Bremont is a leading luxury British watch company, producing beautifully engineered mechanical watches at their state-of-the art Manufacturing and Technology Center “The Wing” in Henley-on-Thames, England. Bremont's passion for British engineering, Aviation & Military, and all-round Adventure underpins all its luxury timepieces - which can be confidently worn in boardrooms, at glittering social events, or at the top of Mount Everest. Attempting to find Bremont watches for sale can be tough without help. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Bremont watches. Exquisite Timepiece is a Bremont authorized dealer.

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About Bremont Watches

About Bremont Watches

For those who seek more than just a watch, Bremont offers a passport to the world of exclusivity. Born from the shared dream of two brothers, Bremont watches are an ode to the brave souls who've soared through the skies and traversed uncharted territories.

Owning a Bremont means feeling the heartbeat of these heroes who dared to dream as craftsmen pour their expertise into every detail, ensuring that each timepiece stands as a testament to British precision.

Bremont History

Bremont was founded in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England. The history of Bremont is a testament to the power of dreams, the strength of family bonds, and the enduring legacy of those who dare to turn tragedy into triumph.
The story begins with two brothers, Nick and Giles English, whose family history was steeped in aviation. Their father, Dr. Euan English, was a former RAF pilot and a passionate aviator who kindled in his sons' love for the skies and an appreciation for precision timekeeping.
Tragedy struck the English family in 1995 when their father's vintage plane, a WWII-era P-40 Kittyhawk, crashed during an airshow, leading to his untimely death. Nick nearly died as well, but this profound loss became the catalyst for their quest to create exceptional timepieces that would honor their father's memory and celebrate the spirit of aviation.
Drawing inspiration from the British watchmaking heritage and the Swiss tradition of watchmaking excellence, the brothers founded Bremont Watch Company in 2002. The brand was named after a French farmer (Antoine Bremont) who rescued them following an emergency landing of their vintage aircraft in France.
Bremont's first watches were introduced in 2007, and each timepiece was a masterpiece, intricately designed and meticulously assembled by skilled artisans. One of the brand's very first watches, the EP120, commemorates a famed Spitfire Mk V that downed six German fighters on a single day in 1942.
The Bremont brand quickly gained recognition for its uncompromising commitment to quality, meticulous attention to detail, and passion for aviation history. In 2009, Bremont collaborated with Martin-Baker, the world's leading manufacturer of ejection seats, to create the MB collection designed to withstand the extreme forces experienced by ejecting pilots. Since then, the company has secured numerous military contracts, which now make up nearly 25% of its overall business.
Innovations such as Bremont's unique Trip-Tick design contributed to setting its watches apart in the world of horology and showcased the brand's commitment to excellence in both form and function. Today, Bremont stands as a symbol of British excellence in watchmaking, celebrated for its unique blend of heritage, innovation, and a profound connection to aviation. It has also received numerous awards and accolades in the watchmaking industry.

Bremont Collections

In a world where luxury is often defined by excess, Bremont stands as a beacon of timeless sophistication. Its watches have never been about flaunting opulence but about embracing refined elegance, where every glance is a reminder that profound beauty can be captured in the simplest of gestures. The collections below reveal a blend of the traditional craftsmanship of Switzerland and the innovation of British engineering.

Bremont Airco Collection

Released in 2017, this collection pays tribute to Britain's legendary Aircraft Manufacturing Company (Airco). Airco, during World War I, was the birthplace of countless iconic aircraft, and the Bremont Airco Collection honors this legacy with grace and style. The meticulously designed dials pay homage to vintage aviation instrumentation, while the choice of materials, such as hardened stainless steel and sapphire crystal, ensures durability and longevity.
With its Trip-Tick® case construction, satin-finished casing, semi-gloss dials, and chronometer-tested movements, the watches in the Airco Collection are made to withstand the rigors of earth, sky, and sea.

Bremont Supermarine Collection

With models offering water resistance up to 2,000 meters (6,561 feet), every tick and tock of the watches in the Supermarine Collection echoes the spirit of adventure. Bremont's meticulous attention to detail, use of premium materials, and the precision of British engineering converge here to create watches that are as sophisticated as they are stylish.

The collection houses watches with beautifully finished chronometer-tested movements and many other outstanding features that ensure unparalleled durability and precision on both land and sea.

