Established in 1775 Breguet watches include such masterpieces as the Breguet Type XX, Breguet Classique and Breguet Tourbillon. Breguet luxury watches have a rich tradition in mechanical watches such as Breguet Chronograph and Equation of Time and Perpetual Calendars. Breguet watches for men and Breguet watches for women today offer some of the most innovative luxury timepieces available today.

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About Breguet Watches

About Breguet Watches

In the hallowed halls of watchmaking history, one name stands as a beacon of innovation, elegance, and precision: Breguet. Breguet is a brand that has witnessed revolutions, celebrated milestones, and marked moments of profound significance. The Swiss Marque continues to define moments, one watch at a time.

Breguet History

The story of Breguet watches is a captivating journey through centuries, where the relentless pursuit of horological excellence has birthed masterpieces that transcend time itself.
The tale begins in 1747 with the birth of Abraham-Louis Breguet in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Little did the world know that Abraham-Louis would one day revolutionize the art of timekeeping. After studying watchmaking for ten years under Ferdinand Berthoud and Jean-Antoine Lépine, he established his own watch company in 1775 in Paris.
Abraham-Louis Breguet's genius lay in his ability to blend technical brilliance with artistic flair, and by 1783, he unveiled a masterpiece—the Marie-Antoinette pocket watch. The pocket watch was designed to feature every watch complication known at that time.
Breguet's reputation spread like wildfire, attracting royal patrons in Europe and notable historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte.
Breguet was not just an inventor but also an artist and, in the 1780s, introduced intricate guilloché patterns on watch dials and developed distinctive watch hands known as "Breguet hands". In 1801, Abraham-Louis Breguet patented the tourbillon, a device that counters the effects of gravity on a watch's accuracy.
Breguet continued to pioneer horological advancements, introducing the gong spring for repeater watches, the pare-chute shock protection system, and the Breguet balance spring, among others. He also produced high-precision marine chronometers used for navigation at sea.
The Swatch Group acquired Breguet in 1999, and since then, Breguet has operated as part of the Swatch Group's portfolio of luxury watch brands, ensuring its continued presence in the high-end watch market.
Headquartered in L'Abbaye, Switzerland, the brand produces its watches in various manufacturing facilities, where skilled artisans and watchmakers create their timepieces.
In the 21st century, Breguet keeps on innovating by incorporating silicon components into their movements, producing intricate and visually stunning tourbillon movements, and using cutting-edge materials.
Breguet watches continue to occupy the upper echelons of the luxury watch market and remain one of the oldest and most respected watchmakers in the world. Each Breguet watch tells a story, a story of excellence, passion, and the enduring pursuit of the extraordinary.

Breguet Collections

Whether you appreciate classic elegance, nautical flair, or avant-garde designs, Breguet offers a diverse range of watches in several distinctive watch collections to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. Here are the brand's primary watch collections;

Breguet Classique Collection

This Collection pays homage to Breguet's historical designs and is a tribute to the brand's enduring elegance that transcends eras. At the heart of the Classique Collection lies a deep reverence for tradition, with design elements that pay homage to the very first timepieces crafted by Breguet himself.
General features include the iconic Breguet hands (characterized by their eccentric moon tip or 'pomme hands'), delicate guilloché and enamel dials, round coin-edge cases, narrow soldered lugs, and fluted case bands.
From perpetual calendars that account for leap years to exquisite tourbillons that defy the effects of gravity, this Collection boasts an array of complications that elevate the timepieces in its catalog to the highest echelons of watchmaking.
You'll find timepieces here with the second hand either centrally located or placed elegantly in a subdial for small seconds.

Breguet Marine Collection

The Breguet Marine Collection has a long and storied history, dating back to the early 19th century when Abraham-Louis Breguet was appointed as a horologist to the French Royal Navy in 1815. This historical connection to the seas infuses each timepiece with a maritime spirit that transcends the confines of the wrist.
Each watch exudes a sense of adventure, with elements like wave-pattern guilloché dials, blue hues reminiscent of the ocean, and iconic fluted cases mirroring the detailing of a ship's hull. It marries the classic aesthetics of Breguet, such as the iconic moon-tipped hands and Roman numerals, with modern design elements that will make the timepieces captivating to a new generation of watch enthusiasts.
Beneath the captivating exterior, the Marine Collection houses some of the brand's most advanced movements, featuring innovative materials like silicon to enhance accuracy and reliability. Marine Chronometers, essential for navigating the high seas, have been reimagined as wristwatches with uncompromising precision.

