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About Panerai

The name Panerai has been synonymous with elegance and luxury for many years. To date, Panerai continues to amaze the watchmaking world with the most distinct and recognizable timepieces, and watch enthusiasts know this very well. Look at Panerai's iconic Bronzo, Radiomir, and Luminor models, and you'll see why it's one of the most renowned watch brands across generations.

Like other watch brands, Panerai has had its ups and downs but overcame every time. At some point, the brand had to part ways with Rolex in the 1950s. Despite that, their rich history and iconic styles have enabled Panerai watches to feature on the wrists of favorite actors of all times like Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

Head over to Exquisite Timepieces for multiple preowned Panerai watches. As you browse our luxury listing, we'll continue informing you about some fascinating things that have made Panerai what it is today. Keep reading!


History of Panerai Watches

In 1860, Giovanni Panerai founded the Panerai Company in Florence, Italy. The original place where the company first started served as a school, workshop, and shop. In fact, the first watchmaking school in the city of Florence was the Panerai Company. In the course of its growth, Panerai endeavored to create connections with renowned Swiss watchmaking companies. By doing this, Panerai ensured that his timepieces featured the best designs and parts.

At the onset of the 20th century, Guido, Panerai's grandson, took control of the company. In his tenure, Guido continued to enhance the brand, although he felt that the company needed a new vision. With aggression and dedication for work, the company began to create precision mechanisms, including mechanical calculators, depth gauges, and timing instruments. The change helped foster Panerai's longstanding and fruitful relationship with the Italian Navy, giving the brand a chance to produce military watches. That when Radiomir came into being, they now produce the Radiomir collection.

As Panerai perfected its luminous technology in Panerai Luminor watches and enjoyed the patent, a tumultuous period for them began in the 1970s. This marked a critical turning point for the company. Dino Zei took over after almost a century of family ownership and led the company through the quartz crisis by reverting its classic models and traditions.

Just before we ushered in the 21st century, the company's ownership changed hands again. The Richemont Group acquired Panerai in 1997. The change of ownership afforded Panerai larger production and distribution networks. Currently, Panerai watches continue to push the frontiers of innovation by utilizing cutting edge technology and new materials such as carbotech.


What Makes Panerai Watches Exquisite?

A Panerai watch can still be in use many years after its production. Its exquisite features and values make it stand out. Here's what we are talking about:


Exquisite Designs and Components: The Panerai brand is a very illustrious and revered watchmaking establishment. Indeed, Panerai watches outstanding design and features have outlived the man who created it. At first, the watches were made for military use. The military background allows the Panerai watches to showcase a rugged, robust, and utilitarian character. To date, the background, further innovations, and signature cushion-shaped case have played a key role in the brand. Panerai watches enjoy massive love for their simple but luxury aesthetics.

We can't assume the variety of quality materials used in the production. Whether you need bronze, ceramic, steel, titanium carbotech, gold, or carbo watches, you'll get it. You'll also have a chance to pick your favorite colors that range from black to green. Beyond the casing, Panerai watch straps look elegant at all times. The tastefully made straps ensure the watch fits the wearer comfortably without having to suffer from chafing on their wrists. The straps contribute a lot to the luxury taste, thanks to the brand making straps from materials of unparalleled quality and design.

The Complicated and Powerful Movements: Watch enthusiasts are forever keen on watches' complications and performance. Any watch lover will tell you that movements define the quality of a wristwatch. During the early days, Panerai leveraged movements from various sources, whether in-house or externally. At some point in 1935, Panerai partnered with Rolex to produce diver watches that used Rolex movement. Fast forward to 2004, Panerai now strictly makes in-house movements in its research and development center based in Switzerland. The in house movements range from P.2002 to P.2006. Others include P.6000, P.9000, and P.9010, and the complications advance over the years.


Why Should You Buy Preowned Panerai Watches for sale?

Most watch connoisseurs today have discovered the joy of owning preowned Panerai watches. That's why all the used Panerai watches at the Exquisite Timepieces store have undergone thorough assessment and quality assurance to ensure you own a luxury timepiece in excellent condition. Why used Panerai? Read more below.

A watch with a famous name and rich history attracts many people. It's no different here. Every Panerai preowned comes with a legendary name and tradition. The preowned Panerai watches' legendary nature is due to its watchmaking tradition and maintaining a positive reputation since the days of the founder, Giovanni Panerai. The fact that Panerai is revered in the watchmaking world makes a used Panerai watch an extremely wise investment.

We can't forget the excellent precision and style. To guarantee precision and style, Panerai watches undergo rigorous testing. That's why used Panerai watches are capable of withstanding the rigors of time, even from one generation to the next, while maintaining their customary elegance. Used Panerai watch price is quite favorable — from $3,000.00 to $33,000.00. That allows you to own a wristwatch with a tasteful fusion of classic and modern style. 

Exquisite Timepieces is your certified home of quality Panerai watches for sale. Browse our stores for timeless wristwatches that serve your purpose. We're delighted to allow you to own a pre-owned Panerai watch of your dream at the most competitive prices.

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