

It’s very important that before you travel with your timepiece, you have it serviced. The advantages of having your watch serviced by a professional: the functionality of the watch is checked and confirmed to be pristine, and all the parts of the watch are confirmed to be clean and functioning properly. The watchmaker can also check if your watch is still water-resistant and hence safe to swim with.

7. Photocopy of Ownership Papers

If you are traveling internationally and don't want to leave your precious timepiece behind, better travel prepared. Having a copy of the official documents of ownership is very important. You can carry along a photocopy of the warrant card and the receipt which shows proof of ownership. There are instances that you might be asked to show proof that you didn’t purchase the watch outside a given country before reentering.

So whether you are going for 30 minutes or 30 hours trip, and want to keep your watch collection safe, you need to invest in a watch case. The best watch case option can be found at Exquisite Timepieces, ideal for a seasonal watch collector or someone starting their new watch collection.

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