Breguet Type XX, XXI, & XXII Collections

The Breguet Type XX, XXI, and XXII Collections draw their inspiration from aviation and military history, specifically from the mid-20th century. The Type XX was launched as a modern interpretation of the Type 20, a robust and precise aviation chronograph produced by Breguet for pilots and naval aviators of the French Ministry of Defense.
Building on the success of the Type XX, the Type XXI and XXII collections retain the aviation chronograph heritage but incorporate additional complications. The watches in these collections have a sporty and robust design, with features like rotating bezels and luminous markers for enhanced readability in various lighting conditions.
All three collections are equipped with chronograph complications, but the XXII takes a bold leap into the future by introducing a high-frequency chronograph movement that can measure time with astonishing precision down to fractions of a second (1/20th of a second).

Breguet Héritage Collection

Nowhere is Breguet's legacy more beautifully exemplified than in the Héritage Collection. The Héritage Collection is a tribute to the brand's founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet, and his pioneering contributions to the world of watchmaking. With graceful, curvaceous cases and meticulously crafted dials, each watch is a harmonious symphony of form and function.
Every component, from the delicately guilloché engraved dials to the intricately decorated movements, is meticulously crafted by the skilled hands of Breguet's artisans. The hallmark feature of the Héritage Collection is its tonneau (barrel) shaped cases, clean and classic dial layout with Breguet-style hands, and high-quality mechanical movements.

Breguet Reine de Naples Collection

The Reine de Naples Collection draws its inspiration from the world's first wristwatch, created by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1810 for Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples. This historical masterpiece laid the foundation for an entire lineage of exceptional timepieces crafted to adorn the wrists of queens, empresses, and women of incomparable grace.
From Queen Caroline Murat to Empress Josephine, these watches have beautified the wrists of royalty, symbolizing grace, strength, and refinement. Features include an iconic oval case, reminiscent of a delicate egg, adorned with diamonds and other precious gemstones. You'll also find mother-of-pearl dials intricately hand-engraved and adorned with elegant numerals, enchanting the heart with their ethereal beauty.

Breguet Grand Complications Collection

The Grand Complications Collection showcases an array of complications that boggle the mind and delight the senses. These timepieces are the apex of mechanical artistry. From minute repeaters that chime the time with melodious precision to perpetual calendars that track the heavens themselves, all the watches here are mechanical marvels.
Some models incorporate split-second chronographs, while others display tourbillons and the phases of the moon as it waxes and wanes. Many watches in the collection also include a power reserve indicator, and Breguet showcases the intricate beauty of mechanical movements through skeletonized dials and/or sapphire crystal case backs.
In the Breguet Grand Complications Collection, the laws of physics bend to the will of the watchmaker.

How Much Do Breguet Watches Cost?

The price range of Breguet watches is as diverse as the intricate complications found within them. At the lower end of the spectrum, you'll find elegant yet modestly priced pieces that still carry the unmistakable Breguet DNA. These entry-level models, typically in the Classique and Reine de Naples collection, start around $16,000 to $20,000.
At the pinnacle of Breguet's artistry are their Grand Complication timepieces, like the Classique Grandes Complications or the Marine Grand Complication, and their price tags are commensurate with their complexity and range from $100,000 to a million dollars.

Model Starting Price Unique Feature
Breguet Classique 7137BB/Y5/9VU $42,100 Hand-engraved dial on a rose engine, moon phase & power reserve indicator
Breguet Marine Hora Mundi 5557 White Gold Blue Dial $72,700 Dual preset time zones with instant-jump and synchronized date, day/night, and city displays.
Breguet Tradition Quantième Rétrograde $40,800 Retrograde date function and open-worked dial with a captivating view of the watch's gears, bridges, and other components.
Breguet Type XXII Flyback Chronograph 3880ST/H2/3XV $21,200 High-frequency movement of 10 Hertz (Hz), Flyback Chronograph function.
Breguet Heritage 5400BR/12/9V6 $45,300 Curved tonneau-shaped case in 18-carat rose gold.
Breguet Reine de Naples 9818BB/5V/922/DD0D $38,800 Oval-shaped case in 18-carat white gold with lavender-colored mother-of-pearl, individually numbered and signed by Breguet.
Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat 5377PT/12/9WU $173,000 One of the thinnest tourbillon watches in the world

Best Selling Breguet Watches

Breguet produces a wide range of exquisite timepieces; however, here are the top watches recognized among the brand's best sellers and highly regarded by watch enthusiasts.

