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Nivada Grenchen is a "lost" brand that was recently revived by young watch enthusiasts. This centennial brand is famous for creating timepieces that make a statement at remarkable prices any enthusiast would drool over.
Nivada relaunches its '70s luxury sports watch, the F77, and chooses to remain faithful to the original integrated bracelet watch that boasts a streamlined octagonal case and domed dial.

About Nivada Grenchen F77 Watches

The F77 is a steel sports watch with a typical design reminiscent of the 70s integrated sports watches. It's particularly seen as a model of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak with its octagonal case, Tapisserie dial, and integrated bracelet. The only visual difference is that the F77 has a more rounded case and a "basket-weave" dial.
Nivada Grenchen F77 measures only 37mm across the dial and has a lug-to-lug of about 45mm. The case thickness is about 12.6mm, but if you exclude the domed dial, it's only around 9-10mm thick.
However, the unique design (octagonal case and integrated bracelet) makes it wear larger than a typical 37mm watch on the wrists. It's worth giving this some thought if you have smaller wrists.
Its octagonal bezel is polished and has screws at each angle like integrated sports watches of the 70's.
Nivada Grenchen is an amphibious sports watch with 100 meters of water resistance with a screw-down crown. However, the lume is dull - it's liberally applied on the hands and only dotted on the indices. If you're looking for a dedicated dive watch instead, consider the Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster collection. They also improved the integrated lug in modern F77s, closing the gap that sinks into the wrist for better comfort.

Nivada Grenchen F77 History

Nivada Grenchen first launched the F77 in 1977. It's a nod to the cushion-shaped case watches of the time and among the pacesetters for luxury sports watches with an integrated bracelet.
But the F77 was special. Unlike steel men's sports watches of the time, this timepiece was an everyman's watch. Despite its intriguing design and multi-faceted finishing, it was affordable.
Perhaps due to this culture of affordability, Nivada Grenchen was hit by the quartz crisis in the late '70s. Since then, the brand has hit a gradual decline with several stints of dormancy and eventually stopped production of the F77.
Thanks to the efforts of Guillaume Laidet and Remi Bart, Nivada Grenchen was revived in 2018. While the Chronomaster, Antarctic, and Depthmaster were the frontrunners, the F77 was relaunched in 2023.
The new F77s stayed true to their nature with only small improvements like a millimeter smaller case, improved lugs, and a date option.

How Much Do Nivada Grenchen F77 Watches Cost?

The Nivada Grenchen F77 has a mindblowing retail price, just as it did when it was released over 40 years ago. All models cost around $1,300 for any dial style or date or no date.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Nivada Grenchen F77 Blue Dial $1,260 Gorgeous blue dial with embossed carbon pattern
Nivada Grenchen F77 Black Dial Date $1,260 Black basket-weave dial design and date function
Nivada Grenchen 68002A77 F77 Smoked Dial No Date $1,260 Smoked dial with no date window

What's Unique About Nivada Grenchen F77 Watches?

The F77 is awesome for being a chic sports watch reminiscent of the 70's. With its basket weave dial, fully integrated steel bracelet, and octagonal bezel, this timepiece offers something special.
More specifically, rather than using a precise octagon-shaped case like the sports watches of its era, Nivada played with curved lines. It's a round dial with an octagonal bezel, round edges, and straight lugs.
Here's what's more special than the geometric wonder of the F77. It's not just a great steel watch but also a viable budget alternative to Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak.

Nivada Grenchen F77 Movements

The Nivada Grenchen F77 uses the Swiss-made Soprod P024 automatic movement based on ETA 2824-2. It's the same movement used in iconic models like the Depthmaster and Antarctic.
This self-winding movement is the same one found in the date and no-date dial F77. It runs at 28,800 beats per hour and has 38 hours of power reserve and an incabloc shock for reliability and longevity.

Nivada Grenchen F77 Watch Colors

The F77 is a steel sports watch with the only color variants coming from the dials. As you may know, it has a basket-weave dial with multiple color variants.
That said, NIvada Grenchen has three colors: black, blue, and the smoked dial variant.
None of the F77s are brightly luminous, only using green applied Super-Luminova on the hands and the shiny silver applied indexes. In addition to the lume fading fast, the F77 isn't built for use in low-light conditions. The polished steel markers and rehaut, though, reflect light and offer improved legibility and beautiful light play under direct sunlight.

Nivada Grenchen F77 Watch Materials

Nivada Grenchen prides itself in making the F77 a steel-only luxury sports watch. The case, caseback, and integrated bracelets of all models are made from stainless steel.
The watch lens uses double-domed sapphire crystal with a flat top. The unique design makes it possible to see the dial clearly from all angles, and it has impressive scratch resistance.

Buying Nivada Grenchen F77 Watches

The F77 was only recently released, so prices are stable from Nivada and the secondary market. On Nivada Grenchen's official website, you're eligible for free worldwide shipping. But this offer excludes taxes.
You can also buy from authorized dealers like Exquisite Timepieces, where you can enjoy true free shipping and faster delivery. All models of the Nivada Grenchen F77 are in our catalog as well as other iconic models from the Swiss watchmaker.

Caring for Your Nivada Grenchen F77 Watch

Buying a Nivada Grenchen F77 is a significant investment, especially for first-time watch enthusiasts. Not to mention, it's a masterpiece that deserves special attention to preserve its beauty and engineering for decades.
In the event a mistake happens to damage your timepiece, you can rest assured only the best watchmakers will work on it. Our experienced team offers specialized repairs, cleaning, and restoration for the F77 and any watch in your collection.
Also, the Nivada Grenchen F77 uses one of the most popular watch movements in the world. So, if your timepiece ever glitches, you can trust the watchmakers at the Exquisite Timepieces service center to have it resolved. You'll evade the extra costs and time of contacting and using the Nivada Grenchen service center.

Nivada Grenchen F77 FAQ

When was the Nivada Grenchen F77 released?

The black and blue dial with or without date Nivada Grenchen F77 models were released in April 2023. Meanwhile, the smoked dial version of this sports watch was launched in September 2023.

How much is the Nivada F77?

All versions of the Nivada Grenchen F77 cost around $1,260, excluding shipping and taxes.

Find your new Nivada Grenchen F77 watch with Exquisite Timepieces

The Nivada Grenchen F77 is a budget chic sports watch, but buying one is a significant investment regardless. So, we strive to make your decision as hassle-free as possible. You can walk into our boutique in Naples, Florida, to have a feel of the F77 before purchasing, or shop directly from our online store.
Additionally, when you buy the F77 from our online store, Exquisite Timepieces also offers free insured shipping, ensuring your watch is delivered safely to your doorstep.

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