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RESERVOIR is a watch brand that stands out for its boldness and unique approach to timekeeping. The brand's ethos is about embracing audacity and making every minute count, a philosophy that is embodied in its creations. RESERVOIR watches are inspired by historical measuring instruments and mechanical counters, which have been faithful allies of heroes throughout history.


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Reservoir watches captivate with a mesmerizing blend of vintage aesthetics and cutting-edge innovation, telling time in a way that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. The brand's ethos is rooted in the celebration of bygone eras, where counters and gauges served mankind with unparalleled precision.

Each Reservoir creation is an ode to meticulous detail, inviting the beholder to partake in a visual sonnet, where the stroke of the singular hand becomes a profound stanza in the lexicon of luxury timepieces.

By consistently delivering exceptional craftsmanship and groundbreaking designs, Reservoir has firmly established itself as an exceptional brand, setting a new standard for contemporary luxury watchmaking.

Reservoir History

Embodying smart and robust industrial design, jerrycans played a pivotal role in wartime logistics during the early 1900s, refueling jeeps and preparing airplanes for combat. Reservoir, translating to "fuel tank" in French, emerges as a powerful force pulsating with energy, poised for action, and resonating with a tireless quest for distinction in the realm of luxury watches.

The brand, a relatively new player in the luxury watch industry, was founded in 2015 by François Moreau. François's fascination with the precision instruments of automobiles and marine activities fueled a desire to create watches that not only pay homage to these realms but also act as "reservoirs", preserving their legacy in the world of horology.

The brand's headquarters are in Paris, France, but its watches are produced in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, a renowned center for watchmaking craftsmanship. One of the brand's notable features is the retrograde minute display at 240°, which pays homage to RPM counters, alongside other complications like jumping hours and power reserve displays inspired by mileage meters and fuel gauges.

This innovative time display sets Reservoir apart in the watchmaking landscape. Throughout its history, Reservoir has garnered attention and accolades, including nominations for the Swiss GPHG (Geneva Grand Prix of Watchmaking) in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. This recognition underscores the brand's impact and contribution to the horological world.

The brand continues to stand out with its distinctive fusion of vintage-inspired design, innovative timekeeping mechanisms, and a commitment to Swiss craftsmanship, solidifying its position as a noteworthy and influential presence in the luxury watch industry.

Reservoir Collections

Reservoir Car Collection

With a nod to the golden age of motoring, Reservoir's Car Collection echoes the exhilarating spirit of classic Minis and supercharged vintage cars – a thrilling fusion of engineering finesse and automotive aesthetics designed to quicken the pulse of every car enthusiast.

Capturing the kinetic energy of classic cars in a wrist-bound masterpiece, the collection incorporates a rich palette of exquisite materials ranging from the sleek sophistication of carbon to the timeless elegance of gold and the lightweight strength of titanium.

With a distinctive one-hand design, the dials, alive with color and precision, create a mesmerizing visual experience with vibrant hues, nuanced details, and useful complications that echo the exhilarating rush of a vintage engine hitting top speed.

Reservoir Aeronautical Collection

Paying homage to the aviator jets and propeller-driven aircraft that have graced the heavens, this collection invites the modern man to strap in, embrace the exhilarating freedom of flight, and navigate through life with the precision of an airborne maestro.

Inspired by the fearless legacy of aviator jets, the Reservoir Aeronautical Collection offers a meticulously curated array of exquisite watches that mirror the durability and sophistication required in the world of aviation.

The dials are a visual feast, merging aesthetics with practicality seamlessly. Reservoir introduces useful complications such as chronographs, retrograde minutes, jumping hours, and power reserve indicators that go beyond mere timekeeping. The watches are crafted from an array of exquisite materials, including robust stainless steel, titanium, and other aviation-grade alloys.

Reservoir Marine Collection

Submerge into the captivating universe of marine exploration with Reservoir's Marine Collection, where every watch unveils a secret world beneath the waves. Capturing the ethos of marine exploration with timepieces of rare elegance, this collection offers watches with water resistance ranging from 50 to 250 meters, available in both bronze and stainless steel variants.