Bremont Martin-Baker Collections

Released in 2009, this collection was birthed due to a remarkable partnership between Bremont and Martin-Baker, a renowned aerospace company that provides fighter ejection seat technology to approximately 70% of the world's air forces.
Honoring the legacy of aviation and the brave pilots who have relied on Martin-Baker for their safety, the watches in this collection mirror the standards upheld by Martin-Baker and Bremont.

The mechanical timepieces here incorporate actual ejection seat material, creating a tangible connection to the world of aviation and the life-saving technology of Martin-Baker. Each watch bears the "MB" logo and is crafted to the highest standards of durability, legibility, and precision.

Bremont Motorsport Collection

Paying tribute to beautiful machines made by bastions of British engineering, this Collection is a symphony of precision, speed, passion, and the heart-pounding rhythm of the racetrack. Bremont collaborates with esteemed companies, such as Williams F1, Jaguar, and Norton, to create exclusive watches that draw inspiration from the world of vintage motorsport.
The watches feature a sleek and aerodynamic design, and many models come with chronograph functions reminiscent of a dashboard instrument cluster. All the timepieces are mechanical and meticulously crafted to exemplify the utmost standards of durability, legibility, and precision.

Bremont ALT1 Collections

Whether you're captivated by the classic, professional, or adventurous aspects of aviation, there's an ALT1 watch that speaks to your passion. Several notable sub-collections, including the ALT1-Z, ALT1-WT, ALT1-C, and the ALT1-B, amongst others, exist, each upholding the ALT1 legacy of excellence.
The ALT1 Collections seamlessly marries the worlds of horology and aviation with captivating design and impressive mechanics. Each watch bears the DNA of aviation, reflecting the spirit of adventure and daring that has propelled humanity into the skies.

Bremont Armed Forces Collection

Whether it's the code names of covert operations, the insignia of elite units, or the heritage of regiments, each piece in this collection carries a part of military history.
Born out of a partnership between Bremont and the Ministry of Defence (MoD), this Collection honors His Majesty's Armed Forces. Tested beyond endurance, the watches in this collection feature robust cases, resilient movements, and legible dials, all an ode to the demands of military life.
Drawing inspiration from the 'Dirty Dozen' watches, which were commissioned for the British Army during World War II, the Bremont Armed Forces Collection features the iconic emblems of the Royal Navy, British Army, and the Royal Air Force.

Bremont U-2 Collection

The Bremont U-2 Collection, with its robust build and anti-shock features, is designed to withstand the rigors of high-altitude flight. The U-2 Collection was meticulously crafted for the exclusive use of the elite Spy Plane Squadron stationed at Beale, California.
These extraordinary aviators routinely ascend their iconic planes to altitudes of up to 80,000 feet, embarking on reconnaissance missions that frequently endure for more than 12 hours.
The watches draw inspiration from the legendary U-2 spy plane and have undergone rigorous testing in a controlled laboratory environment, enduring conditions of 100,000 feet altitude and frigid temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

Bremont Audley Collection

Named after Bremont's first flagship Boutique in Mayfair, the Audley Collection is a captivating ode to timeless sophistication and the art of watchmaking. Each Audley watch is meticulously hand-finished and tested to meet the exacting standards of Bremont. From the refined classic cases to the delicately textured dials, the design of the Audley collection transcends trends and fads.
The classic dress watches, reminiscent of a bygone era when watchmaking was a true art, are heirlooms to be cherished and passed down through generations.

Bremont Fury Collection

The Hawker Fury, known for its power, agility, and combat prowess, represents the golden age of aviation. The Fury Collection pays homage to aviation's heroic legacy, capturing the precision of engineering and the elegance of a bygone era. Featuring design elements and materials that echo its aviation prowess, the watches are equipped with superlative in-house mechanical movements.
The emphasis is on legibility, and all Fury watches flawlessly incorporate vintage elements and aviation-themed details, reflecting a classic and sophisticated design.

Bremont Supernova Collection

The Supernova marks a significant milestone in Bremont's watchmaking journey as it introduces the brand's inaugural integrated bracelet design, meticulously crafted by Bremont's internal engineering team. The collection transcends the boundaries of timekeeping, casting a celestial spell that captures the very essence of cosmic wonder.
From the mesmerizing dials to the intricate complication within each timepiece, the Supernova Collection captures the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos, from stars and galaxies to meteor showers.

