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Kross Studio Death Star™ Ultimate Collector Set

Kross Studio Death Star™ Ultimate Collector Set






Kross Studio 1989 Batmobile Desk Clock

Kross Studio 1989 Batmobile Desk Clock






About Kross Studio Watches

Launched in 2020, this young brand has already established itself as a contemporary powerhouse of high watchmaking. With avant-garde designs, modern materials, and high-end finishing, Kross Studio aims to create watches for those unbound by traditional concepts and limitations.
While conversing with traditional watchmaking with their tourbillon-based movement, they also engage with many aspects of pop culture, collaborating with DC Comics, the Star Wars franchise, Hasbro with Transformers, and with the famed television series Game of Thrones. By doing so, Kross Studio aims to be a brand of contemporary relevance.

Kross Studio History

Kross Studio announced the formation of the brand in the spring of 2020. With the goal of upending traditional watchmaking, and by collaborating with various partners, Kross Studio creates high-performance collectibles that merge the artistry of high-end watchmaking, contemporary design, fine art, and pop culture.
Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows them to create and produce their avant-garde ideas, such as their centrally mounted floating tourbillon caliber, the KS'7000. This movement has served their various collections thus far, with different collaborations offering creative takes on the floating tourbillon.
Kross Studio has also developed accessories, such as watch winders and watch storage, aimed to be companions to their existing timepieces created with their collaborators.

Kross Studio Collections

The Kross Studio collections all center around their KS'7000 movement, with the same 45mm lugless case design. The different collections they offer vary mainly by dial design and by materials.

Kross Studio x Star Wars

In collaboration with the famed movie franchise, Kross Studio has created two timepieces borrowing themes from the films, the Death Star and Boba Fett models, along with a TIE Fighter-based watch winder and watch rolls based on characters from the movies. The Death Star and Boba Fett limited edition watches take these icons from the films as the design inspiration for the timepieces.
The Death Star watch includes a Death Star as the central rotating tourbillon and comes with a scaled-down Kyber Crystal movie prop and container to hold the watch and additional straps. For the Boba Fett model, the complete set includes a model starship, with the Boba Fett watch resting in the cockpit.

Kross Studio DC Comics The Batman Collection

Focusing on the famed DC Comic hero, the Batman Collection continues the dark themes from the comic and translates them into a piece of haute horology. With the tourbillon featuring the famous Batman logo, the black DLC titanium watch comes with a display case that is a functional miniaturized Bat signal.
In addition to the limited edition tourbillon, Kross Studio also has a Batmobile desk clock, with a digital time display in the hood of the miniature Batmobile scale model, powered by a mechanical movement with a visible balance and 30-day power reserve.
For protection and transportation of your watches, Kross Studio makes watch rolls themed around Batman, Catwoman, and The Riddler.

Kross Studio KS 05 Collection

The KS 05 Collection is Kross Studio's core collection. While still a very contemporary design, the KS 05 has a more traditional-looking hour and minute hand and a clear view of the central tourbillon.
Keeping the same 45mm case design, the collection utilizes both titanium and gold as case materials, along with offering full diamond pavé options. For dials, the KS 05 collection offers aventurine, turquoise, and meteorite dials. If the engineering and design are fascinating, but a more traditional watch is desired, the KS 05 Collection is the place to look.

Kross Studio Transformers Collection

Drawing inspiration from the franchise's 40-year history along with Steven Caple's Rise of the Beast film, the Transformers Collection is a 10-piece limited edition that uses the KS 05 Central Tourbillon as the starting point and includes Mechatron Green accents, Cybertronix language engravings, and Transformers logo for the hour hand. The complete set consists of an Airazor for the presentation box that opens and closes with pressure applied to its head.

Kross Studio Game of Thrones Collection

A limited set of five unique watches inspired by "Game of Thrones" and "House of the Dragon," these watches take design inspiration from the dragons that were important to the series. Kross Studio created a red (Dragon), green (Rhaegal), brown (Viserion), blue (Viserion), and black (Balerion) set, each coming in a dragon egg presentation box.
The dragon motif is continued in the case of the watch, with accents on the dials representing the corresponding dragon. These timepieces are the ultimate collectors' pieces for fans of the franchise and complicated timepieces.

Kross Studio Lotus Collection

In collaboration with famed watch designer Alain Silberstein, the Lotus collection places a grade 5 titanium lotus flower as the central tourbillon. Keeping in line with Silberstein's signature bold Bauhaus-influenced design language, the DLC black titanium case has yellow accents on the time-setting pusher, along with the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock markers.
The hour hand is highlighted in blue, and the minute hand is in red. The presentation box continues these colors, and the geometric cone, sphere, and box make up the bold totem. The Lotus collection manages to be delightful and fun while still catering to seasoned watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Kross Studio Space Jam Collection

Inspired by the "Space Jam: A New Legacy" film released in 2021, the dial features the iconic Looney Tunes characters around the dial, with a basketball-shaped cage over the tourbillon.
With the blue and orange color scheme from the Looney Tunes team colors, the watch comes with a blue leather strap and an orange textured strap to match the texture of a basketball. To complete the set, the presentation box is made from wood and aluminum, taking the form of a basketball-shaped sculpture.