With features like a unidirectional rotating bezel, helium valves, power indicators, single-hand minute indications, and jumping hours, the collection captures the ethos of marine exploration. Reservoir's Marine watches ensure optimal legibility, allowing for precise timekeeping even in the challenging underwater environment.

Reservoir Music Collection

Inspired by measuring instruments widely used in the world of sound and Hi-Fi, the Reservoir Music collection transforms the essence of sound measurement into a captivating visual experience.

This collection encapsulates the harmonious blend of precision and artistic expression, inviting wearers to embark on a journey that resonates with the spirit of musical exploration.

With two retrograde hands that faithfully replicate the hands of power measurements or VU meters from analog stereo amplifiers, this line of watches pays homage to the human pursuit of 'pure' sound, creating a timepiece that is not just a watch but a musical exploration imbued with audacity and intensity.

Reservoir Special Editions

Reservoir's Special Edition collection weaves narratives of valor and artistry through collaborations with heroes of the past and present, offering collectors and enthusiasts alike a chance to wear a piece of history and art inspired by remarkable individuals and their unique stories.

Transforming timekeeping into a gallery of unique narratives, the brand creates watches borne out of extraordinary collaborations with diverse influencers like underwater photographer Greg Lecoeur and iconic sports car teams.

By merging craftsmanship, artistry, and avant-garde designs, each Reservoir Limited Edition watch is a cherished artifact of history and unique expressions of personal style.

How Much Do Reservoir Watches Cost?

For those entering the world of Reservoir timepieces, the entry-level options start at around $3,000, providing accessible access to the brand's innovative designs.

In general, Reservoir's basic watches fall within the range of $3,000 to $6,000, combining quality and style for a discerning clientele, while high-end selections, priced up to $20,000, showcase intricate craftsmanship, ensuring a premium experience for enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of horological excellence. The table below shows the prices for some Reservoir watches and their unique features.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Reservoir x Popeye Cricket on Strap $5,750 Special collaboration with the Popeye franchise for the 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup, Caliber RSV-240
Hydrosphere Bronze Blue on Strap Ref: 70316 $4,800 Watertight up to 250m, Blue NATO Strap with additional Black Rubber Strap
Hydrosphere Blue Hole on Bracelet Ref: RSV03.HY/130-21.BH $4,800 316L Stainless steel, Blue Dial with Sundial Finish.
Blake et Mortimer by Jove Ref: RSV04.BM/133 $3,400 Commemorates the 75th anniversary of the debut journey of "Blake and Mortimer," the first graphic novel designed and scripted by Edgar P. Jacobs: “Le Secret de l’Espadon”.
Hydrosphere Bronze x Revolution on Strap Ref: RSV13.HY/330-72 $4,990 Unidirectional ceramic rotating bezel, Bronze case watertight up to 250m.
Sonomaster Chronograph Vintage on Strap Ref: RSV04.SN/136.BL $5,750 Chronograph, Opened Case-Back at 360°
GT Tour Blue Edition on Strap Ref: RSV01.GT/130-32 $4,400 Automobile leather-style perforated blue strap with red stitching, matte blue dial, and the red minute hand reminiscent of a racing car meter.
GT Tour on Bracelet Ref: RSV01.GT/131-12_BA $4,800 Anti-reflective Sapphire crystal houses the new caliber RSV-240 with a 56-hour power reserve.
Airfight Chronograph on Strap Ref: RSV02.AF/136.BL $5,750 Bi-retrograde (date and seconds at 120°) watch with tachometer measuring RPM and telemeter scale.
Black Sparrow on Strap Ref: RSV02.PL/135.WH $3,800 Art Nouveau-inspired luminescent numerals and beige aesthetics with One-hand cathedral hands.

Best Selling Reservoir Watches

Reservoir GT Tour Racing on Bracelet (ref. RSV01.GT/130.CA_BA)

Paying homage to the dynamic world of contemporary motor racing, the GT Tour Racing watch stands out as one of the most popular Reservoir watches. Inspired by materials used in powerful racing cars, the watch features a distinctive dial crafted entirely from woven carbon fiber, imparting a bold and sporty aesthetic. Its 316L stainless steel case, with a satin and polished finish, boasts a 43mm width, providing a robust yet refined presence.