Bremont Solo Collection

From the sleek, polished cases to the uncluttered dials and refined hands, the Solo Collection evokes nostalgia while maintaining a contemporary edge, a balance that few timepieces achieve.
Inspired by the classic pilot watches from the 1940s, this collection pays homage to the heritage of classic aviation watches, where split-second decisions could be a matter of life and death.
The dials are uncluttered, and the absence of unnecessary complications or excessive ornamentation allows the wearer's focus to remain squarely on the time display.

Bremont Stephen Hawking Collection

The watches in this collection pay tribute to Hawking's indomitable spirit. Diagnosed with ALS and given a bleak prognosis, Stephen defied the odds and continued his groundbreaking work.
The classically styled timepieces are characterized by a set of distinctive features such as intricate dials with miniature black hole illustrations, retrograde seconds hand and grand date, and many other astrophysical themes.
Certain timepieces within the collection even feature meteorites and wooden discs crafted from the very wood that once graced the desk where Stephen Hawking delved into the enigmatic riddles of the cosmos. The collection is really a voyage through time and space and captures the essence of scientific wonder and intellectual curiosity flawlessly.

Bremont ionBird Collection

The ionBird Collection commemorates Bremont's role as the official timing partner for Rolls-Royce's historic world record achievement. Rolls-Royce is renowned for producing some of the world's most exceptional aircraft engines. It has broken two world records with the all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation', officially the world's fastest all-electric aircraft. Bremont played a part in creating the aircraft's cockpit, which will include a Bremont stopwatch.
The collection thus features design elements and materials that pay homage to Rolls-Royce's legacy, such as incorporating aluminum from a salvaged Spitfire aircraft and design cues reminiscent of aircraft instruments.

Bremont Rose Collection

Bremont takes immense pride in serving as the Official Timekeeper for both England Rugby and Twickenham Stadium. The partnership celebrates common principles of resilience, accuracy, and technical excellence with a unique line of mechanical chronometers designed for enthusiasts and athletes alike. The inaugural piece from this collaboration is the exquisite Bremont Rose, a symbol of British excellence that transcends time.
Whether worn for formal occasions or cherished as a prized possession, each piece in this collection is a work of art, a statement of refined taste, and a nod to Bremont's enduring commitment to watchmaking excellence.

Bremont H-4 Hercules Collection

The Bremont H-4 Hercules Collection is a remarkable tribute to one of aviation's most iconic and colossal achievements, the Hughes H-4 Hercules, affectionately known as the "Spruce Goose". Just as this legendary aircraft pushed the boundaries of what was possible in its time, the Bremont H-4 Hercules Collection pushes the boundaries of watchmaking innovation and design.
The robust yet elegantly sculpted cases embody the spirit of engineering excellence, mirroring the aircraft's impressive construction. One of the most captivating aspects of the H-4 Hercules Collection is the incorporation of original birchwood from the fuselage of the iconic silver flying boat.

Bremont DH-88 Collection

The Bremont DH-88 Collection pays homage to one of the most remarkable feats in aviation history—the de Havilland DH.88 Comet's record-breaking flight from England to Australia in 1934. The design effortlessly marries vintage elegance with modern sophistication.
From chronometer-tested movements to the incorporation of original materials from the de Havilland DH.88 Comet aircraft, this collection offers us a tangible link to the aviation pioneers. The high-quality and robust watches connect us to the past while inviting us to embrace the endless possibilities of the future.

Bremont America's Cup Collection

The America's Cup is one of the oldest international sailing competitions in the world, with a storied legacy dating back to 1851. Bremont is thrilled to declare its role as the Official Timing Partner for the 35th America's Cup alongside the defending champions, ORACLE TEAM USA. This exciting partnership has inspired Bremont to embark on a special project, creating a unique series of timepieces to commemorate its significant role in this prestigious event.
The Collection showcases the brand's passion for craftsmanship, innovation, and adventure, resulting in a range of timepieces that capture the essence of the open sea and the pursuit of excellence in sailing.

