Maurice Lacroix

The Maurice LaCroix watch collection is admired in the global watchmaking community for its exceptional designs and bold innovative characteristics. The Maurice LaCroix watch line focuses on crafting distinguished chronographs with brilliant dial backdrops. The most notable features include a power reserve, moonphase, and calendar. If you are interested in beautiful textured backgrounds, skeletonized dials, or multi-dial setups the Maurice LaCroix watch series will catch your eye. Attempting to search for Maurice LaCroix watches for sale can get stressful when you do not know where to look. If you are looking for the best place to buy Maurice LaCroix watches, let Exquisite Timepieces assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is a Maurice LaCroix authorized dealer.

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About Maruice Lacroix Watches

Brand Review: Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix is quite young in the watch world, and through its creative designing and boldness of innovation, it has turned several heads here. The production of timepieces has been their distinctive feature which they have been excellently doing for the past 40 years and have stood out for their exceptionally high quality. They have managed to personify their own character in the timepieces and are thus, recognized around the world. When many other brands are trying to figure out who they are, Maurice Lacroix is busy living for today and not attempting to recreate the past!

History of Maurice Lacroix Watches

With a history of just a few years, Maurice Lacroix has forged its name in the list of Swiss luxury watches. The company has a presence internationally in about 60 countries and crossing 4000 sales points.
The brand of Maurice Lacroix was actually launched as a part of the Desco von Schulthess company in 1975. Desco was an older company formed in 1889 and dealt in the silk trade. Desco became the representative of luxury watches in 1946 including Heuer, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Eterna, and Audemars Piguet. With the passing years, Desco started taking interest in the luxury watchmaking and acquired an assembly facility. In Saignelégier, the Swiss Canton of Jura, the facility named Tiara started producing label watches privately for third parties. Finally, in 1975, the Desco company launched its watches with the brand name of Maurice Lacroix.

The “M” Factor

The company introduced its first-ever timepiece in the year 1975, under the brand name Maurice Lacroix. In the process of developing a separate watch brand, the namesake of the company passed away. As being completely invested and engulfed in the creation of the company and due to his creative efforts, he was regarded as a highly valuable member of the management board. After he passed away, Dr. Peter Brunner, who was the founder of the watch company, decided along with his partners to name the company in honor of the company’s namesake. Thus, came the brand Maurice Lacroix.

In successive years, the company gained fame and expanded their business to the world. Along with positioning themselves by quality and design, the logo of the company, a stylized “M” became their source of recognition and fame around the world. The “M” motif has gained popularity among watch collectors and lovers and is elevating with each successive day.

The Success Story of Maurice Lacroix Watches

Since its launch in 1975, the company has never looked back. The decade of the ’80s to the ’90s took off the company from producing third party watches to private label in the Saignelégier. In 1989, they acquired their in-house facility for the case production of watches by taking in Queloz S.A. The launch of their new watch line in this decade escalated its success by defining innovating functions and complexities. Les Mécaniques watch line, later named the Masterpiece Collection, created new heights of fame for them.

Maurice Lacroix Watch Movements

The production of an in-house caliber is a big thing in the watch industry. Only those companies who are able to achieve it are termed as a manufactory. Maurice Lacroix wore this title proudly in 2006. In the three year collaboration with the watch designer Andreas Stehler, the company designed the first Chronograph caliber. The first self-designed Chronograph ML 106 was fitted into Le Chronographe Masterpiece.
In the next year, the company presented its second caliber ML 128. This exclusive chronograph caliber was installed into the Mémoire 1, with the introduction of the memory function. The revolutionary timepiece possessed only two standard hands, both for the time and also the chronograph function. The crown of the timepiece integrated a button that changed the mode from “time” to the “Chrono” function. The memory function specially designed and installed in the timepiece gave the user the liberty to switch back to the mode of “time” when its chronograph function is still in the running. Mémoire 1 definitely qualifies as a luxurious timepiece with the production of merely 20 copies by Maurice Lacroix every year. From then onwards, the brand has produced 14 in-house calibers. The prestigious “Goldene Unruh" of Germany was awarded to the caliber of ML128 for its technical finesse in 2008.

Maurice Lacroix: Inspiration and Experience

The brand of Maurice Lacroix stands on four sturdy pillars for inspiration that reflects in their watch designs and collections. Design, Innovation, Craftsmanship, and Independence is what this brand believes in. They have especially made the brand unique for bringing the traditional craftsmanship and merging it with modernity and contemporary designs. Maurice Lacroix is always known for bringing distinctive designs to the table with impressive uniqueness and also making use of materials that are always exquisite. Mauris Lacroix’s creations are always sought after for innovative mechanics packaged with a contemporary look.

Maurice Lacroix Watch Collections

For more than 40 years, Maurice Lacroix has held its place in the market for introducing models that bring together elegance with contemporary style. Following collections are produced under the brand name Maurice Lacroix:

  • Maurice Lacroix Eliros
  • Maurice Lacroix Fiaba
  • Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques
  • Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece
  • Maurice Lacroix Miros
  • Maurice Lacroix Pontos
  • Maurice Lacroix Aikon

Maurice Lacroix Eliros Watch Collection

The timepieces under this model were launched first in 1996. Eliros with its highly sophisticated and minimalistic design captures the true essence of classic incorporating modernity. This is regarded as a lifestyle timepiece collection with quite accessible prices and also a variety of bracelets and straps that are interchangeable.
The elegant design of Eliros is popular among timepiece connoisseurs. Highly regarded timepieces under this collection are Eliros Date Gents in men’s watch and Eliros Date Ladies among the collection of watches for ladies. Eliros Chronograph is another famous timepiece from the Eliros collection. Overall, the collection purely focuses on the essentials of timepieces and do away with exaggerated ornamentation.

