Chronoswiss watches are the epitome of elegance and heirloom-quality timepieces rolled into one. Chronoswiss wristwatches combine nonconformist designs with classical artistic mastery. Chronoswiss watches feature bold dials such as two-tone inlays, complex skeletal displays, or multi-dial visual mechanics. These intricate timepieces highlight the enamoring nature of geometric patterns and metallic structural watch design. The radiant finish is attributed to the notable gloss enamel and carefully engraved filigree casing. Trying to search for Chronoswiss watches for sale can get troublesome without the right help. Exquisite Timepieces can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Chronoswiss watches. Exquisite Timepiece is a Chronoswiss authorized dealer.

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Brand Review: Chronoswiss Watches

Owning a piece of watch means creating a relationship with time, tipping hat to the craftsmanship of humans and of course a great addition to the collection of heirloom passed on across various timelines. Ticking all these boxes are Chronoswiss watches. A palpable fire for crafting watches with classic design cues blended with the ting of modern day demands, Chronoswiss Company has been revered for their eye for detail and aesthetically pleasing products boosting of guilloche and enamel dials which are brought to life by artisans by hand and with fully in-house machinery to do so. So how and when did this mechanical maverick of a company comes into existence and what all they are offering to people who value watch-manship?
Like most inspiring, self-made tales of success, the seed of Chronoswiss watches was planted in the mind of Gerd-R. Langfrom the day he started working in a humble shop located in Braunschweig, Germany. From an unassuming learning curve which originated from Jauns watch shop and subsequent involvement in Olympic Games in Moscow ultimately culminated in finding Chronoswiss watch factory in Munich in 1983 and thereafter been registered as protected trademark in 1984. With more than 3 decades of inimitable watchmanship to its credit and a company that has been ran like an independent family business since the inception, Chronoswiss watches are now attributed with authenticity, values and commitment. The ticking time treasures manufactured by Chronoswiss Company are results of age-old traditional methods combined with inimitable materials been used so that no two watches are exactly alike rather each has a personality of its own. The craft of manufacturing these evergreen watches which has been handed down by the great-grandfathers of now masters of the trade. No wonder that these nearly modern art pieces boosting of mechanical clockwork inside kind of commit anachronism sin in 21st century yet remain more relevant than ever.
To delve deeper into the thought process of undying efforts by geniuses working in artist’s workshop at Lucerne in terms of hard work and creative kick, let's take a look at what all ‘art of creating these unique timepieces comprises of:

Chronoswiss Guilloché - A Regal Art Form

Intriguing and ridiculously intricate art of Guilloché is all about creating interlaced geometric patterns and figures in metal. Having its genesis in Europe from the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries, this technique was initially used as royal craft of ornamental turnery. But over a period of time, watchmakers with a desire to go beyond the obvious decided to work on it for something more exquisite and hence invention of a range of complex machines for guilloche came to light. Operated only with raw Man-hours invested to adorn dials and cases, this complex procedure, this decade, is mastered by few creative hard workers who can work around to leave an amazing variety of expressions of sorts on a watch for a stand-apart identity. A Guilloché artisan moves carefully engraves the patterns about a tenth of a millimeter into the dial for making a very filigree embellishment.

Chronoswiss Enameling

A grueling and highly rewarding process of imparting radiance and beauty reflected by various colors as well as the instantly recognizable gloss of true enamel, this long process is thousands of years old with major alterations along the way to get better and more desired results. The process is very time consuming right from ensuring the right shade of color to removing impurities which requires 12 clearing to bridge the gap between expectations and results to subjecting the machinery to another round of Guilloché. Only a craftsman worth his salt can execute this with perfection.

Chronoswiss Skeleton

Dating back to the eighteenth century when it was used as a special horological theme, Skeletonization is an x-ray vision into fine craftsmanship which makes the hand moves on a timepiece. Cut to the 20th century, this art form again experienced heyday when it was described as the artistic reduction of the movement to its bare minimum: the “skeleton.” To begin with, the watchmaker marks the outline with a needle. Afterwards, some delicate drilling, unessential material is removed and some manual engraving and Guilloché is imparted to the surfaces. And when we talk about Chronoswiss’ classic pieces, it offers a mesmerizing look into the watch both from the front and the back. It is nothing short of peeking into a world of moving art exclusively made by hand.
As decorated and intriguing company’s history and its venerated manufacturing techniques are, the collection offered by Chronoswiss watch is equally fascinating. The company offers watches under 4 categories to cater to wide-ranging taste of people from varied backgrounds:

1. Chronoswiss Regulator

Offering a sense of a unique identity to the wrist it adorns, Regulator collection offered by Chronoswiss Company has largely remained untouched since past three decades. This collection boasts of a regulator style dial with large central minute hand dominating it while hours and seconds hand are housed in small circles. Crafted from Galvanized brass and guilloche base, one look at the Chronoswiss regulator collection justifies why it is as formidable as it was in the 80s and why it has managed to survive in the company’s catalog for this long.

2. Chronoswiss Sirius

An old school mechanical watch which just can’t go wrong, Sirius collection is for people looking for a dose of nostalgia while wearing a true work of art on their wrist. Simple, sleek and elegant, Chronoswiss Sirius watches are made from Solid sterling silver material with Louisiana crocodile leather strap to help it age like a fine wine. A fascinating clockwork piece and a timeless to get your hands on.

3. Chronoswiss Timemaster

From evergreen classic ensemble to more avant grand design to appeal to “sporty” hunch in watch lovers out there, Chronoswiss Timemaster is all about sport aesthetics blessed with good looks from its family! Case material been made from highly reliable stainless steel and strap material being durable rubber, Timemaster collection is for folks looking to satiate their longing for past with a dash of modern elements.

4. Chronoswiss Unique Timepieces

A handcrafted timepiece bequeathing pride and uniqueness to its owner, ‘Unique Timepiece” collection offers something for people looking to shift the generality associated with owning a watch and rather be a class-apart from other buyers. From ‘Artist Diamond Watch’ which is decorated with guilloche and enamel and embellished with 573 diamonds to subtle sonnet to Chinese contemporary art in the form of ‘Artist Chinese Edition’ to more contemporary and abstract offerings like ‘artist’ collection, this particular collection brings out the true ‘art and sweat’ commitment showcased by craftsmen at Chronoswiss watch company. The common denominator in all these offerings are the symbols of “pioneers of the renaissance of mechanical timepieces” with mechanical moments, onion shaped crown and semi-fluted bezel and the screw-in lugs which re-establishes the fact that class never gets old and it never goes out of style.
With technology and various offerings tooted as unparalleled in the world of watches, the after sale services offered by Chronoswiss watch company is a buyer’s delight. They remain a call/email away and they do not shy away from helping out the customers who are facing an issue or struggling with a query related to the product. And with a significant number of stores all around the globe, you can always walk in the store and wish away your doubts.
Watches have always been associated with something of a personal possession for a person which pretty much reflects his/her traits, taste and his/her proclivity towards things in life in general. Chronoswiss wrist watches, which are synonymous with classic style blended with modern elements and high chic quotient, gives an incomparable opportunity to its buyers to bring home part of history with them and be proud owner of an art piece which reflects excellence of human skill set and symbolizes human endeavour for nothing less than perfect. Chronoswiss watches, with its 3 decades of craftsmanship exemplifying there watch-making finesse, have garnered numerous accolades for being ‘one of the world’s best watches in EUR 10.000 and below category’ all thanks to the intuitive and innovative minds working tirelessly in the company’s workshop. It is a collection of timepieces which is surely an ode to time!