Powering this exceptional timepiece is the new caliber RSV-240, an impressive mechanism that integrates retrograde minute, jumping hour, and a 56-hour power reserve. Its exhibition case back, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and screw-down crown contribute to both its durability and visual appeal.

Reservoir Hydrosphere Bronze Blue on Strap (ref. RSV03.HY/334.BL)

Epitomizing the spirit of imminent underwater adventures, the Ref: RSV03.HY/334.BL features a bronze case and a captivating deep blue dial meticulously designed for exploration. Boasting a dive time of 45 minutes and a depth limit of 25 meters, this watch features a unidirectional ceramic rotating bezel with dual markings, a helium valve, and a waterproof bronze case that ensures water resistance up to an impressive 250 meters.

Crafted to withstand the pressures of underwater exploration, the Hydrosphere Bronze Blue showcases scuba diving manometers and is powered by a Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement that provides a 37-hour power reserve.

Reservoir Black Sparrow on Strap (ref. RSV02.PL/135.SB)

Inspired by the instruments from early air fighter cockpits, this timepiece pays homage to the daring aviators of the Great War, notably Eugene Bullard, the first Afro-American combat pilot enlisted in the French aviation army during WWI. Housed in a 42mm stainless steel case fixed with screws and bolts, the watch is presented on a striking black Barénia leather strap with white stitching.

The black dial adorned with Art Nouveau-inspired luminescent numerals exudes a sense of audacity while providing excellent legibility. The timepiece integrates a cathedral hand for retrograde minutes and is powered by the new caliber RSV-240 with a 56-hour power reserve.

Reservoir Sonomaster Chronograph Vintage on Strap (ref. RSV04.SN/136.BL)

The Sonomaster Chronograph seamlessly blends horology and the art of sound, making it a sought-after choice among enthusiasts who appreciate the harmony of precision and musical exploration on their wrists. This bi-retrograde timepiece, featuring a retrograde date and seconds at 120°, showcases a central second chronograph, a 30-minute counter at 12, and an hour counter at 6.

The watch's two retrograde hands faithfully replicate the needles of power measurements or VU meters found in analog stereo amplifiers, paying homage to the human quest for "pure" sound—an audacious and intense musical exploration.

Reservoir Movements

Reservoir watches are powered by Swiss-made movements, reflecting a commitment to precision and quality synonymous with Swiss horology.

Reservoir utilizes automatic movements, a type of mechanical watch movement that winds itself as a result of the wearer's natural motion.

The brand integrates innovative features into its automatic movements, such as retrograde minutes, jumping hours, and power reserve indicators. Being Swiss-made, Reservoir automatic movements adhere to the high standards associated with Swiss watchmaking. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure reliable and accurate timekeeping with a power reserve of about 37 to over 50 hours.

Reservoir Watch Colors

Reservoir's palette encompasses a range of classic and versatile colors, ensuring its watches cater to various styles and occasions. The brand relies on fundamental hues like white, black, silver, and blue, creating a solid foundation for everyday elegance. Occasionally, subtle pops of color emerge, with red and orange accents adding a touch of vibrancy to select models.

Beyond the mainstream, Reservoir doesn't shy away from exploring more adventurous color schemes. You'll discover funkier and more distinctive options, such as green, beige, cream, gray, and unique bronze finishes. These less conventional hues provide enthusiasts with the opportunity to make a bold statement and express their individuality through their choice of timepiece.

Reservoir Watch Materials

Reservoir watches exemplify a commitment to diverse and high-quality materials, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. The cases showcase a range of premium and avant-garde materials, including Stainless steel, Titanium, Palladium, Carbon, Bronze, and Gold.

To safeguard the intricate dials and mechanisms, Reservoir employs sapphire crystal for case protection, ensuring scratch resistance and maintaining clarity over time. Reservoir's attention extends to the straps, including options like leather, NATO, rubber, and stainless steel. These choices allow enthusiasts to tailor their watches to different occasions and personal styles.