Maurice Lacroix Fiaba Watch Collection

First launched in 1995, Fiaba collection under Maurice Lacroix is surely an undeniable charm on the ladies’ wrist. Specially formulated for the women, the Fiaba word comes from Italian meaning, “Fairy Tale”. Classically designed elegant watches in Fiaba collection follow a precise model and attention to detail.
The sensual shapes and delicate aesthetics put into Fiaba watches lure the female wrist. The series of Fiaba timepieces has two lines. The first one is presented in a rectangular shape, a bit elongated. The slight curvature in the timepiece gives the utmost comfort while wearing it and is also waterproof to 50 meters. The dial of this line of series is presented with or without the diamonds in a variety of color combinations and materials that appeal to fashionistas and elegance craving ladies alike. The sleek design is offered with bracelets of stainless steel or leather straps.
The second line of this series is round or more elliptical with two distinct sizes to choose from. The majestic design, color choices in bracelets, flowy curves and the high-grade processing associated with Maurice Lacroix captivates the delicacy of femininity.

Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Watch Collection

As the name of the collection implies, Les Classiques simply signifies the traditional watchmaking equipped with the latest mechanical movements, details and contemporary sophistication. The collection includes watches for both men and women and is accentuated with very refined detailing. Technological advances fitted in traditional attire is what makes this collection popular. Moonphase, classic three hands, and chronograph are the famous functions offered in Les Classiques. Les Classiques Automatic Chronograph, the Les Classiques Chronograph Phase de Lune, thé Les Classiques Automatic Date, and the Les Classiques Tradition are the highly regarded models in this collection.

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Watch Collection

Masterpiece collection by Maurice Lacroix is certainly timeless as each piece in this collection is uniquely designed to satisfy the philosophy of the company. Maurice Lacroix’s first in house movement ML 106 was fitted into the Masterpiece Le Chronographe which enjoys high demand till today. Maurice Lacroix has continued to impress watch lovers with their Masterpiece collection that features in house movements of Maurice Lacroix. Signature models in this collection are Mysterious Second, Square Wheel and Gravity including skeletonized timepieces such as Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton.

Maurice Lacroix Miros Watch Collection

A bold character with the sporty and trendy design combined with smooth transitions are hallmark features of this collection by Maurice Lacroix. The collection was presented with various versions including watches for both men and women. Watch enthusiasts are absolutely in love with this collection as it has the elements of both comfort and elegance. The currently featured collection of Miros by Maurice Lacroix includes Miros Chronographe Ladies, Miros Date Ladies, and Miros Chronographe for men.

Maurice Lacroix Pontos Watch Collection

Pontos, a derivative of a French word meaning “the bridge”, certainly bridges the past and future of the timepieces. Bridging the gap between the totally classic timepieces to the latest models and technology, Pontos at Maurice Lacroix is intricately designed to offer high-end complexities along with a stylish and innovative design. The Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver specially designed for the divers provides 600 m/2000 ft water resistance with the additional safety features and outclass design.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Watch Collection

The Aikon Maurice Lacroix is actually a rebirth of formerly produced collection of the brand, Calypso. The former collection was introduced in 1990 and continued to woo the watch lovers till 2003. The iconic collection by Maurice Lacroix was most successful and that is why the brand has recreated the collection by the name Aikon watch. The special piece Maurice Lacroix Aikon 39mm with a sharper look, stainless steel strap and 200 m water resistance is gaining a lot of attention among the watch collectors.

Maurice Lacroix Men’s Watches

The Men’s collection by Maurice Lacroix is the true representation of style meeting technology. The in house sophisticated mechanical movements of Maurice Lacroix with the classic designs have made a name for itself in the watch industry in such a short span of time. The brand has continued to produce high-end quality in the watches with innovative designs and has never disappointed in the creative process.

Maurice Lacroix Ladies Watches

Maurice Lacroix has equally inspired and catered to the wrists of ladies with its magnificent collection. The collection for Ladies has its heart at the precise attention to detail. The simplicity of the ladies’ collection with the elegant design specially made for the delicate wrists has attracted ladies of every taste. The Les Classiques Ladies Date equipped with the quartz movement has made many ladies turn their heads to this intricate piece. Similarly, the Les Classiques Phase de Lune, with the moon phase display has made watch lovers drool over it.

Maurice Lacroix Watch Prices

Though the brand Maurice Lacroix has made its repute among the Swiss watch industry in such a short time and qualifies as a luxury watch brand, the prices of Maurice Lacroix varies and some collections are also quite affordable. The brand introduces the range of different collections for the varied needs of its clientele with different prices. However, as compared to other luxury watch brands, Maurice Lacroix is determined on its strategy of “attainable luxury” which is in reach of all. Therefore, Maurice Lacroix collection is something with cutting edge technology and highly regarded Swiss quality but in fewer prices than other luxury brands.

Brand Wrap-Up: Maurice Lacroix Watches

Craftsmanship with innovative designs and high-end technology has made Maurice Lacroix successful in the world of Swiss watches. The Brand has won many international awards for always combining complex technologies in a stylish design. The great attention to detail, finishing of the timepiece, polishing of the case to always elegant designs, the brand celebrates 43 years of successful tradition. Maurice Lacroix is always the one name for seeking tradition in contemporary.