Breguet Classique (ref. 5177BR/15/9V6)

Popular for seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with contemporary horological technology, the Réf. 5177BR/15/9V6 is a symbol of the brand's 246 years of dedication to watchmaking excellence.
Powered by the self-winding Caliber 777Q movement, the watch is presented in a 38mm rose gold case, with coin-edge detailing that offers a tactile connection to history. Beneath the sapphire crystal lies the exquisite "Grand Feu" enamel dial with the iconic Breguet blue hour and minute hands. The watch is paired with a rich brown alligator leather strap.

Breguet Marine Hora Mundi 5557 White Gold Blue Dial on Rubber Strap (ref. 5557BB/YS/5WV)

Crafted in 43.9mm ethereal white gold and adorned with a captivating blue dial, this timepiece embodies precision, sophistication, and a timeless allure that is sure to leave horology enthusiasts spellbound.
Whether you're a globetrotter or simply cherish connections with far-flung loved ones, the instant-jump timezone display feature ensures you're always in sync with the world, no matter where your adventures take you.
Popular for the impressive complications concealed within, this watch also boasts city displays, a date, and a day and night indicator, which serves as a reminder of the Earth's perpetual dance between light and shadow.
It is powered by the Calibre 77F1 with 384 components and is available on a leather strap, rubber strap, or gold bracelet.

Breguet Tradition (ref. 7597BB/G1/9WU)

With a 40mm 18-karat white gold case that gleams with a warmth that is as inviting as it is regal, this watch is a testament to Breguet's technical prowess. The open-worked dial reveals the watch's inner workings, allowing you to witness the mesmerizing ballet of gears, springs, and bridges.
But the true marvel lies within the self-winding anthracite movement that keeps impeccable time and serves as a canvas for Breguet's innovative spirit. Breguet flawlessly fuses heritage with innovation as the sapphire crystal case back reveals the meticulously decorated Calibre 505Q.

Breguet Transatlantique Type XXII (ref. 3880BR/Z2/RXV)

Among the luminous stars in the firmament of luxury watches, the Breguet Transatlantique Ref. 3880BR/Z2/RXV is a horological masterpiece with undeniable elegance. The deep, lustrous blue dial, adorned with intricate guilloché patterns and encased in 43mm 18kt Rose Gold, is nothing short of captivating.
This watch is equipped with a high-frequency escapement that beats at a staggering 10 Hertz (the equivalent of 72,000 VPH). This impressive feat of horological engineering allows the central seconds hand to sweep around the dial with a fluidity that is almost hypnotic. It features a flyback chronograph, GMT/2nd TimeZone sub-dial, continuous running 30-second subdial at the 9, and a date window in the 6 o'clock subdial.

Breguet Movements

Breguet movements are considered some of the finest in the world of horology. The company has a long history of crafting movements with exceptional timekeeping capabilities, a tradition that continues to this day.
Breguet is primarily known for its mechanical movements, produced in-house with cutting-edge materials and technologies that enhance their durability and performance.
The brand is arguably the best in the creation of automatic or self-winding movements and traditional manual wind movements.

Breguet Watch Colors

Breguet offers a wide range of colors for its watch dials, cases, and straps to cater to various tastes and styles. The most common colors you can find in Breguet's catalog include white, black, blue, champagne, silver or rose gold dial, brown, and gray. Breguet also offers two-tone watches with a combination of colors, such as a silver dial with rose gold accents, etc.
Less common colors include green, from subtle olive hues to vibrant emerald shades, ivory-colored dials, and mother-of-pearl dials, which feature soft, luminous colors such as white, pink, blue, and/or lavender.

