HYT Watches

HYT Watches

HYT watches are the glorious creations of extreme alchemists. HYT wristwatches are crafted by Hydro-Mechanical Watchmakers who love to explore the limits of timepiece construction. HYT watches feature liquid within the dials which adds to its watchmaking accolades as astounding pieces of mechanical engineering. HYT watchmakers were intent on delivering nonconformist pieces, exceeding all expectations with their results. From robust, durable casings to skeletonized styles, this watch collection is sure to pique your interest. Attempting to find HYT watches for sale can be stressful without help. If you are looking for the best place to buy HYT watches, Exquisite Timepieces can point you in the right direction. Exquisite Timepieces is an HYT authorized dealer.


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Brand Review: HYT Watches

HYT has been a source of intrigue in the watch community ever since it debuted to immense buzz at the Baselworld 2012. In the following years, the now iconic "hydro-mechanical horologists" based in Neuchatel brand has produced a number of different variables on the original model, the HYT H1. I have long been curious about how one of these highly individualistic timepieces would look and feel on the wrist, not to mention what it will be like to read the time on one for any lengthy period in various situations.

HYT H0 Gold Blue Fluid to start, as per usual, with the watch’s case, is a big chunk of gold on the wrist, and the weight is substantial. The round 2N yellow gold case, measuring a titanic 48.8mm in diameter, offers an array of sleek finishes, from micro-blasted to polished to satin-brushed. It is topped by a box-type crystal with a nonreflective coating that increases the already cuff-stretching thickness to 18.7mm. The fluted crown is small but easy to grip when you need to wind the watch and set the time. The HYT H0’s dial design is almost traditional compared to other models like HYT H1, HYT H2 and HYT H3, which open up the dial to reveal more of the movement’s industrial, almost sci-fi- looking elements, and recently launched skull references.

It's the gold opaline surface is mostly solid, with engraved numerals and indices and brushed and micro-blasted finishing on the subdials. The largest subdial, which displays the minutes utilizing a single trapezoidal hand, overlaps a smaller one on the left, with a running seconds display and another circle with a kidney-shaped aperture for the cleverly executed power reserve display. An outer track with additional engraved markers serves as hours track, with the blue liquid in a borosilicate glass capillary tube displaying the passing of time as it flows from hour to hour. The engraved markers are a bit light and subtle to be easily legible in low light, but the reading of time does become somewhat intuitive once one gets used to this unconventional display, especially for those, like myself, who are fans of regulator dials, in which hours, minutes and seconds are all indicated on separated subdials.

The HYT H1.0 is the best brand known for the fluidic time display used in its watches. The time is indicated by a visually imperceptible meniscus that separates a colored fluid from a clear one as they meet in the center of an incredibly thin glass capillary made by way of HYT`s sister company, Preciflex. The minutes are indicated by way of a traditional minute hand mounted on a 12-hour sub-dial at 12 o’clock. In my opinion, the HYT H1.0 is a strong mix of the brand`s original HYT H1 model, and the best intentions of the HYT H0 series.

The HYT H1.0 and the HYT H0 collections feature the same technology as the HYT H1-H4 collections that preceded them. However, the newer cases favored by the brand have a high sapphire dome that enables an incredibly three-dimensional view of the internal mechanics, as wells as a novel location for the hour markers. What I see now in the HYT H1.0 is a much stronger design that blends the cleanliness of the HYT H0 range with a little bit of the industrial artistry you might recall from the HYT H1 and HYT H2 families.

At 48.8mm wide, the case, made mostly of sapphire but grounded on a stainless steel base and boasting a stainless steel crown, stands up tall on the wrist, coming out in at a towering 20.08mm. However, the absence of lugs makes this a wearable piece.

The HYT "Time Is Fluid" H20 watch combines several features found in different HYT collections. The HYT H20 uses a beautifully- looking movement exclusively produced for the brand by APRP, also the watch uses a similar(unnamed) movement to that found in HYT H20 watches.

The HYT APRP manual wind movement works at 3Hz per second and features a full 8 day power reserve. The liquid display is made possible by HYT`s module. With the tall crystal, you can see a lot of movement and from different angles, including the bellows that control the liquid time display. It measures 51mm wide and 20mm thick.

