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Chronoswiss is a passionate but young Swiss watchmaker who came up from a small Lucerne-based atelier amid the quartz crisis to instill a spirit of traditional watchmaking. The family-run brand focuses on creating horological masterpieces that can pass as an everyday watch. They introduced the Space Timer models through an inspiration of the heavenly bodies in our solar system.

About Chronoswiss Space Timer Watches

The Chronoswiss Space Timer is a collection of the Moonwalk and Jupiter. These models have dials inspired by the surface of these celestial bodies, a 3D titanium orb moon phase, and a 3D hour window made from ITR2. The transparent material, ITR2 (Integrated Transparent Reflector 2), has Superluminova markings and a sandblasted finish.
Its mesmerizing dial is a combination of handmade guilloche, galvanic meteor coating, and laser-etched patterns with a nano-printed finish.
Also, the Space Timer takes on a new light in low light conditions. It uses ceramic cylinders mixed with Superluminova as minute indicators. All raised elements on the dial, such as its train wheel bridge, moon phase display, and date ring structure, all receive a bright blue CVD coating.
Combined with a screw-down display caseback and large onion crown, Space Timer offers up to 100 meters of water resistance.

Chronoswiss Space Timer History

The Chronoswiss Space Timer debuted in 2021 at Baselworld, with the Moonwalk and Jupiter being the first of the series.
New Space Timer models, Solaris, and Black Hole, were introduced in 2023, capturing the essence of the Sun and black hole, respectively.
All the Space Timer watches with their moon phase and fine guilloche dials have become one of the most complicated watches in the history of Chronoswiss.

How Much Do Chronoswiss Space Timer Watches Cost?

The Chronoswiss Space Timer costs an average of around $19,000 apiece. But there are a few watches made of gold or unique colors that can reach up to $25,000.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Chronoswiss Space Timer Moonwalk Limited Edition $18,800 Hand-guilloched dial with galvanic meteor coating
Chronoswiss Space Timer Jupiter Limited Edition $18,800 Nanoprint orange dial depicting the surface of Jupiter
Chronoswiss Space Timer Jupiter Gold $28,600 Typical orange Jupiter dial with a gold case
Chronoswiss Space Timer Solaris Limited Edition ref. CH-9343.2-SOL $18,800 A Space Timer inspired by the sun with a matching orange strap
Chronoswiss Space Timer Black Hole Limited Edition ref. CH-9345M.2-GRBK $19,600 Stainless steel case with black DLC coating and black dial of celestial bodies orbiting a black void

What's Unique About Chronoswiss Space Timer Watches?

The Space Timer collection is every definition of unique. Each model is an ode to the universe and its celestial bodies.
The dial is where all the action is. The background is a nano-printed 3D representation of the surface of a planet and moon phase depicting its moon. It has a separate hour window that's made from a transparent plastic-like material called ITR2, which gives an un-intrusive three-dimensional view of the dial.
Whether it's stainless steel or gold, the Space Timer's classic case architecture offers a much-needed contrast to its futuristic dial.
Also, its oversized onion-shaped crown is unique to Chronoswiss and is one of the largest in the industry.

Chronoswiss Space Timer Movements

The Space Timer uses a caliber C.308, which surprisingly is based on the popular ETA base 2895. It has undergone several modifications to accommodate the eccentric design of the dial. This self-winding movement has 42 hours of power reserve and 28,000 beats per hour or 4 hertz.
It has a skeletonized rotor, partly skeletonized hands, Cote de Geneve (striped) cuts, and 33 jewels depicting special attention to reliability and artistic finishing.

Chronoswiss Space Timer Watch Colors

Space Timer models are either brightly colored or bold with a black theme. Essentially, this collection uses colors to depict the planet surface it's trying to capture. The Black Hole is a pure example sporting an all-around black design with white indicators only added for contrast and readability.
Generally, Space Timers have a predominant dial color of either blue, orange, or black with white accents on their hands and indicators paired with a black or orange strap. The Space Timer lights up in the dark with either a strong green or blue SuperLumiNova coating.

Chronoswiss Space Timer Watch Materials

The Chronoswiss Space Timer is a material-rich collection. Stainless steel is predominantly used for the case, but a few models have either a gold case or a DLC-coated stainless steel coating.
Moving into the dial is where you find a horde of materials and components. Its breathtaking moon phase orb is made from titanium, while the alluring dial details of the dial are nano-printed.
The cut-out hour window is made from ITR2, an innovative transparent material used for the hour and date indicators, which gives it a seemingly floating appearance. Straps are hand-finished alligator leather, closing off an eccentric watch with a classical finish.

Buying Chronoswiss Space Timer Watches

Chronoswiss Space Timer watches are ultra-limited edition timepieces; actually, each model has only 50 pieces. Presently, the Swiss watchmaker only has the Black Hole and Solaris in stock on its website.
Nonetheless, you can find all these models from owners on the secondary market or authorized dealers, like Exquisite Timepieces. Our online store and boutique in Naples, Florida, carry all models in the Space Timer collection and insured shipping for guaranteed delivery.

Caring for your Chronoswiss Space Timer Watch

The Chronoswiss Space Timer demands attention, both from admirers and for its maintenance. But routine caring tips, like cleaning and storing the watch safely, will go a long way in preserving its beauty and intricate engineering.
In pristine condition, the Chronoswiss Space Timer is ideal for an heirloom that will be passed down for several generations. Ordinarily, mistakes can damage the integrity of your watch, but you can rest assured the Exquisite Timepiece service team can swiftly fix it.
Whether it's for servicing or repair, we'll provide a free estimate for any maintenance service, and you can send in your Space Timer from anywhere in the US with our prepaid shipping label. Our watchmakers will also expedite the process by sending it to the Chronoswiss team if necessary.

Chronoswiss Space Timers FAQ

When was the Chronoswiss Space Timer released?

The Chronoswiss Space Timer launched at Baselworld in 2021. Chronoswiss then released another limited edition model, Black Hole, in 2023.

How much is a Chronoswiss Space Timer watch?

A Chronoswiss Space Timer Moonwalk and Jupiter cost $18,000, while the gold edition Jupiter costs $28,600.

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The Chronoswiss Space Timer is a statement watch and an exquisite collectible for space watch enthusiasts. If you're ready to make a statement, Exquisite Timepieces is certified to get you on board the Moonwalk or Jupiter ship.
ETP is an authorized dealer with a catalog of the Space Timer models in-store and online. We offer free shipping for online purchases of this timepiece and free shipping insurance protecting it till it reaches your doorstep. You will also get a free watch winder as a compliment for your patronage.

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