Nivada Grenchen

Discover the robust and reliable timepieces of Nivada Grenchen, in the watchmaking industry since 1926. Known for their breakthrough innovations, such as the first waterproof automatic watch worn by the American Navy’s Deep Freeze 1 in 1955, and the first diver’s watch with a depth indicator in 1964. Explore their collections: Chronomaster, Aviator, and Sea Diver, and find your perfect watch with Nivada Grenchen.

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About Nivada Grenchen Watches

Nivada Grenchen - The Swiss Phoenix That Rose From Its Ashes

Nivada Grenchen, as it currently stands, is a revival brand that holds a particularly enticing space in the world of neo-vintage timepieces.
With an amazing back catalog to pick from, Nivada Grenchen has an opportunity to bring to life the heritage and legacy of a brand that was almost lost to time.
The use of modern materials to recreate an almost 1:1 copy of some of the brand's most beloved watches is why so many enthusiasts are drawn to the brand as a whole.
Another reason Nivada Grenchen is gaining traction amongst watch nerds is the price point.
Nivada Grenchen is currently producing five models, the Antarctic, Chronomaster, Depthmaster, Datomaster, and the F77. All models are coming in under $2,000, with the Antarctic, Depthmaster, and Mecaquartz Datomaster coming in under $1,000

From the South Pole and Ocean Depths, To South Korea and Mexico, And Back to Switzerland

Nivada Grenchen was founded in 1926, a time when things were made to last, to be remembered, and to be built to a standard that would create history and legacy.
During its time as a manufacturer of amazing timepieces, Nivada Grenchen would have many accomplishments, one of the most famous being their accompaniment of a U.S. Navy expedition led by Admiral Robert Byrd to the South Pole called Operation Deep Freeze.
The aptly named Nivada Grenchen Antarctic would cement itself as a no-nonsense, robust, and highly reliable timepiece tough enough to endure some of the world's most treacherous conditions.
As the brand's popularity grew, Nivada Grenchen would produce a trio of dive watches in the 1960s, the Chronomaster, the Depthomatic, and the Depthmaster, which would become some of their most popular models.
Unfortunately, like so many stories from the world of watches, the brand lost its footing in the 1980s. Unable to withstand the blow of the quartz crisis, Nivada Grenchen would be sold to the South Korean Kim Suk Keun Watch Company.
After being lost to obscurity in the far east, Nivada Grenchen would be sold again in the early 2000s to the Mexican business firm Industrial Omega SA de CV.
But, like any good comeback story, Nivada Grenchen would find its way back to its homeland Switzerland and back into the hearts of watch enthusiasts in 2018 when Guillaume Laidet and Remi Chabrat revived the brand and brought it back from the dead.

Nivada Grenchen Watches Price Guide

As we mentioned earlier, Nivada Grenchen timepieces are rather affordable in the world of watches. While they are not an under-$500 budget-minded timepiece, you are getting a Swiss-made watch from a brand whose legacy is quickly becoming known to enthusiasts, and that is a great thing to see. Below is a table with all five of the models, their starting prices, and some unique features.

Model Starting Price Unique Feature
Super Antarctic 3.6.9 $750 Reissue of the original Antarctic that was a part of the Operation Deep Freeze expedition
Chronomaster- Broad Arrow Manual $1,795 Revival of the watch dubbed "The watch for all time". Manually Wound Sellita SW510 M BH B
Depthmaster- Pacman $950 Iconic Art Deco styled dial and cushion case
Datomaster Mecaquartz $450 36mm Chronograph- Small size for a small wrist
F77 $1,150 Reissue of a 1977 integrated bracelet sports watch

A True Polar Explorer - Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctic Collection

The Super Antarctic Collection is based on a piece from the Nivada Grenchen catalog that endured sub-zero temperatures on its expedition to the South Pole.
The modern yet faithful reissue of the Super Antarctic comes in a stainless steel case that has a diameter of 38mm, a lug-to-lug of 45mm, and a case thickness of 12mm. Some modern updates include a sapphire crystal, a Soprod P024 movement, and a screw-down crown.
The Super Antarctic comes with a few different dial variants, a 3,6,9 layout, a triangle marker layout, and a very 60s-inspired “Spider” sector dial, which is the only one with a date complication.

The Perfect Companion for the Land, Sea, and Air - Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster Collection

The Chronomaster collection really is a do-it-all watch. Much like the Fortis B42 Official Cosmonaut or the Bremont Supermarine Chrono, the Chronomaster is a robust chronograph that can do it all, land, sea, and air, for a fraction of the cost.
The Chronomaster is a modestly sized 38mm stainless steel cased watch. With a case thickness of only 13.75mm, this robust chronograph can easily slip under shirt cuffs and jackets.
The vintage-inspired double-domed sapphire crystal fits right in aesthetically with the design language of this faithful reissue.
Like the Super Antarctic, the Chronomaster comes with many dial, hand, and color options, allowing you to find a watch that truly fits your personality.

A 1970s Steel Sports Watch You Can Actually Buy - Nivada Grenchen F77 Collection

There has been no slowing down of the train that is the 70s-inspired integrated steel sports watch trend.
So, it is rare to stumble upon a timepiece whose design is rooted in the 70s, comes on an integrated bracelet, and is available to buy without being waitlisted or paying exorbitant amounts of money to get one. But the F77 is just that.
Staying faithful to the original, the F77 has a case diameter of 37mm, a lug-to-lug of 45mm, and a case thickness of 12.6mm.
The F77 comes in two colorways, blue and black, and offers a very beautifully embossed, carbon-patterned dial. You also have an option of a date and no-date version of both colors.
As far as accessible, integrated bracelet timepieces go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a watch with as much style and panache as the F77.

The Ultimate 100 ATM Dive Watch - Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Collection

The Depthmaster is a timepiece that offers so much at the price point that it definitely punches up for what it is.
You have an incredibly original and iconic design that also acts as an amazingly capable tool for even the most serious of divers.
Just as a reference for those new to dive watches, three of the original and most iconic dive watches of all time, the Rolex Submariner (300M), the Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms (300m), and the Zodiac Seawolf (200m), have a water resistance well under the Depthmaster.
The Depthmaster has a case diameter of 39mm, meaning it is very wearable and definitely fits in with the current trend we are seeing as brands are starting to downsize some of their timepieces.
But the standout feature for the Depthmaster has to be the iconic art-deco-designed “Pacman” dial. It is an absurdly cool dial design that earned its nickname due to the resemblance of the six and nine o'clock markers to the beloved video game character.