Bremont Kingsman Collection

Inspired by the iconic spy film franchise "Kingsman," the Bremont Kingsman Collection is a captivating fusion of British heritage, horological excellence, and cinematic glamour.
Bremont has collaborated with the filmmakers to create watches that are an integral part of the movie's narrative. These watches are not mere accessories but integral plot devices, underscoring their significance and appeal.
The dial features meticulous detailing, including the Kingsman logo and signature motifs, that pay homage to the Secret Service agency. Inside the case, the Kingsman watches house precision mechanical movements.

Bremont Wright Flyer Collection

The Bremont Wright Flyer Collection stands as a captivating tribute to one of the most pivotal moments in aviation history—the Wright Brothers' first powered flight in 1903. Bremont has incorporated original materials from the 1903 Wright Flyer aircraft into the watch's construction. This includes pieces of the actual aircraft fabric and a section of the original propeller wood, creating a tangible link to the birth of powered flight.
The design effortlessly marries vintage charm with modern sophistication, as each detail is thoughtfully executed to capture the essence of flight. The design ensures functionality, top-notch legibility, and a nod to the pioneering spirit of Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Bremont Boeing Collection

In collaboration with Boeing's extensive material research knowledge and AMRC's pioneering advancements in manufacturing techniques, Bremont has established a groundbreaking benchmark in the creation of aviation watches. Each watch in the collection is characterized by unique design cues, capturing the spirit of Boeing's diverse aircraft portfolio.
Bremont has incorporated Boeing aviation-grade materials into the construction of these timepieces, such as metal from Boeing aircraft like the Apache helicopter and the cutting-edge 787 Dreamliner. This infusion of aerospace heritage ensures that each watch is not just a time-telling device but a connection to the world of aviation excellence.

How Much Do Bremont Watches Cost?

Bremont offers a wide range of watch models, including limited editions and special collections, which all vary significantly in price. However, the average cost of a Bremont watch typically falls in the range of $4,000 to $9,000. The table below shows the prices of some of the brand's models and the unique features that make them stand out.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Bremont Jaguar C-Type Chronograph 70th Anniversary $6,495 Limited edition watch based on the Jaguar C-Type.
Bremont Airco Mach 1 $3,795 Houses the exquisitely finished chronometer-rated BE-92AE movement.
Bremont Supermarine 2000 $5,595 Designed for professional divers with an outstanding water-resistant rating of 2000m or 6560ft.
Bremont MB Viper Limited Edition $5,995 Limited edition watch crafted from titanium and anodized aluminum.
Bremont WR-22 $6,995 A rugged, high-quality, and resilient timepiece with a custom rotor inspired by an automobile's wheel rim and adorned with the Williams Racing logo.
Bremont ALT1/WT/BK World Timer $5,795 Sophisticated pilot's watch with a complex Roto-Click bezel that enables the user to work out the global time zones using the International landing location in all 24 time zones.
Bremont U-2 U/2/BL $4,795 Designed and tested extensively by the elite U-2 Spy Plane Squadron. Able to keep accurate time in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and altitudes of up to 100,000 feet.
Bremont Fury Black $6,795 Constructed using Bremont's technical three-piece Trip-Tick® cases produced in the UK.
Bremont Hawking Quantum $9,995 Limited Edition watch that features a dial entirely made from meteorite.
Bremont Boeing 100 BB100 Limited Edition of 300 Pieces $7,595 Comes with a case crafted from aviation-grade Ti 6-4 titanium.

Best Selling Bremont Watches

Each Bremont watch is a harmonious fusion of art and engineering with unrivaled quality, style, and precision. Below, we take a look at the brand's finest creations that have captured the hearts of watch enthusiasts worldwide.

1. Bremont Supermarine Waterman Apex Limited Edition on Bracelet

Endorsed and rigorously assessed by the renowned wave surfer and water sports expert Laird Hamilton, the Waterman Apex is an exceptionally advanced diving timepiece. Presented in a 43mm steel Trip-Tick® case, this 500-meter water-resistant watch evokes the thrill of the deep, the allure of the ocean, and the indomitable spirit of exploration.
The modified Calibre 11 1/2''' BE-93-2AV beats with unwavering accuracy. This high-tech dive watch encompasses features such as an automatic helium escape valve and a robust crown protector. Notably, it offers GMT and date functions, ensuring reliability for your underwater adventures.