How much do Kross Studio Watches Cost?

Kross Studio blends contemporary pop culture, contemporary watch design, and haute horology with its centrally mounted tourbillon movement design and extensive hand finishing. On top of that, the elaborate presentation boxes and extra accessories are costly and labor-intensive. As such, Kross Studio watches for dedicated fans of their collaborators and watchmaking.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Kross Studio Ultimate Death Star Collector Set $150,000 Death Star for tourbillon cage, Kyber Crystal display box.
Kross Studio Batmobile Desk Clock $29,900 Scale model of the Batmobile, 30-day movement with 397 components for the movement and 115 components for the body.

Best Selling Kross Studio Timepieces

Given limited production numbers and high costs associated with their manufacturing, Kross Studio does sell a limited number of pieces. With that, some have some standout favorites amongst collectors.

Kross Studio Death Star™ Ultimate Collector Set

The Death Star limited edition of 10 pieces is intended for both fans of the films, and those interested in high-end design concepts. With a rotating Death Star as the tourbillon, the watch is delivered with an authentic Kyber Crystal movie prop, along with a scaled-down Kyber Crystal container serving as the presentation box for the timepiece.
The container is hand-assembled, consisting of over 700 parts, and also holds additional straps for the watch. The container has nine total compartments, with three compartments holding the watch, two additional straps, and the movie prop, Kyber Crystal. The additional six storage units are intended to store various other Star Wars collectibles. The watch itself is 45mm in diameter and is made of black DLC-coated grade 5 titanium.

Kross Studio 1989 Batmobile Desk Clock

Designed around the iconic Batmobile from the 1989 Tim Burton film, the Batmobile Desk Clock is made of 512 components, 397 of which are for the movement alone. This is because the movement is shaped and engineered around the shape of the completed clock and not the other way around, as traditionally seen on mechanical desk clocks.
The body is made of a black aluminum composite and finished in an aeronautic grade scratch-proof coating, making certain that the bold look of this clock is maintained for years to come. The time is read through the top of the hood, with the movement balance in place of the turbine. Parts of the movement can also be seen through the windows of the car. A Batman logo-shaped winding key is included to wind the movement to its full 30-hour power reserve.

Kross Studio Movements

While each model in their line is unique in its design, Kross Studio utilizes its KS 7005 central tourbillon movement in all of its timepieces. This manually wound caliber is hand-finished and assembled, and the time is set via pushers set into the case and wound via the case back. Consisting of 220 components and with a 5-day power reserve, they are engineered for accuracy and longevity.

Kross Studio Colors

Kross Studio watches are bold but not without reason. All of their collaborations take direct inspiration from the world of their partners, meaning the colors chosen are done deliberately. With the idea that these timepieces transport the owner to the world that these watches take inspiration from, the color choices are purposeful and done with the utmost care.

Kross Studio Watch Materials

Most Kross Studio timepieces are made out of grade 5 titanium, but other materials such as 18k gold and aluminum, are used in certain models. To create more variety with the grade 5 titanium material, Kross Studio frequently uses colored coatings that pair well with the vision the collaboration is aiming to achieve.

Kross Studio Watch Types

Kross Studio watches are certainly unique and contemporary. They do not fit into a traditional category, but owners of these special timepieces will easily find the right circumstances to enjoy Kross Studio's evocative creations.

Kross Studio Watch Complications

Kross Studio primarily focuses on tourbillon calibers for their wristwatches. Often referenced as one of the most complicated calibers to create, Kross Studio has built on this complication as a creative platform and as a showcase of watchmaking know-how.

Kross Studio Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors

In contrast to many other brands, Kross Studio currently does not have brand ambassadors but collaborates with brands, franchises, and designers to create unique timepieces. In this context, the two parties actively create new products.

Buying Kross Studio Watches

The best way to purchase a Kross Studio watch is from authorized dealers and from the brand's own website. Given the limited nature and focus on dedicated collectors, used examples are difficult to come by. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized retailer of Kross Studio timepieces and would be more than happy to assist anyone interested in purchasing a Kross Studio watch.

Caring for Your Kross Studio Watch

Kross Studio builds contemporary horology works of art built to the highest standards expected from collectors of haute horology. Their tourbillons and hand finishing are a testament to their quality, but they still require regular service and maintenance.
Exquisite Timepieces offers servicing for many watches, including Kross Studio timepieces. Exquisite Timepieces can assist in ensuring your Kross Studio watch continues to run as it should for decades. Should a problem arise with a highly complicated timepiece or restoration, as a Kross Studio authorized dealer, Exquisite Timepieces can assist in getting your watch serviced by Kross Studio.

Find your new Kross Studio watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Whether it is your first purchase or adding to an existing collection, Exquisite Timepieces is ready to assist you as an authorized retailer for Kross Studio timepieces, both in-store and online. With our showroom in Naples, Florida, and a full staff available, Exquisite Timepieces is happy to aid in adding a new watch to your collection.
As an authorized dealer, all new Kross Studio timepieces have their full manufacturer warranties and will be shipped free of charge and fully insured. Should you have any questions, please reach out and contact us, and an Exquisite Timepieces representative will be happy to assist you.