The HYT H3 happens to be an incredible composition of elements, and it works very well on the wrist. It is 41mm tall and, at its max, is 16mm thick. On the wrist, it is remarkably wearable and, in this version, the mixture of finishes and titanium as well as the solid platinum parts make it look sexy in the flesh. It uses a linear tube also uses an interesting style of retrograde hand to indicate the minutes along with and exposed balance wheel on the dial. Flip the watch over and you will find a handy power reserve indicator on the back of the manually wound movement.

The HYT H3 manual wind movement works at 3Hz per second and also features a power reserve of 170 hours. Easily the most satisfying element of the HYT H3 watch is adjusting the time. Able to be adjusted either forward or backward.

The HYT H4 Neo has two crowns. One is used as your standard crown for setting time and the second crown is used to create energy. Mechanically generating power isn't a new concept. It is interesting to note that minute repeaters often utilize very similar mechanics to power the mechanism that allows the wearer to determine the time in the dark. Is it fair to compare this to a minute repeater? Probably not. Measuring in at a whopping 51mm width by 18mm height, this watch massive.

The HYT H4 dial is skeletonized making the movement the star of the watch. Also, it is fitted with a fire-resistant, water-resistant, hypoallergenic and reinforced fabric strap. Featuring a curved sapphire case-back, the watch is water-resistant up to 50m. Also, the watch includes a sixty-five hour power reserve.

The HYT H1 Titanium`s dial is a silver-toned opaline. The bezel is made of sapphire crystal, making it completely transparent and easy to see through. Arabic numerals in a contemporary font indicate the hours on a chapter ring, except for 6 o’clock. The meniscus of the brightly colored green fluid which circumnavigates the dial indicates the hour. A silver sub-dial at the most northerly aspect of the watch conveys the minutes using a single hand. It imparts minutes with a combination of Arabic numerals and batons.

Its case of diameter 48.8mm and a height of 17.9mm. The use of titanium means the mass is modest and will not place undue burden on the wearer`s biceps. The screw-down sapphire case back affords the wearer a view of the fine movement residing in the handsome case.

Its movement is powered by a conventional manual wound movement with a frequency of 4Hz. Bridges are hand- chamfered and adorned with Cotes de Geneve motif.

The HYT Axl Rose prominent skull has received a Damascus steel style treatment in vibrant blue, making it stand out even more. This color is again picked out on the indices and for the stitching of the black leather strap, giving the watch a cohesive feel. To complete the look, two side plates surround the eye-catching skull at 3 and 9 o’clock, decorated with a subtle Clous de Paris pattern.

The titanium case measures a beastly 51mm, and looks sleek and modern in black, with a rubber sheathed screw-down crown positioned between 2 and 3 o’clock. The exhibition sapphire case back features a detailed etching of the Guns N’ Roses logo, just above Axl Rose`s signature. The movement, which boasts hand-beveled bridges and rhodium-plated bellows, beats at 28,800 vph and will give you power for 65 hours.

The HYT H2 brings back the main interest of the HYT H1 (the inaugural watch of the brand); the fluidic indication of the time. Also, it shows more functions, a better integration of the fluidic movement, a longer power reserve and a stupendous level of details. The HYT H2 is made to establish the reputation of the brand and prove to the rest of the industry how serious is the concept.

The regulatory-style display, being the main feature of the HYT H2, with its capillary filled with 2 liquids; a fluorescent one and a translucent one. The timing- indication is divided in two; the hours are indicated by the fluid while the minutes are shown by the central hand. The movement is fully open and shows an incredible depth. All the technical elements- gear train, escapement module, and pistons- are fully exposed.

The HYT H2 case, made in light and solid titanium and coated in black with diamond-like carbon technology, measures an impressive 48.8mm by 17.9mm. It comes with a screw-down crown that makes the watch water- resistant up to 50 meters. It also comes on a black rubber strap with deployant buckle, that confirms the toolish aspect of this extreme timepiece.

Watches for sale and their prices

HYT H0 Time is precious $49,000
HYT H0 $22,000
HYT H1 $66,134
HYT H1.0 Green $49,000
HYT H20 $95,000
HYT H2 Full bronze $69,509
HYT H4 $97,500
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