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Breguet Type XX Watches

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Vintage styles are always in and Breguet’s Type XX collection does not disappoint. The Breguet Type XX line is inspired by aviation and the French military. It features a complex flyback chronograph. The numbers and hands have a sleek matte finish to help block reflections of light. The Breguet Type XX series dials feature Luminova on the hands, providing the wearer with glow-in-the-dark readability. Looking for Breguet Type XX watches for sale can be challenging when you are not sure where to begin. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Breguet Type XX watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Breguet Type XX authorized dealer.


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Breguet Type XX Review

The Breguet Type XX is a famous pilot watch. Pilot watches are both lightweight and convenient. They manufactured it in such a manner that they can withstand the harsh ride of a cockpit aircraft. They engineered Breguet watches to work in extreme circumstances such as low-light conditions, cold and pressurized cabins, or even magnetic settings. This Breguet Type XX has performed effectively in all extreme conditions, in the desert, the seaside, or capital cities.

Breguet Type XX watches have a black dial with Arabic numerals that contrast with it. It has a clock, which remains a convenient tool for pilots. Breguet Type 20 additionally has revolving and very valuable bezels.


History of Breguet Type XX

Wristwatches have a rich aviation past. In 1939, troops and pilots used wristwatches more than just pocket watches to measure flight times, artillery heights, longitude, and troop movements.

In 1954 at a time of growing prevalence of long haul transatlantic flights, Rolex introduced the GMT Master in conjunction with Pan Am Airways. The extraordinary feature of it is that the wearer could check multiple time zones at the same time.

In the 1950s, Breguet produced its primitive type 20 wristwatch prototype chronograph. In 1958, Breguet commissioned the French Aéronavale, the naval air arm of the French Navy, to generate a set of 500 enumerated parts with the solid case back of the gravure.

Type 20 watches related to the above-mentioned B-Uhr pilot watches that the German Army commissioned, required to fulfill certain specifications. It includes a 38 mm diameter stainless steel case, a flyback chronograph, a revolving bezel etched with a 12-hour scale, a 35-hour power reserve, a luminescent material on the hands and the dial, and a precision of 8 seconds.


Breguet Type XX Aerospace

Breguet is one of three out of six brands still in service that they developed to produce Type 20 and Type 21 chronographs. Breguet also manufactures a new, third-generation Type XX that pays tribute to the vintage Type 20.

The Type XX third generation was branded as the Breguet Type XX Aéronavale Chronograph (ref. 3800ST/92/9W6) and introduced in 1995 and is still on the list for sale. The automatic caliber 582 operated it based on the Lemania caliber 1350, with the flyback module attached to the end. The movement performs at a 4 Hz rate and has a 48-hour power reserve.

Compared to the Lemania caliber 1350, they designed the parts to a higher degree, with embellishments such as the Geneva rotor stripes, the radial graining on the primary plate, and the straight-grained bridges and levers.

Breguet Type XX has a 39 mm stainless steel case, a sturdy case back, a flyback feature, luminescent hands, and luminescent printed numerals, although the bezel has a 0-60 scale instead of a 12-hour scale, and the case is 1 mm larger.

In 1999, the Swatch Company purchased Breguet, which included the Lemania factory – and since then has marvelously modernized the factory – but interestingly, the Type XX movement has remained the same for more than two decades. The current Type XX third-generation watch is a fantastic watch that follows nearly all the initial Type 20 requirements.

Breguet Type XX in an identical steel shell, though a little smaller, fitted with a new Breguet chronograph movement, such as caliber 589F, which beats at a rapid rate of 10 Hz (72,000 vph) and has a second time zone.

The secret to a piece of tribute like this is to preserve what makes the older model look stunning. In this situation, the second-generation Type 20s with black rotating bezels – one with a bi-complex and the other with a tri-complex design – may be the most attractive.


What is Unique About Breguet Type 20 watches?

The key feature of this Breguet Type XX collection is the flyback chronograph movement device. A flyback allows the watch to make a new session from zero, only by pushing a particular button. On the other hand, a classic timepiece needs a three-step reset process. First, press the button to pause it at two. Next, set it back to zero at four, and eventually, start it again at two. This flyback chronograph is useful, especially when there are several distances or intervals.

When you fly at a steady speed, you need to check the time you're taking to travel a certain distance. If you have driven the distance, adjust the clock to start a new session.

Type XX is known as one of the best timepieces of the century, particularly in pilot watches. The watch is highly readable, precise, realistic, and pilots can implement it while traveling or in official meetings. It's a fair watch and a modern update of the classic Breguet Type 20.


Breguet Type 20 Watches Prices

  • The Breguet Type XX Transatlantique Fly-back Chronograph 3820ST/H2/9W6 is an extraordinary timepiece that Exquisite Timepieces offer for $10,600.00. It retains classically good looks, timeless proportions, and details, but a modern sports watch stance. The sapphire is wonderfully bubble shaped. It has a pleasant swell and curvature to it to evoke a vintage mid-century plexiglass crystal. This watch is a part of the modern luxury era relaunch of Type 20 in 1995.


  • The Breguet Type XX Transatlantique Fly-back Chronograph 3820ST/H2/SW9 is on sale for $12,000.00. This timepiece has a historical legend on its own and the icon of the Breguet manufacturer. It is the one enduring model from the time when Breguet made serious watches for serious people. Therefore, the legacy watch stretches back to 1954 and the French Military Type 20 contract, but it is a modern luxury watch relaunched in 1994 with exceptional features.


  • The Breguet Type XX Transatlantique Chronograph Steel 4820ST/D2/S76. It is on sale for $11,800.00 on Exquisite Timepieces. The stainless steel case surrounds a black dial, while an automatic movement powers the hands and date window. The case measures 34 mm wide without the crown, 39 mm long with the lugs, and 12 mm thick. The bracelet will fit a wrist up to 6.5 inches and uses a butterfly clasp.

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