2. Bremont Martin-Baker MB Viper Limited Edition

Born from a partnership between Bremont and Martin-Baker, the world's leading manufacturer of ejection seats, this watch is a masterpiece that tells a tale of heroism in the skies.
Encased in 43.5mm matte DLC Grade 5 Titanium with an orange anodized aluminum top bezel, the MB Viper is powered by the Bremont 11 1/2''' ENG352 with a power reserve of 65 hours.
The highly legible white metal dial is adorned with chevron patterned hour and minute hands, infilled with Super-LumiNova. The watch is worn on a black canvas strap and is water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters.

3. Bremont Armed Forces Vulcan Limited Edition

Chronometer certified for high levels of precision, the Armed Forces Vulcan Limited Edition is a tribute to the mighty Avro Vulcan, an iconic aircraft that played a pivotal role in the defense of freedom.
The watch features a robust 42mm two-piece case crafted from hardened stainless steel and designed to withstand the rigors of military life. The case back of the timepiece is adorned with intricate artwork of the Vulcan bomber aircraft. The unique design elements and limited availability make it a prized possession for collectors and individuals connected to the military world.

4. Bremont Williams Racing Box Set

The Williams Racing Box Set is a portal to the exhilarating world of motorsport. Open the box, and you'll be greeted by the FW44 Chrono and the FW44 Classic timepieces.
Each of these watches encapsulates the spirit of racing, from the intricate movement to the aerodynamic design. The sporty FW44 Chrono measures 43mm, while the elegant and classic FW44 watch has a diameter of 40mm. Both timepieces are presented in satin-finished stainless steel Bremont Trip-Tick® cases.
The Williams Racing Box Set is a must-have for collectors, motorsport enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the fusion of engineering and artistry in horology.

5. Bremont Audley Steel

The Bremont Audley Steel is a watch that doesn't scream for attention but commands it with subtlety. Bremont's attention to detail is evident in the highly polished case and minimalistic silver sunray dial.
Celebrated for its understated elegance, this watch is presented in a 40mm case that houses the Chronometer-rated modified Calibre 13 ¼''' BE-53AE. It is worn on an embossed chocolate brown leather strap and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

Bremont Movements

Bremont primarily equips its watches with automatic and manual-wind movements, both of which are mechanical movements. Bremont's approach to movements is unique in that they don't merely use what's readily available; they curate and tailor each movement to align with their brand's DNA.
In 2021, the brand launched its first movement series to be manufactured in-house, the ENG300 automatic. Here's an overview of the different types of movements Bremont uses:

  1. Automatic Movements: These movements are the heartbeat of many Bremont timepieces. They are self-winding and powered by the motion of the wearer's wrist. Bremont's automatic movements are known for their accuracy and do not require manual winding, making them convenient for everyday wear. Bremont often customizes and decorates these movements to meet their stringent quality standards.
  2. Manual-Wind Movements: Bremont has also utilized manual-wind movements in some of their watches. Manual-wind movements require the wearer to regularly wind the watch to keep it running. They are appreciated by enthusiasts for their traditional craftsmanship and connection to watchmaking heritage.

Bremont movements, whether automatic or manual-wind, are renowned for their exceptional accuracy, exquisite finishing, durability, and exclusivity.

Bremont Watch Colors

Bremont utilizes a wide range of colors in its watch designs, often drawing inspiration from various themes and collections. The choice of colors varies from model to model, and Bremont is known for its creative use of color palettes. The primary colors include black, blue, brown, gray, rose gold, bronze, green, and steel.
Bright colors like yellow, red, and orange are used as accents or highlights in specific collections, adding a sporty touch to the design. Funky colors such as bright blue, vibrant red, bold turquoise, and lime green are often used in limited editions and female models, attracting those who appreciate a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

Bremont Watch Materials

Bremont is known for using high-quality materials in the production of their watches. The brand is committed to crafting timepieces that are not only aesthetically striking but also durable and reliable. Bremont often employs high-grade stainless steel, titanium, bronze, and precious metals for watch cases. All Bremont watch cases use Bremont Trip-Tick® construction, and the brand sometimes applies Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings to steel cases.
Bezels are made from hardened steel, ceramic, or sapphire for exquisite models. Bremont typically uses sapphire crystal for watch crystals, while its movements are crafted from metal alloys with a focus on durability, precision, and resistance to environmental factors.
For the straps, high-quality leather, rubber, and metal bands are used. Bremont also has a history of incorporating actual aircraft materials into some of their watch designs.