Breguet Watch Materials

Breguet's meticulous attention to detail extends to the selection of materials used in crafting its timepieces. Breguet commonly uses stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, and bronze for its cases. It also offers high-end models in various gold options, including yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.
Sapphire crystal is used by Breguet for watch crystals (the transparent protective cover), and premium leather, metal bracelets, rubber, silicon, and nylon straps are used for the straps. In some cases, the brand offers straps made from precious metals, such as gold or platinum. It also incorporates precious gemstones, such as diamonds, into the design of the dials, bezels, or even the bracelet, adding a luxurious and dazzling element to select models.

Breguet Watch Types

Breguet is renowned for its superlatively accurate chronograph watches with features for measuring elapsed time intervals. It also produces exceptional dive watches designed for underwater exploration.
In addition to these sports watches, Breguet is celebrated for its exquisite dress watches, characterized by their timeless and sophisticated design, aviation watches, exceptionally complicated watches, and limited-edition watches. There is also a dedicated collection of women's watches that feature delicate designs, mother-of-pearl dials, and precious gemstone accents, catering to the preferences of discerning women.

Breguet Watch Complications

Breguet is regarded as one of the masters of watch complications in the world of haute horlogerie (high-end watchmaking). Breguet's watchmaking expertise can be traced back to Abraham-Louis Breguet's mastery of acoustic engineering, which is evident in Its complications.
Notable complications found in Breguet watches include Chronographs, Tourbillons, Simple and Perpetual Calendars, Moon Phase displays, GMT (Dual Time Zone), World Timers, Minute Repeaters, and Power Reserve Indicators.
Breguet watches sometimes incorporate retrograde displays for functions like date or day of the week. These displays use a unique mechanism to "jump back" to the starting position once they reach the end of their scale.
Unique and highly complex complications such as the "Breguet Equation Marchante," which combines a tourbillon and perpetual calendar with a running equation of time, also exist.

Breguet Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors

Breguet, steeped in tradition, has focused on maintaining its own brand identity and heritage. The brand has steered clear of trendy collaborations, celebrity endorsements, and even online sales.
However, the Swiss Marque has provided support to various cultural and artistic institutions through sponsorships and partnerships. This support includes contributions to museums, exhibitions, and events celebrating art, culture, sports, and environmental conservation causes. The brand announced its partnership with the Race for Water Foundation in 2018, Frieze Art Fair in 2022, and the Royal Albert Hall in June 2023.
Breguet watches have graced the wrists of prominent individuals, including celebrities and notable personalities across various fields, including politics, entertainment, and sports. Some famous people who owned a Breguet timepiece include Sir Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin, Luke Bryan, and the legendary Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, amongst many others. Breguet never pays endorsers to wear its watches.

Buying Breguet Watches

Breguet operates its own boutiques in major cities around the world and has a network of authorized dealers and retailers in various countries where you can purchase its watches. These dealers are selected by Breguet for their reputation and commitment to delivering a high-quality customer experience.
You can find a diverse selection of both classic and contemporary Breguet models at Exquisite Timepieces, an authorized dealer of Breguet watches.
You can also purchase a Breguet watch from auction houses, online watch forums, and marketplaces; however, exercise caution and verify authenticity when buying from such private sellers.

Caring for Your Breguet Watch

We understand that purchasing a Breguet watch is acquiring a heirloom destined to be treasured across generations. Since Breguet watches are intricate mechanical devices, proper care is essential to ensure their longevity.
Unfortunately, no matter how diligently you care for your watch, the passage of time will reveal the need for expert watch repair. This is a natural part of the watch ownership experience, and choosing a reputable and experienced watch repair service is necessary to preserve the beauty, precision, and value of your Breguet watch.
Exquisite Timepieces is proud to offer a world-class watch service that is committed to preserving the legacy of your timepiece. Whether your watch needs routine maintenance, a complete overhaul, or repairs, our services cover a wide spectrum of needs. We send each timepiece safely and securely packaged to only authorized service facilities directly to handle each one and restore your watch to its original specifications using the finest components.

Breguet FAQ

Why is Breguet so expensive?

Breguet watches are expensive due to their exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, use of high-quality materials, historical significance, and limited production.

Is Breguet worth buying?

Yes, Breguet watches are worth buying due to the luxury and value they offer.

Is Breguet a luxury watch brand?

Yes, Breguet is a high-end Swiss luxury watch brand and is one of the most prestigious brands in the world.

Who are the famous owners of Breguet watches?

Notable owners of Breguet watches include Napoleon Bonaparte, Sir Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria, Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, Alexander I of Russia, and former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

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