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Nivada Grenchen, as we know it today, started in 1926, focusing on assembling watches by sourcing known ebauches from reliable manufactures with stylish dial and case designs. Largely successful, they eventually succumbed to the Quartz Crisis, with the name being sold multiple times. In 2018, Guillaume Laidet and Remi Chabrat purchased the Nivada Grenchen name and back catalog, facilitating the brand's relaunch in 2020.

About Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Watches

The Antarctic model from Nivada Grenchen rose to fame as being the watch that accompanied the first expedition to the South Pole. With the timepiece surviving the Antarctic climate, Nivada Grenchen was able to market the watch's durability.
Today, Nivada Grenchen has brought the model back in a multitude of iterations, from historically accurate time-only and diver models (like the Depthmaster collection) to more contemporary models regarding dimensions and water resistance ratings.

Nivada Grenchen Antarctic History

Soon after Nivada Grenchen's start in 1926, the brand started manufacturing some of the first automatic wristwatches in the 1930s. Nivada released the Antarctic model in 1950 as the brand's first water resistant automatic watch.
The watch was used by the United States Navy during its first expedition to the South Pole, Operation Deep Freeze, from 1955 through 1956. Contrary to modern conceptions, this svelte watch, with its stylish design, was able to withstand the trials and tribulations of the expedition and succeeded in becoming a popular model within the Nivada Grenchen catalog.
Today, the brand has resurrected the model and has stayed true to the original design, releasing the model in 35mm with a variety of dials, along with more contemporary-sized 38mm models and a skin diver variant.

How Much Do Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Watches Cost?

Nivada Grenchen has focused its brand on the entry-level luxury segment. Assembling watches of high quality and, within this collection, with mechanical movements, prices range from $845 to $1195 depending on the model and configuration

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctic 32024A04 $1,045 Cream-colored 148 C.Lum, beads of rice bracelet
Nivada Grenchen 32045A Super Antarctic Spider Exquisite Timepieces Limited Edition $1,045 Purple fume spider dial, beads of rice bracelet
Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Diver 32038A08 $1,195 Skin diver style with unidirectional ceramic rotating bezel
Nivada Grenchen 35004M41 Antarctic 35mm Eggshell White Luminova $850 Brown leather rally style strap, 35mm case, eggshell white dial
Nivada Grenchen 35015M20 Antarctic 35mm Black & Gold White Luminova $1,050 Black dial with gold indices, and white super luminova, flat-link style bracelet.
Nivada Grenchen 35017M11 Antarctic 35mm Black Beige Luminova $1,050 Black dial with silver indices and beige vintage effect luminova
Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctic 32025A04 $1,045 Black dial with white super luminova indices, beads of rice bracelet.
Nivada Grenchen Spider 32023A01 $845 Silver spider dial, with black tropic strap.
Nivada Grenchen 32044A12 Antarctic Diver No Date $1,195 No-date version of the Antarctic Diver with Forstner Beads of Rice bracelet
Nivada Grenchen 35005M41 Antarctic 35mm White Luminova $850 White dial, brown leather strap

What's Unique About Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Watches

As with Nivada Grenchen's other designs, the designs in the current Antarctic collections are lifted from their historical catalog and remain true to the originals. Managing to capture the charm of mid-century watches without the headaches of owning an actual vintage piece, the Antarctic collection from Nivada Grenchen is better than finding an original in New-Old-Stock condition, as the new watches benefit from modern movements and manufacturing technologies.

Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Movements

The 35mm models use the Landeron 21 manually wound caliber, while the Super Antarctic, Diver, and Spider models use the Soprod P024 automatic caliber in both the date and no-date configuration, depending on the model. Both are reliable movements that will serve collectors well for decades to come.

Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Watch Colors

While the traditional black, silver, and white dials are present within the Antarctic collection, there are also salmon pink, eggshell white, and brown dials available. Additionally, some models have pops of color, such as red accents on the Diver and blued seconds hands on the 35mm models, to provide some contrast. Additionally, many models are available with either white or beige SuperLumiNova, each giving the watch a unique aesthetic.

Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Watch Materials

The cases of the Nivada Grenchen Antarctic watches are currently made only in steel. Models come with a wide array of options for straps and bracelets, including multiple steel bracelet options, rubber straps, and different colored leather straps. The dials are covered with sapphire glass to offer modern reliability.

Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Sizes

The Nivada Grenchen Antarctic collection ranges in size, with the smallest being 35mm, recreating the experience of the original Antarctic watches up to 38mm for the Super Antarctic and Diver models. The 38mm Super Antarctic is intended to bring a more modern wearing experience to the Antarctic design, while the 38mm Diver is a period-correct size for dive watches of the 1960s.

Buying Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Watches

Nivada Grenchen Antarctic watches are available directly through the Nivada Grenchen website or through authorized retailers. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for Nivada Grenchen watches, and we'd be happy to assist you in purchasing your next Nivada Grenchen timepiece, whether online, over the phone, or at our showroom in Naples, Florida.

Caring for your Nivada Grenchen Antarctic Watch

Even as a recently resurrected brand, Nivada Grenchen has built a reputation for building reliable timepieces. Still, routine maintenance and care are required to make certain that your Nivada Grenchen watch will stand the test of time.
Exquisite Timepieces, as an authorized Nivada Grenchen retailer, is able to assist in the care and servicing procedures for your Nivada Grenchen watch and ensure it remains in top condition. Should a problem arise with your Nivada Grenchen watch, Exquisite Timepieces will ensure it is properly repaired, either by our in-house repair team or by returning the watch to Nivada Grenchen for any necessary repairs.

Nivada Grenchen Antarctics FAQ

What is the history of Nivada Super Antarctica?

The Super Antarctica is a modern re-interpretation of the original Antarctic model. With a larger 38mm case, automatic movement, and improved water resistance, the presence is decidedly more modern compared to the 35mm wide Antarctic models, which are closer to the original. The Super Antarctica model was released in 2021.

How much is the Nivada Grenchen Antarctica?

Prices range from $845 for the 35mm models on a leather strap to $1195 for the Diver models on a steel bracelet.

What watch did Admiral Byrd wear?

Admiral Richard Byrd wore Nivada Grenchen Antarctic. The watch he wore gave the inspiration for the modern watch we see today.

Find Your New Nivada Grenchen Antarctic watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Whether it is your first purchase or adding to an existing collection, Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized retailer for Nivada Grenchen, both in our store in Naples, Florida and online.
As an authorized dealer, all our new Nivada Grenchen timepieces come with their full manufacturer warranties and will be shipped free of charge and fully insured. Should you have any questions, please reach out and contact us, and an Exquisite Timepieces representative will be happy to assist you.

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