Reservoir Watch Types

Reservoir is best known for its innovative approach to timekeeping, offering Chronographs, Dive Watches, and Automotive and Aviation-Inspired Watches. The simplicity of the one-hand display, coupled with the brand's commitment to refined craftsmanship and premium materials, allows Reservoir watches to exhibit remarkable versatility, transcending conventional categories. They seamlessly embody the essence of sports watches, function as reliable tool watches, exude elegance for dress occasions, and serve as practical and stylish everyday timepieces.

Reservoir Watch Complications

Reservoir watches boast an array of captivating horological complications, epitomizing innovation and functionality. Notable complications include the jumping hours feature which swiftly advances the hour display, offering a unique time-telling experience. Retrograde minutes elegantly sweep back to zero, ensuring precise timekeeping, while power reserve indicators provide a visual cue of the watch's remaining energy.

Reservoir watches also offer date displays, which provide practical everyday functionality and chronographs that enable precise time measurement. Specialized tools like tachymeters and telemeters add versatility to these timepieces while showcasing Reservoir's commitment to innovative and multifaceted timekeeping.

Reservoir Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors

Reservoir has ventured into impactful partnerships and collaborations, exemplifying a commitment to craftsmanship and unique timepieces.

Notable collaborations include a limited edition sports car-themed watch, a collaboration with underwater photographer Greg Lecoeur for the "Hydrosphere Greg Lecoeur Edition," and a joint effort with Revolution resulting in the captivating "Hydrosphere Bronze 'The Maldives Edition." Additionally, Reservoir collaborated with Atelier M. Marceau, creating high-end watch bracelets adorned with rooster feathers.

Although Reservoir does not have a roster of traditional brand ambassadors, its watches have found favor among personalities from the world of sports, exploration, and luxury lifestyles.

The limited edition watches created in partnership with figures like Greg Lecoeur, an underwater photographer and adventurer, highlight Reservoir's appeal to individuals who share a passion for adventure and conservation.

Buying Reservoir Watches

While Reservoir's official website serves as a reliable platform for direct purchases, potential buyers can also find Reservoir watches at authorized dealers and select retailers worldwide. Purchasing from authorized dealers ensures authenticity and after-sales support, making it the recommended choice for a secure transaction and access to genuine Reservoir timepieces.

As an authorized retailer, Exquisite Timepieces stands out as a reputable dealer, offering a diverse range of Reservoir models. We provide a curated selection, expert knowledge, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, making us an ideal destination for those seeking a seamless and trustworthy Reservoir watch-buying experience.

Caring for Your Reservoir Watch

Reservoir watches are truly unparalleled, representing a distinctive fusion of innovation, style, and horological artistry. Purchasing one is a significant investment in extraordinary craftsmanship, avant-garde design, and a timepiece that transcends conventional boundaries. Proper care is essential not only for preserving its aesthetic allure but also for ensuring the longevity of its intricate mechanics.

While personal care is necessary, entrusting your Reservoir timepiece to experienced professionals is recommended as it ages.

At Exquisite Timepieces Watch Service Center, we comprehend the intricacies of Reservoir timepieces. Our comprehensive care encompasses routine maintenance, meticulous assessments, and precise repairs.

Rest assured, we prioritize the safe and secure transport of every Reservoir timepiece requiring repairs to authorized service centers where skilled technicians, adept at diagnosing potential issues and performing the necessary procedures, ensure that your watch receives the specialized care it deserves. Choose Exquisite Timepieces for the dedicated and expert care your Reservoir watch demands.

Reservoir FAQ

Who is the founder of Reservoir Watches?

The founder of Reservoir Watches is François Moreau, a French visionary entrepreneur with over 25 years of international management experience in the banking industry.

Where are Reservoir watches made?

Reservoir watches are Swiss-made, crafted in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a distinguished center for watchmaking in Switzerland.

How does a Reservoir watch work?

Reservoir watches operate through a unique and innovative mechanism. They often incorporate three main complications: a retrograde minute, a jumping hour, and a power reserve display. The hours are displayed in a window at 6 o'clock on a jumping disk that advances every hour, while the retrograde minute hand moves along an arc and snaps back to zero at the end of each hour.

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