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Nivada Grenchen is one of the best-kept luxury GADA (Go Anywhere Do Anything) watch brands. A century-old Swiss watchmaker with a tradition of producing well-engineered tool watches at remarkably affordable prices.
From its new atelier at the foot of the famed Jura mountains, we offer the re-introduced water-resistant juggernaut, the Depthmaster.

About Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Watches

With a staggering depth capacity of 1000 meters, the Depthmaster was the highest water resistance watch in the world up until the late 1960s.
Nivada Grenchen is well known for making purpose-driven watches at accessible prices. This is still an impressive feat for today's dive watches and among the best ratings.
The Pacman version is named so not for its partnership with the video game brand but for the resemblance of its "art-deco" dial markers to the Pacman Doodle.
The cushion case style is called "Baby Panerai" or "Mini Panerai" because of its cushion-shaped case, which is reminiscent of the bigger and more popular Panerai watches.
Modern Depthmasters have more prominent bezel indicators and a finer brush finish ('60s models had lines) than 1964 models.
Nivada Grenchen offers the Depthmaster in two dial options: the classic Pacman and classic numeral dials. And one size of 39mm case and 47mm diameter lug-to-lug.
The new management also released a 100-piece limited edition Blacked-Out Depthmaster No-Barracuda after the relaunch. It was created to help divers focus on only important details, the dial and bezel. "No-Barracuda" is because it's not flashy and won't attract the ravenous and instinctive barracuda.

Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster History

Between the '30s and '50s, Nivada Grenchen released its first waterproof automatic watch, the Antarctic. It accompanied the U.S. Navy's Team Deep Freeze I in their expedition to the South Pole.
This led to the release of the water-resistant chronograph, the Chronomaster, in 1961, at a time when only brands like Patek Philippe could achieve such a feat. Popular chronographs like the Rolex Daytona and Omega Speedmaster were not waterproof during this time.
This buildup ushered in the release of the Depthmaster in 1964 - the first diving watch rated to reach 1000 meters (3280 feet) water resistance. What's more stunning is that Nivada managed to keep its reputation of setting a price for the category of everyman's watch.
However, despite this goodwill, Nivada Grenchen was severely hit by the Quartz crisis, which led to a production halt in the '80s. The company took on new leadership between 2018 and 2020.
The new owners, Guillaume Laidet and Remi Chabrat, maintained the design and pricing philosophy when they relaunched the Depthmaster in 2020.

How Much Do Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Watches Cost?

The Depthmaster is largely considered a steal for a dive watch with its capacity. Most models have a price range between $900 to $1,200, depending on the strap material.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Green Bezel Limited Edition 14117A04 $1,195 Green diving bezel, beads of rice bracelet
Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Numerals Date 14106A01 $995 Date dial, Tropic rubber strap
Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster 14105A02 Pacman on Brown Leather Strap $995 Automatic helium valve
Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Green Bezel Limited Edition 14117A17 $995 Superluminova insert in bezel, 50-piece limited edition
Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster White Pacman 14102A13 $1,195 White markers, Forstner Rivet stainless bracelet

What's Unique About Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Watches?

Two things make the Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster unique: its price-performance ratio and Pacman-like hour markers.
Nivada Grenchen combines robust stainless steel construction, solid caseback with extra threading, and a well-engineered crown to achieve its breathtaking water resistance of over 1000 meters. And it delivers all these for more than one-third the price of dive watches with similar or lower specifications from popular brands.
Also, Depthmaster "Pacmans" has an art deco font dial where the "6" and "9" hour markers look like the pellet-munching video game character. Aside from these two, the watch markers have a similar design and symmetrically align across the dial.

Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Movements

The Depthmaster uses a SOPROD P024 automatic movement. Alternatively, date Depthmaster models use the date version of the SOPROD P024.
Either movement is based on the popular self-winding ETA caliber 2824-2 with a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. Vintage Depthmasters used a Sellita caliber SW200 base.
The SOPROD P024 runs at a standard frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. It's also honed with 25 jewels for prolonged longevity and reliability.

Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Watch Colors

The Depthmaster collection predominantly relies on a black background to create a pop of colors in conjunction with the dial and other watch materials.
The black dial features oversized indices and markers with a patina color. Its intensity is strong enough it gives the vintage appeal but also bright enough that it looks like a stylish yellow.
With a black dial background, the Depthmaster's silver bezel shines, and the 15-minute scale adds a burst of red, green, or black.
The bracelets and straps present either a cool, calm, bold, or funky timepiece with either black brown or leather, blue tropic rubber, or silver stainless steel options.

Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Watch Materials

A Depthmaster uses materials engineered to survive the pressure of being immersed in a 1000-meter (3280 feet) water body.
Its case is a scratch and corrosion-resistant robust 316L stainless steel. It has several finishing patterns, particularly polished around the edges, and a brushed bezel for a tactical look.
The case is sealed with flat double-thickness sapphire crystal on the face and matching stainless steel for the caseback.
Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster also offers a choice of stainless steel oysters or beads of rice bracelet, leather (tan or black minimal stitch), or a rubber tropic strap. The straps are reinforced with screw-in pins to prevent falling off underwater.

Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Watch Complications

The Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster is a typical diver's watch. For safety underwater, it's equipped with a unidirectional bezel to record dive times. The bezel features a 60-minute marker with 15-minute scales, SuperLumiNova-insert (in some models), 120 clicks, and knurled edges to improve handling and reading experience underwater.
An automatic helium escape valve at 9 o'clock decompresses the case underwater if it reaches a pressure limit that might damage the watch.
Aside from these diving features, this Depthmaster is either a simple time-only or date watch.

Buying Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Watches

The good thing is buying a Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster is extremely easy. Nivada does online sales and even offers free shipping.
Exquisite Timepieces is also an authorized dealer carrying all models from the brand, including the Depthmaster Pacman and Classic Numeral. Although you'll pay for delivery, we offer free shipping insurance to ensure the safety of your watch until it reaches your doorstep.
Limited edition models can be purchased on the secondary market from trusted marketplaces.
You can walk into the store of an authorized dealer like Exquisite Timepieces to have a closer look before buying a Nivada Depthmaster.

Caring for Your Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster Watch

The Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster is a workhouse. It's a robust stainless steel build, and extra-protected movement makes it a rugged everyday watch.
However, with simple care, like consciously avoiding scratching the case and cleaning the watch occasionally, you'll preserve its shine for generations.
We understand mistakes can happen to damage your Depthmaster as you go about your daily life. That's why Exquisite Timepieces provides watch repair and watch servicing services depending on your situation.
Our team of experts is professional, well-equipped, and affiliated with several watch brands to source for parts. Trust your timepiece will be in safe hands if you decide to bring it for servicing after 4 years. Alternatively, feel free to send in your Depthmaster for cleaning, repair, and inspection before then.

Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster FAQ

When was the Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster released?

The Depthmaster was initially released in 1964 but was relaunched in 2020 by new founders Guillaume Laidet and Remi Chabrat.

What is the Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster lug to lug?

The Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster has a lug-to-lug length of 41mm and a width of 20mm.

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If you're ready to choose a new Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster, you're in the right direction. We understand buying a luxury watch is an investment, and you deserve to get the best for your money. Exquisite Timepieces offers all the Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster watches and other collections.
We are ready to guide you towards picking a suitable choice for your lifestyle.
Choose your watch from our online catalog and enjoy free insured shipping. Or take the Depthmaster for a dive at our Naples boutique.
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