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Pre-owned Vacheron Constantin Watches

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Pre-Owned Vacheron Constantin Watches

One of the most appealing attributes of the watchmaking industry is the heritage of every renowned watchmaker. From Tag Heuer to Titan, every watchmaker has a legacy that their founders have left behind for them to follow. Vacheron Constantin is such a brand included in some of the oldest watchmaking companies globally as it has been around for over 265 years.

Being one of the earliest and most notable names in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Vacheron Constantin is still based in Geneva and Vallee de Joux even though the Richemont Group now owns it. Even after all of these years, Vacheron Constantin watches are still considered one of the most prestigious watches out there. The founder of Vacheron Constantin, Jean-Marc Vacheron, made many contributions to the watchmaking industry and is responsible for the company's excellent reputation.

Taking a look at Vacheron Constantin's rich history, buying used Vacheron Constantin watches is a dream come true for any watch enthusiast. By siphoning through pre-owned Vacheron Constantin watches, you will be able to find some of the rarest designs that are no longer in production. From vintage watch models to limited edition modern designs that were limited to a few pieces, a used Vacheron Constantin can be more valuable than a brand new one if you know where to look. The best place to buy Vacheron Constantin pre-owned is at Exquisite Timepieces, where you will find some of the unique Vacheron Constantin watches for sale.


The History of Vacheron Constantin

The history of this Swiss pioneer of the watchmaking industry is a rollercoaster. In 1755 at the age of 24, the master watchmaker Jean-Marc Vacheron opened his workshop in Geneva. Working with him was his son, Abraham-Louis Breguet, a master craftsman, cabinotier, and a keen horologist. Abraham's first renowned creation was the Silver watch, designed with a key-wound movement fastened to the solid silver case.

As far as the great Jean-Marc Vacheron himself is concerned, he is known for inventing the first engine-turned dials, which were later adopted by every reputable watchmaker. In 1785, Jean-Marc Vacheron gave his son the company's reins. His son ran the company during the decade of the French Revolution. After the death of Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1805, his grandson Jaques-Barthélemy took charge of the company in 1810. While many businesses have met their demise after the founder's death, Vacheron is not one of them. Jaques-Barthélemy proved to be a successful successor to Jean-Marc Vacheron as he expanded the Vacheron business overseas by initiating exports to France and Italy. In 1819 however, Jaques-Barthélemy was having trouble running the business alone, so he sought out business partners and encountered the visionary business strategist François Constantin. To recognize both of these extraordinary individuals, the company name was changed to Vacheron et Constantin.

Over the years, many notable individuals who have worn a Vacheron watch include Harry Truman, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Duke of Windsor. Today, Vacheron Constantin is just as big a name in the luxury watch industry.


What Makes Vacheron Constantin Watches Unique?

Vacheron Constantin has always been a brand that innovates and ventures into new styles of watches. They have always been trendsetters rather than trend followers and have a history of making some of the most complicated luxury watches available. For instance, the 1918 luxury watch is one of the most complicated watches of the era, commissioned by Ward Packard of Packard Automobiles.

Being the oldest watch manufacturer in continuous production, Vacheron Constantin has amassed knowledge regarding watch designs over more than 260 years. Due to this, their watch designs are always one of a kind and cannot be compared to any other luxury watch. Apart from the design itself, the movement system used in Vacheron Constantin watches is also top-notch.


Current Watch Collections by Vacheron Constantin

The Patrimony Collection

Comprised of 18 watches in the Patrimony Contemporaine Line and 82 models in the Patrimony Traditionnelle selections, this is the most sought out collection by Vacheron Constantin. Introduced in 2000,  it is also the oldest collection by Vacheron Constantin.


The Malte Series 

Unlike the sheer luxury the Patrimony collection exudes, the Malte Series of Vacheron Constantin watches is based on their emblem's origin since 1880, the Maltese Cross.


The Quai De L'Ile

This collection consists of 21 watches and is named after the original headquarters location of Vacheron Constantin in the heart of Geneva.


The Overseas

This is the only sports watch collection by Vacheron Constantin, and it is one of the best ones around. The 24 Vacheron Constantin watches in this collection are divided into four categories of complications, classical, diamond-set, and open-worked.


The 1972 Series

This collection has 13 watches and won the highly-prestigious "Diplôme du Prestige de la France" in Paris in 1972, a testimony for its quality.


The Historiques

 A collection of eight different watch shapes gives tribute to the past by mixing it with modern, contemporary designs.


The Metiers D'Art

This collection of Vacheron Constantin watches gives the designers a free hand to go wild with their designs. In the watchmaking industry, this collection is one of the most creative yet elegant collections.


Why Should You Buy used Vacheron Constantin Watches?

While the phrase 'used watches' doesn't seem very appealing, a watch collector would know the value of pre-owned watches. In this case, a used Vacheron Constantin can prove to be a lot more valuable than any new luxury watch that you get.

Vacheron Constantin is a brand whose pre-owned watches are perfect for any watch collector because of its rich tradition. Being the oldest watchmaker currently producing watches, they have created an uncountable number of watches over time. Simultaneously, because of the freedom they give their designers and their general approach towards watchmaking, their watches are unique and unorthodox. By buying pre-owned Vacheron Constantin watches, you can get your hands on some of the rarest models produced by Vacheron Constantin. Whether it be an antique watch or a new one with limited pieces for sale, a good collection of Vacheron Constantin watches will allow you to get your hands on all of them.

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