Bremont Watch Types

Bremont's diverse collection caters to a wide range of interests and styles, from aviation and military enthusiasts to those seeking elegant dress watches or specialized timepieces for various activities.
The brand is renowned for its Aviation watches, Dive watches, Travel watches, Military watches, Dress watches, GMT watches, Classic/Vintage-inspired watches, Racing watches, and Maritime watches.
Bremont frequently collaborates with various organizations and events to produce special edition models. The award-winning watchmaker also releases numerous limited-edition watches that pay tribute to historical events, figures, or iconic aircraft.

Bremont Watch Complications

Bremont watches come with various complications which enhance their functionality and versatility. Bremont incorporates chronograph (and the advanced flyback chronograph) complications in many of its watches.
It also offers numerous watches with date displays, a simple yet profoundly practical complication.
Other complications, such as GMT, World Time complication, day-date displays, moon phase, day/night indicator, telemeter, compass, altimeter, and retrograde complications, can be found in Bremont watches. Furthermore, some Bremont watches come with a power reserve indicator and annual calendar complication. Bremont Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors Bremont has established several notable partnerships with various brands, organizations, and institutions. Noteworthy collaborations include Bremont's long-standing partnership with Martin-Baker, a leader in ejection seat technology, which led to the creation of the MB (Martin-Baker) collection.
The brand has collaborated with the "Kingsman" film franchise, Jaguar, Boeing, and Williams Racing Formula One team.
Bremont has been the Official Timing Partner of the America's Cup, one of the world's most prestigious sailing events. Bremont also contributes to environmental and non-profit organizations like Bimini Shark Lab that work to advance humankind's knowledge of the biology of marine animals.
Bremont ambassadors include Jason Fox, Aldo Kane, Mark Strong, Kristin Harila, and Laird Hamilton. Mark Strong is a renowned British author, while other ambassadors include record-breaking adventurers and professional athletes with a shared passion for Bremont's values.
From Orlando Bloom to Tom Hardy, many famous individuals have been seen wearing Bremont watches in public. A few notable personalities include Jeremy Renner, Bear Grylls, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Bonneville Solo, Ben Saunders, Ewan McGregor, and several pilots, adventurers, and famous people in the world of sports and motorsport.

Buying Bremont Watches

You can purchase Bremont watches from various authorized dealers, Bremont boutiques, and showrooms in select locations worldwide and from the official Bremont website. Many e-commerce platforms and luxury watch retailers carry Bremont watches in their collections and some private sellers engage in direct sales of Bremont watches.

When purchasing a Bremont watch, it's essential to buy from reputable and authorized sources to ensure product authenticity, warranties, and customer support. As an authorized dealer, Exquisite Timepieces boasts a vast array of Bremont models and collections, including the latest models and exclusive Limited Editions.

Caring for Your Bremont Watch

Purchasing a Bremont watch is a significant investment. As a proud owner of a Bremont timepiece, you've invested in a piece of horological excellence that deserves the finest care and attention. No matter how diligently you care for your watch, there comes a time when it calls for the touch of experts.
At Exquisite Timepieces Watch Repair Service, we understand the intrinsic value of your Bremont watch and are dedicated to providing it with the unparalleled care it deserves. Whether it's a routine service, battery replacement, basic service, case/bracelet cleaning & polishing, or complex repair, trust Exquisite Timepieces Watch Repair Service for quality, reliability, and unmatched expertise.
We safely and securely deliver Bremont watches in need of repairs to authorized service facilities where trained technicians effectively diagnose and address issues with your mechanical timepiece.

Bremont FAQ

Is Bremont a luxury brand?

Yes, Bremont is an award-winning British luxury watch brand that has been producing high-end wristwatches since 2002.

Who is Bremont owned by?

Bremont is owned by brothers Nick and Giles English.

Why is Bremont so expensive?

Bremont watches are expensive due to their high-quality materials, reputation for quality, craftsmanship, unique design, and commitment to aviation and military heritage.

Are Bremont watches good quality?

Yes. Bremont timepieces epitomize the pinnacle of quality in the realm of watchmaking. They are marked by exquisite attention to detail, meticulous artisanal craftsmanship, employment of premium materials, and an unwavering dedication to precision engineering.

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